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Jon Call AKA Jujimufu is a well-known acrobatics expert with a bodybuilding approach to training. Jon first became famous after he created the largest community for “Tricksters” anywhere online.

From there, he appeared on a popular game show where he demonstrated his amazing abilities ‘wowing‘ the judges, and eventually, winning the competition.

Jon first started his fitness lifestyle at the age of 13 after taking an interest in martial arts. Throughout the years, his passion developed even further to become flexible, and both strong at the same time.

With an alternative approach to life, and training, Jon created a name for himself in only a short space of time. He now boasts a global following online where he continues to spread his message on the fitness lifestyle. This is his story:


Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jon Call
235 - 245lbs (106.6 - 111.1kg)5'11" (180cm)AmericanJujimufu
Weight235 - 245lbs (106.6 - 111.1kg)
Height5'11" (180cm)




Martial Arts Beginning

From Alabama United States, Jon Call first started training at the age of 13 through Taekwondo. From there, he developed into a sport called Tricking. At 15, he taught himself the basics in his backyard, as Jon said; “I got the hang of it.”

After showing a lot of enthusiasm for keeping fit and healthy, Jon’s parents bought him his first gym membership at the age of 14, this is where he started to develop more size and strength.

Most days after school, Jon would go to the local gym and perfect his lifting techniques over and over, as Jon said: “The gym was right across the street from my school, so I lifted weights after school while I waited for them to give me a ride back home. I fell in love with deadlifts and squats and have continued training them.”

Becoming Flexible

At the age of 15, Jon made a goal for himself, he wanted to become flexible enough for “free kata” in his Taekwondo training. He trained almost every night for 2 hours, and in 2 months, he reached his goal.

“When I got the splits I never lost them. I’ve spent over half my life training flexibility.”

Building Communities

In 2002 Jon created a website for all things “Trick” related. It became so successful it was the biggest place for “Tricksters” on the internet outside social media.

Game Show Appearances

Jon decided to take his “Tricks” to a whole new level in 2016, when he appeared on a popular TV program where contestants perform their talents on stage in front of judges.

Jon blew away the competition, and wowed the judges. Needless to say, he was successful in winning the competition that year.


When he was 14 years old, Jon wanted a username to chat with his friends online. After becoming frustrated when all the names he chose were taken, “In a rage” Jon typed Jujimufu, and in Jon’s words; “which, of course, wasn’t taken and is complete nonsense.  And it has been my curse since”.


“I’m the only one who can do it like I do at my size. You won’t find anyone else my size who can do the moves I can do. And you won’t find anyone else who can do the moves I can do who is anywhere near my size. I do them both because I want to!”


Mixing Trick’s With Bodybuilding

Throughout the summer months, Jon will trick outside 3 days a week. However, when it comes to the winter months, Jon will avoid Tricking, and instead, work on bodybuilding.

When bodybuilding, he’ll train 6 days per week, but he’ll regularly take 3-5 days to back off his training during this season. At the end of the year, for anywhere between 1-2 months, he’ll take a complete break.

Working On Weaknesses

When Jon’s working on Tricking, he’ll just focus on what he enjoys the most, for bodybuilding, he’ll do the complete opposite. As Jon says, “I put most of my work toward my weaknesses instead of my strengths.

For example, I have terrible genetics for pectoral and bicep development, so I have to work those groups three times as much as everything else and really put some thought into how I train them. While my back responds to any sort of mindlessness; it adapts quickly to new loads and exercises.”

Flexible Training

Since 15, Jon has been able to hold impressive stretches. He achieved this by practicing for 2 hours every night until he perfected it. Jon advises that if anyone wants to achive anything, then practice is the only way. As Jon said; “Imagine if you practiced deadlifting every night for 2 hours for a summer. I’m not talking about reps, sets, and all that programming bullshit, I’m talking about real time, 2 hours of physical work and play combined in an effort to actually ‘get better’ at it.”

Jon’s Training Advice

“I think people rely on numbers and counting and programs and expect some magic to happen. Those things are just the means elite athletes and trainers use to sort of describe ‘roughly’ what they’re doing to obtain some result, it’s not magic or precise.. ever.

The magic is in the practice. So when people ask me how do I get so flexible and I asked them when was the last time they tried to do the splits and they say ‘I never have’ … well.. there we go!!! There’s the problem!” – Jujimufu Jon Call 



Bodybuilder Diet

Jon says he typically eats a bodybuilder type diet that’s high in protein and carbs, but low in fat. His daily protein, carbs, and fats macros are split into 40:40:20.

As for the types of foods he’ll chose to eat, Jon will typically eat hypoallergenic foods. This means he’ll avoid oats, wheat, peanut butter, milk etc. He’ll also eat a lot of foods that detoxify the body, such garlic, ginger root, lemons, rosemary, and cinnamon.

Jon will also eat fruits and vegetables everyday, in Jon’s words; “I juice fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to maintain my health because Jack Lalanne did it and he was a real winner.”


Idols and Influences


Jon likes to act on ideas that “excite” him. As Jon says; I’m motivated to act on these ideas because they haunt me until I make a video or write about them to share with others. This is the only thing that has ever motivated me. People encourage me to continue because they sometimes like what I do, and this motivates me to come up with more ideas.

He continues;  “Most importantly though, I act on my ideas, because I don’t want someone to do them before me! And so it goes in a circle round and round.”


What we can learn from Jujimufu Jon Call

Jon first started his fitness journey when he was just a teenager wanting to improve his size and strength. Over the years, he developed into a household name with his larger than life antics on screen performing his “Tricks

He also built an online community, which attracted an army of follower through the years, and all of this was thank’s to his passion to try new things. What we can learn from Jon is; go after what excites you, perfect it, even if it takes hours of work everyday for months, or even years, and make the most of every opportunity, just like Jon.

Jon’s Advice

“Know the difference between not taking something seriously, and being capable of laughing at it because you’ve overcome it. There is nothing on this earth that you cannot work to one day stand above and make a joke about or be silly about. That includes yourself.

If life is still too heavy to make fun of for you, then at least begin training yourself to smile. Because you will make more friends when you smile more, and friends can help with some of the heaviest lifting.” – Jujimufu Jon Call

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