Diana Villas Boas posing for a photo shoot on the beach, displaying her chiseled abs

Diana Villas Boas

Fitness Model, Internet Personality

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, but now residing in New York City, Diana Villas Boas is a fitness model and internet personality.

There are numerous workout videos and pictures of Diana online.  They showcase her dedication to the fitness lifestyle, and also serve as an inspiration for everyone who wants to improve their lives too.

Diana’s awesome physique, as well as her success in fitness, make her a name to look out for. See her best pictures, training, and diet below;


Diana Villas Boas hanging onto rings in the gym training room

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Diana Villas Boas
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
35April 25, 1986BrazilianFitness Model, Internet Personality
Date of BirthApril 25, 1986
ProfessionFitness Model, Internet Personality


Diana Villas Boas smiling and displaying her toned legs and glutes for a photo


  • Fitness Model
  • Internet Personality


Diana Villas Boas posing on a truck with a surfboard looking fit and lean in her bikini


Diana Villas Boas showcasing her toned and lean abs for the photo


Diana is a hard-working individual. Her training sessions last anywhere between 45-90 minutes. She likes performing exercises at higher rep ranges, between 12-15.

Diana also enjoys high volume training. She’ll usually do between 4-5 sets per exercise, going to failure every time. This way, she ensures her muscles are fully exhausted after the workout.

The Brazilian model likes focusing on her abs, legs, and glutes. In addition to this, she enjoys doing cardio circuit workouts which pump her heart rate up, allowing her to burn fat fast.


Diana Villas Boas posing on the boat in the sea showing off her curvy glutes


Diana Villas Boas posing outdoors wearing a red bikini, looking fit and ripped


Diana leaves nothing to chance; she prepares all of her meals at home. If she’s eating out in a restaurant, Diana will order a healthy food option from the menu.

She’ll typically avoid any artificial sweeteners, added sugars, and salt to keep her meals as clean as possible.

That said, Diana will also let loose sometimes and eat something she enjoys. This helps her ‘recharge’ for the week ahead, and it also provides her with the extra calories she might need for her intense workouts.


Diana Villas Boas posing in front of the camera looking fit and lean


Diana Villas Boas showing off her glutes in her room

What we can learn from Diana Villas Boas

The key takeaway from Diana Villas Boas’ story is to always follow your ambitions.

After developing an interest in fitness and modeling, Diana worked hard on turning her passions into a healthy career.

With the same attitude as her, there’s nothing that can prevent you from reaching your own ‘mountain of success’ – be it in fitness, or anything else.

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