Evan Johnson

Ohio-based Evan Johnson has gone from being an underweight 118lbs soccer player to becoming a fitness icon on the rise.

From the moment he first picked up the dumbbells, Evan has worked hard on building his dream physique. Unexpectedly, he’s also built a booming career in the process. He continues to set new standards for not only himself but also those that follow him online.

Day in and day out, Evan trains hard in the gym, along with adhering to a strict diet. He shares what he learns along the way with his fans.

With his discipline and commitment to the fitness lifestyle, Evan shows no signs of stopping. His training principles, nutrition insights, and more can all be seen below.

Evan Johnson flexing triceps shirtless in the gym

“I definitely think that nowadays my fitness goals are more so focused on longevity. Living as long as possible and feeling healthy for the rest of your life should always be the goal!

Anyone can take some performance enhancers to get ridiculous strong or massive but if you aren’t actually healthy, feeling good and looking good was it actually worth it?”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Evan Johnson
AmericanFitness Model, Competitive Athlete2010
ProfessionFitness Model, Competitive Athlete

Evan Johnson posing shirtless in the gym locker room


  • Men’s Physique Athlete
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Fitness Influencer

Evan Johnson fitness transformation before-after


From Evan’s experience, using high training volume and heavy weights leads to most muscle growth.

Specifically, Evan likes to do 3-5 sets per exercise and up to 30 sets per workout. While this amount of training volume may be too high for some, it’s worked well for Evan. He started his fitness journey as a ‘skinny’ high school student, but packed on muscle quickly by using these methods.

In terms of exercises, the simpler the better for Evan. He sticks to basics compound movements such as squats, the deadlift, and the bench press which build the basis of his physique. For shaping and refining specific areas of his physique, he’ll do isolation exercises.

Evan’s Shoulder, Biceps, and Triceps Workout

  • Standing Barbell Press, 4×12-15 reps
  • Chin-ups, 4×10
  • Upright rows, 4×12
  • Incline Curls, 4×12
  • Seated lateral raises, 4×12
  • Tricep pushdowns, 4×15

Evan Johnson flexing his bulging abs in the gym


Back when Evan first delved into fitness, his main issue was being underweight. In order to pack on muscle, he had to increase his calories – particularly those coming from protein.

Fast forward to today, Evan still sticks to the same diet principles from before; ‘eating to grow’.

He eats foods such as chicken breast, yams, salads, and avocados, as well as some fish once in a while.

On a rare occasion when he wants to cut body fat, Evan will reduce his calories to around 500 below maintenance. He’ll also increase his protein intake at the same time to prevent muscle loss from the lack of calories.

Evan Johnson flexing in a grey tank top

Evan Johnson before and after fitness transformation

What we can learn from Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson has shown us that it doesn’t matter where you start on your fitness journey. As long as you have a vision and discipline, you can transform your body.

Evan started out in fitness as a 118lbs, 18-year old high school student. With the right training routine and diet plan in place, he transformed himself from the ground-up. His physique grew and so did his career.

If you’re in need of motivation to kickstart your fitness journey, what better story to read than Evan Johnson’s. It could be the very ‘spark’ you need to start your own transformation.

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