Henson Hinds

Born in Malabar (Trinidad & Tobago) and raised in the UK, Henson is a fitness model and bodybuilder. He earned

Aarron Lambo

Aarron Lambo is a UK bodybuilder who is ‘Engraved’ with a passion for bodybuilding. Aarron Lambo has been rising to the

Joe Pitt

Joe Pitt is an Australian bodybuilder, sponsored athlete and personal trainer. He’s inspired many people to begin working out through

Charles Poliquin

Originally from Canada, Charles Poliquin is one of the world’s leading strength coaches. He’s trained the likes of Ben Pakulski,

CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher is an ex. American powerlifter and a bodybuilder who holds six world champion titles to his name. Including

Daniel Mcdonald

Daniel Mcdonald is an accomplished IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Daytona Beach, Florida. Having won his Pro Card in 2009, at the

Steve Moriarty

Steve Moriarty is a fitness model, bodybuilding competitor, and entrepreneur from America, with an interesting back story. He began his

Perry Merlotti

Perry Merlotti was an outstanding football player in his youth. By the age of 15, he became one of the

Elton Pinto Mota

Elton Pinto Mota is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model from London, England. Elton started his fitness journey playing sports

Jon Skywalker

Born in 1993, Jon Skywalker is a popular fitness model and comedian with an astonishing transformation story. He went from