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Savannah Rose Neveux

Savannah Rose Neveux is a certified personal trainer and fitness model from Los Angeles, California. She grew up going to various

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Rachel Killam

Rachel Killam is a Canadian fitness model and figure competitor. She began lifting weights at the age of 17, and

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Shannon Petralito

Shannon Petralito is a fitness cover model and figure competitor from Southern Massachusetts USA. She’s a two-time WBFF Figure World Champion, and

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Megan Grubb

Megan Grubb is a personal trainer, musician and social media star from London, UK. She began posting pictures of her lifestyle

lucy sewell on the beach

Lucy Sewell

Lucy Sewell is an online personal trainer, sponsored athlete, and entrepreneur from the U.K. She prides herself on the motto

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Michele Levesque

Michele Levesque is a Massotherapist, female bodybuilder and fitness model from Quebec, Canada. She is a highly respected professional, who

Amanda Bucci showing glutes and back

Amanda Bucci

Amanda Bucci is a bikini athlete and social media star from Rhode Island, USA. She had an active childhood, playing

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Kristi Eramo

Kristi Eramo is a CrossFit athlete from the United States. Having been an endurance athlete and professional swimmer for most