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Matt Ogus AKA: “Flex For All,” is known around the world as a popular internet star, who started posting videos on how to workout in 2011. Since the beginning of his journey into fitness, and social media, he’s become a leading bodybuilding icon for people around the globe.

He first started his journey into lifting weights when he was in high school. His football coach at the time taught him everything he needed to know about the basics of lifting. Form there, Matt became hungry for more progress.

Year on year he improved in size, and so did his fan-base. Taking part in competitions and becoming sponsored by popular fitness brands are only some of his successes. Matthew Ogus continues to represent the life and passion he has as a bodybuilder, and shows no signs of slowing down.


Matthew-Ogus 1

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Matthew Ogus
WeightHeightYear of BirthNationality
165 - 175lbs (74.8 - 79.4kg)5'7" (170cm)1991American
Weight165 - 175lbs (74.8 - 79.4kg)
Height5'7" (170cm)
Year of Birth1991


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Starting Out

Matthew started working out when he was 15 years old in weight training classes while in high school. As Matthew said: “Fortunately, it was through an educated strength and football coach whom I learned the basics from. Results came fast as newbie gains.”

From the very beginning Matthew knew he wanted to become bigger and stronger. He enjoyed the results he saw from his hard work, because for Matthew, it’s a matter of what he puts in, he gets out: “I think that’s the reason why so many people love bodybuilding or fitness in general. What you put in, you get out.”

Several years since he starting weight training, he decided to step on stage for the first time, and it was at this point he realized he had a long way to go to become bigger, stronger, and better than his competitors.

Step by step, ever since his early beginnings into the sport of bodybuilding, Matthew has become a leading icon on social media where he posts videos about his life as a bodybuilder, along with achieving his dreams of obtaining the physique he always wanted.


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Matthew before and after.


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Strength Training

Although Matthew has built a sizable frame over the years through hypertrophy style training, he much prefers lifting heavier weights over any other type of training. More specifically, power lifting workouts.

The reason for this is; as his strength increases with heavy lifts, he also builds muscle at the same time. This gives him a well-rounded balance of aesthetics, size, and raw power.

Rep Ranges

Matthew likes to vary his rep ranges as it all depends on the type of lifting he’ll do. Such as push and pull workouts, using heavy weight or medium weight. He’ll often perform heavy squats with low reps of 1-3, and then move over to higher reps for his upper body the next day.

Matthew will always focus on his main compound lifts over anything else: “Whatever it is I choose to do after my main lifts, I make sure to not complicate it, and especially not to overdo it. The progression of my main lifts is my main priority, the volume and progression of my accessory lifts are secondary.”

Matthew’s Strength Training Workout

Monday: Deadlift/Lower Body

  • Deadlift 5/3/1 style
  • Compound Leg Exercise (Front squats, hack squats, lunges, variations of deadlift, etc) 5 sets of 5-10
  • Calves (Standing calf raises, donkey raises, leg press machine calf raises) 5 sets of 8-10 superset w/
  • Abs (Hanging leg raises, dragon flags, windshield wipers, cable crunches) 5 sets of 10

Tuesday: Rest

  • Recovery day

Wednesday: Benchpress/Upper Body

  • Benchpress 5/3/1 style
  • A Pull (T-bar row, barbell row, dumbbell row, chinup, or pullup) 5 sets of 5-10
  • A Push (Incline/flat benchpress or dumbbell press, seated or standing military dumbbell press, dips, etc) 5 sets of 5-10
  • (Optional) Another push or pull 5 sets of 5-10
  • A Bicep exercise (week 1: barbell curls, week 2: dumbbell curls, week 3: preacher curls, week 4: any) 5 sets of 8-10

Thursday: Rest

  • Recovery day

Friday: Squat/Lower Body

  • Squat 5/3/1 style
  • Compound Leg Exercise (Front squats, hack squats, lunges, variations of deadlift, etc) 5 sets of 5-10
  • Calves (Standing calf raises, donkey raises, leg press machine calf raises) 5 sets of 8-10 superset w/
  • Abs (Hanging leg raises, dragon flags, windshield wipers, cable crunches) 5 sets of 10

