Rachel Dillon posing in a professional WBFF photo shoot

Rachel Dillon

Online Coach, Fitness Model, WBFF Bikini World Champion

Rachel Dillon is a WBFF Model and entrepreneur who’s transformed her life through fitness. She’s now recognized for helping other women do the same.

However, back in her early years, Rachel’s life was a far cry from what it looks like now. She felt unhappy with her figure despite religiously doing cardio. It wasn’t until she found out that weight training was the way to go, that Rachel started seeing the progress she wanted.

This is her story:

Rachel Dillon taking a selfie of her lean body

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Rachel Dillon
125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)5'6" (167.5cm)AustralianOnline Coach, Fitness Model, WBFF Bikini World Champion
Weight125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
Height5'6" (167.5cm)
ProfessionOnline Coach, Fitness Model, WBFF Bikini World Champion

Rachel Dillon showcasing her curvy legs and glutes by the pool


  • 3-time WBFF Bikini World Champion
  • Australian Fitness Coach
  • Model

Rachel Dillon posing for the camera looking toned and fit


“Cardio Fanatic”

Rachel Dillon is an Australian WBFF athlete and role model for many fitness enthusiasts. However, her life wasn’t always blue skies.

Growing up, Rachel loved to stay active and described herself as a ‘cardio fanatic.’ Staying in shape was very important for her. So important that she sometimes overdid it with cardio.

For many years, Rachel thought that cardio would give her the toned body she dreamt of. But after a while, she realized that it was only making her feel worse than ever. It was at this point Rachel started making radical changes to her training and diet – replacing cardio with the weight room. Finally, the progress started happening.

rachel dillon's dramatic fitness body transformation, before-after
Rachel Dillon’s incredible body transformation.

Modeling & Distorted Self-Image

Cardio wasn’t the only roadblock Rachel had on her journey to success. In her early years, Rachel worked hard to become a model. However, the more she was involved in the industry, the more she realized how negative of an impact modeling had on her – making her feel insecure about her body.

“I never used to have a positive body image of myself. Modeling can be such a harsh industry and they would always point out your flaws or why you weren’t good enough in areas. It left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough.”

A Newly Gained Confidence

After this short lived period in modeling, Rachel returned to fitness. With the help of her partner, and her own hard work in the gym, she completely transformed her figure. She used a combination of strength training and HIIT to sculpt and shape her muscles, and soon fell in love with these activities.

As she continued to improve, Rachel gained a new sense of self-confidence. As she said; “I no longer compared myself to anyone else. I was constantly working on me and bettering myself each day.”

Training Others

After seeing the impact of correct training and nutrition on her body, Rachel became naturally inclined to share what she learned with other women.

This led her to start a career as a personal trainer. Over the years, she was able to share her passion with more and more people – and eventually transitioned to becoming a full-time fitness influencer.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive impact of helping other women to achieve amazing things and transform their lives. I am lucky to be a part of such an empowering driven group of women. Seeing the effort they put in on a daily basis drives me to be my best.”

Rachel Dillon taking a selfie of her awesome body

Becoming an Online Sensation

After years of hard work, Rachel exploded in popularity online. People from everywhere came to listen to her advice on training and nutrition. She started running boot camps to help as many women as possible, and eventually, became an online entrepreneur.

Since then, Rachel has continued to grow in recognition and is now one of Australia’s top fitness influencers.

“I’ve truly poured my heart and soul into this, and am so grateful to be able to work with thousands of incredible women from all across the globe.”

Rachel Dillon showing off her glutes in a fitness photo shoot


Rachel loves to train. Over the years, she’s developed a unique training approach that has allowed her to achieve her awesome body. According to Rachel, it’s all about training smart – not hard.

Back in the day, she would spend countless hours on cardio. Now though, she rarely ever does it. Instead, Rachel focuses on weightlifting and HIIT. While HIIT is an intense type of training that allows her to burn calories fast, weight training tones and shapes her body.

Rachel Dillon Workout Routine


  • AM: Arms


  • AM: HIIT


  • AM: Legs


  • AM: Shoulders and core


  • AM: HIIT
  • PM: Back


  • AM: Legs


  • Active rest day

Rachel Dillon taking a selfie of her awesome body


Rachel was initially fixated on eating very little food as she was afraid to gain weight. Coupled with her constant cardio, this made her look completely the opposite of what she wanted.

Once she did the very thing she was afraid to do – which was increasing her calories, along with replacing cardio with strength training, her physique started improving dramatically.

These days, she eats anywhere between 2000-2500 calories per day. She isn’t afraid of eating a little less healthy every now and again, and has found that balance is key to a lean and sustainable physique.


Rachel believes that education in nutrition is the key to success on one’s fitness journey. She didn’t know much about nutrition when she first got into fitness – that’s why she believes she made her mistakes.

She suggests getting a coach to anyone who might be struggling with the same issues. This cuts back the learning curve drastically and helps you get the physique you want faster.


Additionally, Rachel believes that consistency was another vital factor in her success. Not giving up when it’s hard and taking it one day at the time. This is what she said:

“Be consistent with your training and nutrition. Push yourself on those days that you would rather lay around on the couch or sleep in a little longer – we all have them! You will thank yourself for it, I promise!” – Rachel Dillon

Rachel Dillon Meal Plan

  • 4 AM: Omelette (1 egg, 150g egg whites with mixed veg) and 100g brown rice, a black coffee and a greens supplement
  • Post-workout: protein pancakes (60g oats, a protein shake and 100g egg whites)
  • Lunch: 120g chicken breast, 80-100g brown rice and greens, and 30g cashews
  • Afternoon tea: 100g salmon, 100g sweet potato and 100g asparagus
  • Dinner: 100g beef mince, salad, and half an avocado
  • After dinner: Green tea

Rachel Dillon Supplements

  • BCAAs
  • Protein powder
  • Greens supplement

Rachel Dillon posing in a WBFF bikini outfit

Idols and Influences

Motivation and Willpower

Rachel didn’t rely on anyone to reach her goals. Instead, she was her own source of motivation.

Rachel’s key to staying motivated was having her “why.” Specifically, having a strong enough reason to pursue her ambitions was the way she ultimately saw them through.

Rachel Dillon before and after fitness body transformation

What we can learn from Rachel Dillon

If there’s something to take from Rachel’s story, it’s that you’re in competition with no one else but you. She also showed us that every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

Rachel didn’t know everything when she first started in fitness. In fact, she felt completely lost. But through trial and error, she found what worked and what didn’t. With consistency, she was able to sculpt an amazing physique and career that she’s now proud of.

As Rachel says: “Learn from failures and use them to help you grow as a person. You can either choose to ‘fail’ or you can choose to learn.” – Rachel Dillon

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