Thomas Delauer

Personal Trainer, Cover Model, Business Owner

Thomas Delauer is an American celebrity trainer, entrepreneur and an author, known for his writings on inflammation inside of the human body. His fitness journey started when he was 12, while studying art history in Italy. After seeing fitness models on magazine covers, Thomas became interested in creating a muscular physique of his own. He quickly developed a passion for exercising.

During his early 20s, Thomas took some time away from the gym to focus on his career as an entrepreneur. During that time, he developed some unhealthy habits and became overweight. He realized he needed to get back into the gym, so he spent several months training hard to get back into shape.

After several months of hard work, Thomas got his old physique back and decided to start a new business that would compliment his love for fitness, so Thomas became a personal trainer. Ever since he made the switch to fitness, he went on to grow his name successfully, and help clients around the world transform their lifestyles. 



“What drives you? Is it money? Is it fame? Or is just doing some amazing stuff that makes you feel important?”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Thomas Delauer
185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)5'10" (177.5cm)AmericanPersonal Trainer, Cover Model, Business Owner
Weight185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)
Height5'10" (177.5cm)
ProfessionPersonal Trainer, Cover Model, Business Owner



“No time like the present to get out there and make it happen.”


Thomas Delauer is a renowned fitness trainer and a successful businessman. He’s created, and owns a life and fitness coaching company.

He’s also an author who writes on inflammation inside of the human body, along with posture correction. As an author, he’s written for some of the most recognized health and fitness magazines in the world, as well as being a cover model for those very same magazines. 


  • Top Trainer of the Year 2012
  • Top Recruiter 2012



“Make your workouts count towards what you want to do in life! Workout to Live, Don’t live to Workout. “


Growing Up

Thomas Delauer grew up in a family that promoted health and activity, which naturally made him extremely active in his early years. During his teens, Thomas was living abroad in Italy, where he studied art history. It was at that time, he became fascinated with the human body and started going to the gym.

He already had an athletic background and a great physique, but after spending more time exercising and eating healthy foods, Thomas saw his body radically change, and said; “I fell in love with sculpting a physique, and realized that I could put all of the hard work and dedication into something that could really tell a story and inspire others.”

Athletic Background

When he came back to US, Thomas took some time away from the gym, and started looking into other activities he could do. Rugby was something Thomas was passionate about since his childhood, so he decided to give it a try by joining his high school team.

It wasn’t long before he impressed everyone in the team with his skills, and eventually became an all-star rugby player.

His diversity of interests led Thomas to go after another one of his passions – long distance running. Needless to say, he excelled at both running and rugby, and said how he still felt something was missing.

Eventually, he came to a conclusion that fitness was something he was looking for all along, as he came back to the gym and realized that was his real passion.

Weight Problems

As he was adapting to the fitness lifestyle once again, Thomas also started his first business, which turned out to be very successful.

However, during that time, Thomas was so focused on his business that he almost completely forgot about exercising and proper nutrition, which eventually lead to him becoming overweight.

According to Thomas, at first, the weight gain didn’t bother him because he was fully focused on the business and earning an income, but, as time went by his health started to deteriorate, and it was then that he realized he needed to change his lifestyle.

He started going back to the gym and eating properly, and in a matter of one year, Thomas managed to lose almost 100lbs.

Achieving Greatness

After losing his excess weight, Thomas was back in shape, and later on, he became an internet sensation with his inspirational story, motivating other people in similar situations to take control of their own lives.

Ever since then, he went on to become an author and a cover model for many well-known fitness and health magazines, as well as becoming a successful successful entrepreneur.

Thomas continuously motivates people around the globe, and offers his personal training advice for everyone who wants to get in shape.



“My morning routine includes any kind of shock to the nervous system: Ice Cold Shower, Intervals, or just lifting some heavy stuff! Engage that sympathetic nervous system and get yourself rocking for the best day ever!”



Thomas says he loves to do cardio often because of the health benefits it provides, but also because he loves doing it. According to him, cardio makes him feel better, but he also believes that it’s necessary for dropping excess weight and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

One of Thomas’ favorite types of cardio is the stair climber, but he also goes on a long walks outside in nature. He always starts his day off with a 40-minute long cardio session.

Training Split

When it comes to his training routine, Thomas tries to never have the same workout, because he believes that by shocking the muscles with new ways of doing an exercise is the best way to make them grow. However, he still has some general guidelines for a typical week’s workout, and they are; 

  • Monday – Legs

On Mondays, Thomas focuses on outer quadriceps because it’s one of his weak areas. According to him, one of the best exercises for developing great quads are leg extensions, done with a high volume. Thomas generally does 12-16 sets exclusively for his quadriceps.

