Frank Medrano

Calisthenics Expert, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur

Frank Medrano is a well-known calisthenics expert, vegan athlete, and inspiration for people everywhere wanting to follow in his footsteps. Frank started exercise after he gained weight in his late 20s’. Deciding to make a change to his unhealthy life, he joined a gym, and quickly started to see great results. 

However, the resistance machines and weights room didn’t fulfill Franks capabilities. After seeing videos online on other calisthenics experts, Frank decided to give it a try. Within a short period of time, Frank built an awesome physique through bodyweight exercises, along with adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Frank continues to promote his healthy living and alternative approach to exercise through showing what bodyweight training can do.


“No matter the circumstances, always stay motivated! Never lose sight of the big picture. There is success waiting for us all. You just have to be bold enough to take it. Be driven!”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Frank Medrano
155 - 165lbs (70.3 - 74.8kg)5'9" (175cm)AmericanCalisthenics Expert, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur
Weight155 - 165lbs (70.3 - 74.8kg)
Height5'9" (175cm)
ProfessionCalisthenics Expert, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur



Social Media And Certifications

Frank is an active user of social media. He constantly shares his training routine and motivational quotes with his followers, and motivates others with pictures of his awesome physique. 

Apart form his social media popularity, Medrano has many certificates from professional sports institutions such as:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)
  • National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT)
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • National Personal Training Institute (NPTI)
  • The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)



“Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live your best life. Remember, you are not in competition with anyone else; plan to outdo your past, not other people.”


Life Before Training

Frank Medrano wasn’t always passionate about sports. According to the athlete, he lived a “normal life” up until 30. During this period of time, he had several problems with his health due to excessive weight; he always felt tired, slow and weak.

Year after year, Frank started to gain more weight. Not being happy with his looks, and his health. He decided to get lean and gain muscle After watching numerous workout videos online, Frank decided to make a positive change in his life. 

First Steps In Physical Training

In 2006 Frank got his first gym membership. He started weight-lifting, and after a short period of time, he notice his body and fitness started to improve gradually. 

Spending a lot of time in the gym, Frank became friends with other athletes and bodybuilders. At this point, Frank’s body was starting to take on a more athletic shape, which got him thinking about a career in the sports industry. 

Life Changing Calisthenics

After spending some time in the gym, and becoming more confident with his abilities, Frank started bodyweight training in 2010. As Medrano said, it gave him more opportunity to control his body, and further develop his abilities. 

“I jumped onto a pull up bar one day and decided to try out a few bodyweight exercises. I loved the rush and feeling I got from pulling myself up. I felt an amazing feeling of strength and got hooked onto building my physique. I got bit by the fitness bug and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.”

Since starting his calisthenics journey, Frank hasn’t spent much time in the gym. He started doing his training outside, at home, or wherever he could find somewhere to do pull-ups, dips, and push-ups.

With years of patience and hard work, Frank achieved desirable results. He became faster, stronger, and learner at 4%-6% body fat. 

Becoming A Vegetarian

Bodyweight training wasn’t the only thing that helped Frank build a great looking physique. In 2010, Frank’s friends, Dan Attanasio and Noel Polanco showed Frank how he could benefit from becoming vegan.

Little by little, Frank gradually changed, and removed meat from his diet and replaced it with plant based foods. 

According to Medrano a plant-based diet gave him more energy, quicker recovery and a healthier looking physique. 


Frank then and now.



“My scars tell a story…They are reminders of when life tried to break me, but failed. Even when life hits you hard, get back up and fight!”


Benefits Of Calisthenics

Frank says he feels many benefits doing calisthenics over standard strength training routines, such as; “bodyweight calisthenics use only the weight of your own body as resistance to develop the ability to squat, reach, twist, lunge, jump, land, push and get up and down… allowing you to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence.”

Another reason why Frank likes calisthenics is that; “it can be done anytime… day or night. The point is, whenever you want an effective workout you can have one… your body never closes! For many body weight calisthenics exercises, the resistance of your own bodyweight is sufficient to promote fitness, health and physique benefits.”

