Iara Ramos posing for a photo shoot, looking muscular, ripped, and aesthetic

Iara Ramos

Iara Ramos is a Brazilian model, fitness enthusiast, and social media personality. She gained prominence after she made an appearance

Karen Lind Thompson posing in a pink bikini, showing her toned abs and arms

Karen Lind Thompson

Karen Lind Thompson is a fitness athlete and model from Iceland. She’s won shows such as the Icelandic Cup and

Sumeet Sahni doing biceps curls with dumbbels as she smiles at the camera, and flexes her toned abs

Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet Sahni is an American fitness model, online training and dieting coach, and sponsored athlete. She’s known for helping her

Allison Ethier holding dumbbells, showing off her toned abs and arms

Allison Ethier

Allison Ethier is a figure competitor and fitness personality from Nova Scotia, Canada. She rose to fame when she appeared

Rachel Elizabeth Murray standing on the beach, showing her toned abs

Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Rachel Elizabeth Murray is a nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness personality from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a well-known as an