  • Tuesday – Chest

Chest is one of the Thomas’ favorite body parts to train, and he likes to do a volume of around 16 sets, mostly focusing on drop sets. There is one particular thing Thomas does differently than most athletes, and it’s by using dumbbells, cables, and body weight instead of barbells.

He’s not an advocate of using barbells because he feels that shoulders are involved too much during the exercise, but also feels his rotatory cuff suffers at the same time. Another thing Thomas has mentioned was doing a lot of incline movements, as he believes they are a must for anyone who wants to develop a great inner chest. On his chest day, Thomas also incorporates abs.

  • Wednesday – Back

Thomas’ back is one of his most developed body parts. Being a fan of width, Thomas likes doing a lot of pull ups, and cable pull-downs. He says that he tries to get his lats grow in width as much as possible because it creates an illusion of size. It’s common for Thomas to do over 20 sets of volume on his back day.

  • Thursday – Rest

When he has an off day, Thomas still does fasted cardio, as he feels that it aids in muscle recovery and clears toxins from his body, but he also stresses the importance of not overdoing it. Sometimes he may even go to sauna to fully detoxify.

  • Friday – Shoulders

When doing shoulders, Thomas puts strong emphasis on doing lateral movements. He first, pre-exhausts his shoulders with lateral movements, and then moves on to pressing exercises, where he focuses on bringing out his middle deltoids by squeezing at the top of each rep. Thomas also mentioned he likes doing many reps for his shoulders as they respond very well to that type of training.

  • Saturday – Arms

When doing arms, Thomas is an advocate of supersets, while using heavy weights. He does around 6-8 reps at the beginning of the workout, and later on he finishes off his arms with a lot of repetitions using a lighter weight.

  • Sunday – Rest

Cardio or hiking is something Thomas likes doing on Sundays, but says on that particular day is fully dedicated to his mental and physical relaxation, which means he would do anything that comes to his mind which he enjoys the most. 



“Did you know? Pho is made with bone broth? The same stuff that literally has the power to reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract!”


Strict Meals

Staying lean throughout the entire year is something Thomas is familiar with. He always makes sure to keep his meals strict, clean, and well balanced so he’s able to keep his physique on point. One of the reasons for this is the constant photo shoots Thomas does, so he always needs to stay in shape.

One of the most important things Thomas mentioned was dropping any foods that cause inflammation for the body, which includes sugars, bread, etc. As for proteins, he’s a fan of using beef to help with his muscle recovery process.


Thomas doesn’t use many supplements, as he believes that nothing compares to whole, healthy food. 


Editor’s Tip

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“It’s ok to be driven. It’s ok to have intent. But never forget who you are and why you do what you do.”

Idols and Influences

When talking about his inspirations, this is what Thomas said; “My own success has been an inspiration for me. So I guess you could say that I dig deep and think, ‘I have come this far, time to push it to the next level,’ and I turn my brain off and just freaking do it!”



What we can learn from Thomas Delauer

Thomas has shown us that it’s possible to become good at more than one thing in life. For the early part of his career, he thought he could only succeed at one discipline. This is when he started to become overweight and lose control of his passion fro exercises.

Thomas knew he had to turn his life around and take control of his health. This is when he realized that by pushing himself even further that he’d done before, he could handle both a successful business, and create a formidable physique. 

If we can learn anything from Thomas, it’s to block everything out, focus on what you have to do, and get to work. With this same drive and blind determination, you too can make your goals into a reality.

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He’s not 26… He was 26 a couple of years ago, but if you do a bit more research, you will find that he was born 5/6/1988… So he is 29 about to turn 30 later this year…

But, in actuality, age doesn’t matter… You can achieve results if you put the work in and eat right… Healthy eating is key, along with his intermittent fasting program… (To which I have yet to incorporate, but I’m thinking about giving it a try, because the research shows at there really is something to it… )

Cheers all! 🙂

Hi Arnold,

This is a great comment thank you. Why don’t you post a thread in our forum about intermittent fasting? There’s loads of people on there who can help answer your questions on this topic.


You say you don’t use supplements but then you scroll down a few screens and promote the use of gauge. Do you use supplements or not?

Does this guy have any degree in nutrition, biology, physiology, biochemistry? Does he have any understanding of what he is putting the body through with fasting?

I’m afraid so too, it looks like he is using a steroids cause whatever the age you are, no matter how you exercise and eat, you cannot look like that without some gym juice …

Hello boss, Im into this lifestyle. Where did you learn all this? I want to up at your level.
God Bless
Micah Aaron Gentry

The intermittant fasting program is brilliant!!
Not just food but also training

I have seen fat loss is a week of starting

Thanx Thomas

in reality age does matter…it’s scientific that men lose muscle mass after age 30…it’s easier for Thomas to look this way than a 55 year old man…that puts in the work.