Saturday: Military Press/Upper Body

  • Military Press 5/3/1 style (depends what week it is)
  • A Pull (T-bar row, barbell row, dumbbell row, chinup, or pullup) 5 sets of 5-10
  • A Push (Incline/flat benchpress or dumbbell press, seated or standing military dumbbell press, dips, etc) 5 sets of 5-10
  • (Optional) Another push or pull 5 sets of 5-10
  • A tricep exercise (lateral head focus on week 2 and 4 – rope tricep extensions, long head focus on week 1 and 3 – standing french press) 5 sets of 8-10

Sunday: Rest

  • Recovery day


Matthew will perform cardio roughly 3 times a week on the stair master after each of his workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Three Favorite Exercises

For his top three exercises, Matthew recommends Deadlifts, Squats, and Benchpress as exercises to cover for an all-round strong physique. Matthew says: “These exercises are very effective in gaining strength and muscle, plus I find them very fun to do.”


Matthew-Ogus 6


Counting Macros

Matthew likes to count all of his macros, this way he knows he’s in full control of how his body will react to any changes in his physique through dietary changes. This also helps him to stay relativity lean all year. He mostly follows a diet that consist of 50 grams of fat, 250 grams of carbs, and 225 grams of protein per day.

Matthew’s Diet

Meal 1: 23f/89c/42p

  • 1 large egg, 184g egg whites 4 CLA pills, 4g fish oil (pills or liquid), 130g oats add stevia and cinnamon for the oats, drink some coffee or green tea, eat eggs with hot sauce.

Meal 2: 6f/54c/46p

  • 5.5oz chicken breast weighed cooked, 250g russet potato weighed raw, add garlic, pepper, onion, and hot sauce for the chicken.

Meal 3: 6f/50c/44p

  • 5.50z chicken breast, 250g sweet potato weighed raw, garlic, onion, pepper, hot sauce for chicken.

Meal 4: 4f/50c/35p

  • 6oz tilapia weighed cooked, 250g sweet potato weighed raw, garlic, onion, pepper for the sweet potato, vinegar to dip the fish in.

Meal 5: 4f/0c/30p

  • 6oz tilapia weighed cooked, vinegar to dip.


Matthew’s supplement stack is very basic, he likes to use 5 grams of creatine per day, a multivitamin, fish oil’s, and a good protein powder.


Matthew-Ogus 7

“My motivation comes from my desire to succeed. My motivation also comes from love and all of the energy I get from the people around me.”


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Matthew gives great dietary supplement demonstrations because I tried some of his supplements and it’s working for me. I give Matt and A rating he gets right to the point and he looks great because his shirt is always off in the dietary demonstrations in the kitchen which makes him great lo look at because I firmly believe that is the best way to give this type of demonstration (Matt keep your shirt off ok) because it best sells and influences the viewing audience the repeat viewers like myself are the most important part of the demonstration. I will tune him in for every vidio he is very thorough in his instructions and demonstrations. When he was on the gym equipment he had a tank top on (minor discrepancy) so Matt please take your shirt off before getting on a piece of equipment. Other than that your presentations are excellent to say the least. Mat I will be tuning you in on your achievement and good work and keep your shirt off. You once again you look your very best with your shirt off Thanks again Mat see you.

Matts a good guy. I just wish he’d take more time to contact fans. I’m a nurse, 21 years old 6’2, bodybuilder, trying to just get in with some guys. Matt tends to ignore a lot or he may be too busy. I’ve spoken with a lot of guys and most of them are nice. Arash rahbar, Jared feather, Cody drobot, I like matt too but haven’t talked to him too much. He’s realistic and uses science to back it up. He’s definitely natural, he’s smart and educated. Something I disagree on which I’d like to hear him explain he tends to try to be a life coach, some of his opinions he states are controversial and most people look up to him and listen. I just would hate to see him go to the dark side of the sport and start being “douchey” and giving bad advice. I don’t think it’d happen he’s s good dude. Just hope he knows that people look up to him and would listen to anything he says, so the controversial stuff should be avoided or just easier said. I believe one of his posts was about drinking and partying and drugs and all that being ok. I would just hate to see some young kid getting involved in the wrong things by hearing it’s ok by him. Nothing crazy. He’s a good dude. Always great advice, he backs it up with science, he’s realistic about natural bodybuilding, he’s smart and talks about books and life. Give him a follow.

Hi Riley, thanks for taking the time to write such a great comment. It’s good advice for anyone reading, young or old. Keep going strong and stay dedicated!

All the best,

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