Dora Rodrigues

Dora Rodrigues is a Brazilian fitness coach and IFBB Pro Figure athlete. Now based in USA, Dora holds titles of Miss Universe & Miss World, among many others.

She’s best known for her ability to manipulate her physique and weight. One time, Dora dropped 10lbs of weight in a short space of time by following a specific diet and training routine.

She now uses her example to show everyone, including her fans and clients, that it’s possible to achieve any fitness goal with the right approach.

Dora Rodrigues showing off her curvy glutes for the photo

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Dora Rodrigues
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
38June 5, 1981BrazilianIFBB Figure Pro, Fitness Coach
Date of BirthJune 5, 1981
ProfessionIFBB Figure Pro, Fitness Coach

Dora Rodrigues posing in the gym looking strong and fit


  • Fitness Coach
  • 2-time NABBA Brasil Winner
  • Miss World
  • 2-time Miss Universe Overall
  • 2018 NPC Mel Chancey Figure Class Winner
  • 2018 Caribbean Grand Prix Pro Figure Champion

Dora Rodrigues flexing her biceps outdoors on a beach

Dora Rodrigues posing on the fitness and figure stage with her trophies


Training For Figure

As a figure athlete, Dora has a quite different approach to training than that of a bikini competitor.

Instead of going for high reps, which most bikini athletes do, she trains at 6-10 rep range to induce muscle growth. This helps her achieve the well-toned and aesthetic physique she’s known for.

Dora Rodrigues practicing posing for a contest, wearing a bikini, looking fit and strong

Volume in Workouts

In terms of the volume, Dora doesn’t have it the same every workout.

Sometimes she’ll do over 30 sets per workout. But then, she might change it up to do only 15-20 sets – depending on how close she is to the contest date.

If the show is close, then Dora won’t go too high on volume in order to preserve her muscle.

But once the contest is over, she’ll increase her sets and reps to start ‘bulking’.

Dora Rodrigues posing with a gun in the gym, showing off her curvy glutes


Similarly to her training, Dora’s calories greatly change during the year. When in the ‘off-season,’ she’ll eat a lot of quality food to fuel her physique.

As the contest date comes closer, she reduces the calories from carbs and fats, while increasing those that come from proteins. This way she prevents her body from going catabolic, aka, muscle wasting.

Dora Rodrigues posing in a bikini in her house, looking fit and curvy

Treats and Off-Days

Dora eats mostly clean and healthy foods. She doesn’t find it hard to eat a strict diet all-year round.

However, when she feels like it, Dora will reward herself with an odd pizza or a cake to keep her interest and motivation.

Dora Rodrigues displaying her awesome glutes in a fitness photo

Dora Rodrigues posing outdoors on a bridge wearing a bikini

What we can learn from Dora Rodrigues

Dora Rodrigues motivates both men and women around the globe to get in shape through her awesome example.

She’s a successful figure athlete, and also runs her own personal training businesses. This goes to show the amount of determination and love Dora has for the sport of fitness & bodybuilding.

She’s been a role model for other females from everywhere. Showing that lifting weights won’t make you bulky but will only enhance your natural curves and aesthetics.

Dora continues to push her boundaries, both on and off the stage, inspiring her fans to lead a lifestyle of health, happiness, and prosperity.

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