Thomas obviously is very driven and works hard on his physique with excercise and diet along with “intermittent fasting” which he promotes.I highly doubt he does any steroids since it would be completely against what he teaches.It is hard for people to imagine the physical results that hard work and discipline will yield but I have followed Thomas and his career and life are pretty amazing and inspiring.Stay positive people and be ooen to learning every day as we are all growing and learning about ourselves to improve Life.Find what works for you!

Just read a great book “Grain Brain” by Dr David Perlmutter. A board-certified neurologist AND Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Claims he’s the only one in US w both credentials. Since Delauer agrees w what Perlmutter writes, I’d deduce he read that book & put what’s recommended into practice.

CJ & Steve:
Maybe he does, maybe not. But I had a similar physique for the last couple of years and I am much older! The only reason I have lost some gains was the transition to a raw food diet.
So, if I am just a hobby athlete, and I have a great natural physique, I’m pretty sure Thomas, who’s profession is living a Fitness lifestyle, is 100% natural too. But that’s only my personal opinion.

I’ve recently started watching the videos that Thomas puts out on YouTube and wondered what qualifications he has.
I’m also watching Dr Anthony Balduzi who we know has the qualifications.
I’d therefore like to know how Thomas gained all his knowledge about the science aspect of the things in his videos.

Thomas has the best nutritional and exercise content I’ve seen on Youtube. In many of these videos, he bases his teachings on the latest scientific studies…it’s really amazing to see how easily he’s able to assimilate all that knowledge and teach it in a very simple, comprehensive manner. As for steroids, he obviously isn’t using them…he would be much bigger and have roid gut if he did. He’s also a family man with a wife and son so why would he risk his health??? Some people just don’t get the fact you can have an amazing physique if you just listen to your body, eat clean and adopt a sensible, targeted exercise regime. It takes a lot of hard work and perhaps good genetics but it’s still possible for most people to have a great physique…it takes self discipline and consistency. I’m just starting his science based six pack abs program and I’m already seeing good results. Thanks Thomas!

Forgot to mention steroids in the supplements section. I don’t take fitness advice from “fitness gurus” who cheat with harmful substances any more than I see sound theological wisdom from Joel Osteen. But, he does know his detox.

Yes, I’m thinking same. But is it possible to manipulate one’s own hormones to get that “big”? As a woman I don’t care for an overly-musceled physique on guys and especially on women, but I’m sure it would help draw a lot of clients.

He is NOT on the “juice”!! I have been in the fitness industry my entire life, (since the age of 16, I’m now 53), and I can guarantee you that his is NOT a physic of steroid use! It is from very strict and measured food intake, proper cleansing for toxin removal, VERY hard workouts w the knowledge to utilize gym time to it’s best, and shocking or “tricking” muscles to grow w/o drug use…yes, it CAN be done. He has NO symptoms of steroid usage. One of the main things that most notice from steroid usage is what I call “gorilla gut” or bubble gut as it’s referred to in the industry. Organs get huge from it as well which cause the abdominal region to become large too. Thomas is the opposite of this! He’s also very lean w a SMALL waistline, which gives the appearance to the rest of the body of being much larger w great proportions. He has none of the roid bloat anywhere on him, Roiders will get a puffy look to their face as well as everywhere else, (except when on stage on competition day), because of the intense dehydration that is done for THAT day! He also has very clear skin, which roiders do not have. All the xtra hormone they take creates terrible side effects on the skin like deep acne, but its not seen much because of the deep tanning/coloring done for stage day. Plus, actual measurement size when in his kind of condition, is not as “large” as it APPEARS. The trick is, remaining lean w a low bodyfat, so all the muscles show w great CUTS and definition…the more of the muscle one can see, the larger the person appears, because muscle gives the mental illusion of “large”. Thomas is in great condition NATURALLY, I promise you… it can be done, I’ve done it and competed in natural competitions, my brother has, and I know some others that have as well! You can look as great as he, WITHOUT steroid use!! (As a side note, no one will ever be able to compete in a steroid competition as a clean competitor, because in side by sides, there is just too much size difference). Tom, you look great AND healthy, and you are an inspiration, thank you.

