Emily Hayden

Originally from Houston, Texas, but later moving to California, Emily Hayden is a personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness model, and the IFBB

Juju Salimeni

Juliana “Juju” Salimeni is a Brazilian TV Presenter, Fitness Model, and Social Media Star. She’s one of the most recognizable

Chelsea Keyasko

Born and raised in New Jersey, Chelsea Keyasko is a professional fitness model with a strong social media following. She’s attracted

Priscila Freitas

Priscilia Freitas is a fitness model and online sensation from Brazil. She began exercising from the age of 13 after

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a Canadian fitness model, Instagram celebrity and personal trainer. She’s inspired millions of followers on social media

Marija Naceva

Marija Naceva is a personal trainer and a bikini competitor from Macedonia. She’s won a series of competitions such as

Geisi Cyborg Silva

Geisi “Cyborg” Silva is a bodybuilder and fitness model, who’s achieved great success in the Brazilian competition circuit. She rose to fame in

Patricia Álamo

Born and raised in Madrid (Spain), Patricia Álamo is a fitness model, sponsored athlete, and personal trainer. She’s a respected figure in

Valentina Lequeux

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised in Florida (USA), Valentina Lequeux is a fitness model, personal trainer, and online

Hafiia Mira

Hafiia Mira is a leading model and fashion designer from Serbia. She’s seen a drastic rise in the industry, after featuring on