Cody Rhodes Physique

The world of wrestling has seen numerous formidable athletes, but few have made as significant a comeback as Cody Rhodes. Known for his intimidating physique and impressive wrestling skills, Rhodes’ transformation is largely attributed to his rigorous workout regimen. This article delves into the training secrets behind the 220 lbs ‘American Nightmare.’

A Glimpse into Cody Rhodes’ Workout Routine

Rhodes’ workout routine isn’t for the faint-hearted – it demands discipline, perseverance, and more importantly, commitment to a fixed plan. However, if you’re keen to understand what it takes to build a physique akin to Rhodes’, this is the perfect starting point.

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

In an interview with GQ, Rhodes revealed that he prioritizes breakfast as an integral part of his daily routine. Unlike many athletes who prefer a quick protein bar before hitting the gym, Rhodes likes to start his day with a proper meal.

I’m an egg whites guy. Basic, dry wheat toast guy. I don’t really have any breakfast meat because of the sodium and added salt.

He prefers to keep his breakfast simple, steering clear from meat in the first meal of the day.

Eating Every Three Hours

Rhodes revealed that he eats every three hours to maintain his physique and daily calorie intake. He generally opts for a white meal over heavier options like Korean beef or steak. His usual go-to meal includes charbroiled chicken with any type of rice.

It’s boring, but it’s almost always white rice, grilled chicken, and Thai peanut sauce.

Despite the monotony, Rhodes sticks to his routine, understanding its importance in maintaining his physique.

Overcoming Dietary Challenges

As a professional wrestler, Rhodes often has to travel between cities for his work, making it challenging to maintain a consistent diet. However, he has found a workaround for this. When dining out, Rhodes makes healthier choices by omitting certain ingredients from his meals. This could include asking for no mayonnaise, skipping the buns, or even requesting oil-free dishes.

Interestingly, Rhodes also admits to not being a fan of vegetables. He resorts to hiding them in his meals to trick himself into consuming more greens.

The Workout Regimen

While diet plays a crucial role in maintaining physique, it’s just as important to have an equally intense workout routine. Let’s delve into Rhodes’ usual workout routine.

Warm-Up Routine

Rhodes usually starts with air squats, hand release push-ups, renegade rows, and walking lunges for his warm-up.

– Air Squats — x 10 

– Hand Release Push-Ups — x 10 

– Renegade Rows — x 10 (five on each side)

– Walking Lunges

The Main Workout

Rhodes’ main workout consists of three rounds with 30 seconds of rest between rounds. Each round includes a series of supersets targeting different muscle groups, followed by a finisher — Plate Push.


– Three rounds with 30 seconds of rest between rounds of:

– Superset: Leg Extensions — x 12-15 | Leg Curl x 12-15 

– Superset: Wide Grip Lat Pulldown — x 12-15 | Seated Rows x 12-15 

– Superset: Plate Presses — x 12-15 | EZ Bar Overhead Triceps Extensions x 12-15 

– Superset: Seated Shoulder Press — x 12-15 | Lateral Raises — x 12-15 

– Superset: EZ Bar Biceps Curls — x 12-15 | Hammer Curls — x 12-15 

– Finisher — Plate Push

Staying physically fit is a unique journey for everyone. What works for Rhodes might not work for everyone. It’s crucial to set realistic goals and follow a regimen that best suits your body.

In Conclusion

Cody Rhodes’ workout regimen is a testament to his discipline and dedication to maintaining his physique. While his workout routine might seem daunting, it provides a comprehensive guide to anyone looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. Remember, consistency is key, and as Rhodes’ journey shows, it’s never too late to start.

Stay tuned for more insights into your favorite superstars’ workout routines.

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