I’m 47 years old and follow an intermittent fast and keto diet. My face is definitely 47 but my body is 27. I don’t have Thomas’s body but i don’t have his frame either. I run 200 miles a month a long with strength training. 5 years ago I was 225lbs. Now I’m 160lbs (and ripped). Thomas went from 280lbs to about 180lbs. The ratio is very close. No steroids!! My point is “Hey Old Guys!!!, you can do this! You can feel vibrant and young. You can bring your mental sharpness back. It’s only hard for about a month and then it’s your new norm and feeling awesome every day and sleeping like a baby is you new addiction!” (Especially if you’ve been a slave to that F-ing bottle)

Looks Horrible to me. Vains popping out everywhere, face old looking. Not for me. Seems Unnatural like an overdone Steroid body even if he is not on them. I will take the swimmers build any day over this. Look at Arnold. No Thank You. Does not even look Healthy. The Skins elasticity looks like it is ready to peel open. I could go on and on. For some who want this – You can have it!

he isnt on roids people. also if you look at his videos; he references many scientific studies and also look at dr. berg. in just a few days, i started out supermorbid obese at age 51, 5’10”, 424 pounds. after just 9 days ive lost nearly 20 pounds and i have not started exercising yet, because of my overweightness; and the fact that i fall all the time because of the weight and the muscles in my legs arent strong enough to withstand walking or standing very long. this is going to stop and about to change!

Anyone that thinks this guy isn’t doing some anabolic supplementation is clueless. I read a post from “Dirk” who stated that he has been in the fitness industry since he was 16-years- old. I am assuming, from his post, that if someone has been doing something for a longtime, they no what they are talking about. It just means they’ve been doing it a long time. Not all guys that run gear have bloated abdomens, acne, or that bloated puffy look. By the way, that bloated gut is just one organ, the intestine, due to the amount of receptor sites. Dirk also forgot to mention HGH, insulin, and other peptides that mainly contribute to the bloated gut. Body builders, physique models, others, run Tren, Winny, Anavar, Test Prop, and Arimedex, just to name a few, that have physiques just like him. Then there is that optical illusion of small waist, cuts, and tan skin that can make one seem bigger than they are, especially without someone standing next to them for reference purposes. One can tell, just by looking at many of his photos, that he uses gear. Its his job to look good all the time in order pimp his products. There is no doubt that keto and fasting works. It is what allowed us to survive and evolve as a species for the last 200,000 years. Don’t be fooled by this guy’s physique and think you’ll look just like him if you buy his products and follow his advise. I too, have a long history with health and fitness, along with a secondary education in health care and science. It never ceases to amaze me as to how fast people are willing to drink the Kool-Aid.

Zero nutritional education yet instructing everyone how to eat the diet that apparently works for him. All you need is a video camera and you are off and running telling people how to manage their nutrition! By the way, I find the You Tube presentations which invade everything I watch, offensive. Why do you have to appear stripped to the waist? We get it…you are fit. Put some freaking clothes on, get a degree and then get back to us.

Why do so many of you demand a “degree” or “credentials” to believe somebody is telling the truth about any given topic? Can you idiots not read for yourself, assimilate/digest/interpret information and discern what makes the most sense? Jesus H. Christ 99% of people with the letters M. and D. behind their names mak8ng them all “official” have been fucking up the public’s health for 70 goddamn years. Learn to read and decide what makes sense, discard what does not. Thomas Delauer has done his fucking research and can back his asserrtions up…and NO, roids didn’t give him that physique (which I have no interest in obtaining…but it demonstrates what is possible with proper nutrition and a willingness to achieve an objective). And nobody on roids gives a fuck about nutrition or educating the public about it.

I like how people throw away anything Thomas says due to lack of credentials or a degree. As if losing a hundred pounds and getting shredded aren’t credentials enough. I doubt anyone who has even commented in this thread has made a change in their life as drastic as Thomas has, but hey, you can talk and mope all you want behind that screen. Go say it to his face, or comment it in his YouTube videos. He’ll ignore you bc you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Would like to know where you received yout training in all the nutrition and chemistry of food and everything that he teaches on in such a scientific way. Basically did you go to college or school to get all the knowledge that you have now, writing your books and s0 forth ?

I find it it hard to follow what he says because of his fast speech. Also Too many technical and medical jargon, terms that really should be left to medical books. Teach us how to put on weight and stay lean without all the needless physio-babble. It’s too much and it doesn’t make him sound smart but pretentious. If you’re not a doctor don’t use that kinda language. It’s inappropriate.

You go Thomas. You have helped me a lot. People are so quick to try to talk against you and others like you. Kudos to you for ignoring the negativity and the trolls! You are an overcomes! Praise God.
I look forward to more of your help and information!!!

For those of you making comments about Thomas using steroids I got one thing to say y’all know nothing about the fitness game and a shame on you for hacking on this guy he works out three times harder than probably any of you people with the comments like that too or ever will in someone on anabolic steroids would be a lot thicker and blockheaded just one man’s opinion

Steroids or not, (probably some) he is obviously extremely knowledgeable and meticulous about everything he ingests. THAT is the name of the game, and he has nutrition covered as much as I’ve ever seen.

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