“Challenge yourself to be who you know you are capable of being. Challenge yourself to follow through, to live what you preach, to walk your talk. Don’t worry about how slowly you feel you’re heading towards your goals, or how many roadblocks you find, or how many detours you’re forced to take. As long as you keep doing your thing, you’re still cruising far ahead of everyone who’s too scared to even try”

Frank’s Sample Workout

  • Diamond Push Ups with 1 leg raised
  • Push Ups with Heavy weights on your back
  • Behind the back, clap push ups ( Not recommended for beginners )
  • Archer Push Ups
  • TypeWrite Push Ups
  • Pseudo Planche Push Ups / Leaning Push Ups ( Focuses on shoulders )
  • One Arm One Leg Push Ups
  • Rings Push Ups


“When you want something bad enough, let that drive push you to make it happen. Sometimes you’ll run into bricks walls that are put there to test you. Find a way around them and stay focused on your dream. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


Being a strict vegan, Frank pays close attention to his diet to make sure he gets enough variety, plant based proteins and calories to support his intense workouts. Medrano believes that vegan food is a big part in his sporting life.

Frank also says that he doesn’t eat food in public places, as he says, you never really know what you’re going to get. He considers it important to know the ingredients of each meal and where the produce came from.  

“I thought I was healthy and strong before, but after adopting a plant-based diet, I started to feel energetic and I was having quicker recovery after training.”

Frank’s diet contains a minimal amount of fat and a lot of complex carbohydrates, and when he wants to get lean, he usually limits his salt intake, and increases his portion of vegetables. 

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“The more challenging the workout, the more satisfying you feel after”.

Idols and Influences

In one interview Frank said that he respects Nathane Jackson for his holistic teachings and healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

He believes that everyone can be strong and develop muscles on a vegan diet. This was one of the main reasons why Frank looks up to Nathane. 

Another source of inspiration for Frank are his followers. He highlights that his followers give him strength and confidence to carry on living a healthy lifestyle. 


What we can learn from Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano is a role model for everyone who wants to start a fitness journey. His story shows us how unwavering faith and persistence are important in all aspects in life. 

Frank transformed into the strong and powerful person he is through perseverance. 

If you have any negative thoughts about your abilities, always remember Frank Medrano and his words.

As Frank said; “I am a constant fight against myself. I fight against the doubts. I fight against the moments of uncertainty. But I believe this battle of Me vs Myself is not in vain. As long as I continue to fight, I will not lose, and I will have only grow stronger. I will become a better athlete, better business man, better person. Keep fighting guys and believe in yourselves!” Frank Medrano 


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You are the topic for my school course research project. I guess you could say I respect, admire and emulate you. Thank you Frank!

No he is in his 40s
If you read his story you can tell.
There is another guy w ith the same namn. He is in that movie ” The Shawshank Redemption ” he is norm 1958 not this Frank.

Why dont they just write his bday?
Dose any body know?

You motivate me, since I followed your exercises I’m leaner, stronger, not muscular and fitter. I’m 62 yrs and exactly your weight. Thank you my brother.

Sales must be poor when you have to hack my wife’s f/b page to promote your YouTube crap…I ought bitch slap you

Excelente exemplo… serve como estimulo aos descrentes no sucesso, toda via o quadro geral da grande maioria não é favorável, para a massa popular não tem como se tornar vegano… entretanto, qualquer um consegue adaptar(embora carnívoro) os treinos para chegar ao sucesso físico de Medrano, afinal, biologicamente ou financeiramente, nem todos poderão se tornar veganos ou vegetariano.

Wow, its amazing to see this guy come so far from where he started. I’m only 19 with probably about 12 to 16% bodyfat and I’m still trying to find a flow with my workouts and my meals. I was wondering though, to obtain this kind of muscle, would I have to switch my diet to be more plant-based as well? Other than that, I’d like to thank you Frank for being the role model that you are. Keep it up?

he was never fat, he actually was skiny. Sometimes in this text you are mistaken him with another Frank Medrano an older fat Actor.

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