Craig Golias doing a shirtless most muscular pose

Craig Golias

Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

Craig Golias “Goliath” is known as one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world, weighing an incredible 350 lbs at 6’3” tall. His remarkable physique has gained him a lot of prominence in the online fitness and bodybuilding community.

Growing up as a tall and slim teenager, Craig began his bodybuilding journey around the age of 20. He wanted to gain size and become ‘huge‘ like the bodybuilders he saw in magazines. So he started lifting weights and eating several meals per day.

Craig would train day in and day out, taking breaks from weight training very rarely. His discipline and dedication gradually started to pay off, as Craig gained a lot of size over the years.

Ever since then, Craig has become a fitness sensation and competitive bodybuilder; placing highly in contests like Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships, and Mr. And Ms. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding and Figure Contest.


Craig Golias taking a selfie of his huge physique

“From 150lbs to 350lbs! Anything is possible if you believe! Set a goal! Create a desire to achieve and the rest is history.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Craig Golias
Over 310lbs (140.6kg)6'3" (190.5cm)AmericanBodybuilder, Fitness Model
Goliath2000, 2010
WeightOver 310lbs (140.6kg)
Height6'3" (190.5cm)
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness Model
Era2000, 2010


Craig Golias ganging on a bar in black tank top, his lats and arms looking enormous

“Just want to thank everyone who leaves positive feedback on my pages! Your honestly the motivation I have to push towards my goals. And for the negative comments, they push me forward as well.

To go out of your way and tell me I’m so big that I’m near death is actually a compliment to me. I’ve been checked and everything is healthy for my size. I might be a bit sluggish but it’s worth it to be able to chase dreams and accomplish goals.”




Craig Golias in a rear lat spread pose, looking massive and lean

“Cardio is ok sometimes! As long as you make up for it later by eating delicious treats!!!”


Craig Golias’ Week of Training

Craig trains in the gym six days a week. He doesn’t do cardio, unless he wants to cut down his body fat in a short amount of time. In that case, he’ll do an hour of regular steady-state cardio every day until he reaches his goal.

I only do cardio when I diet, I hate it!! Lol, I do an hour every day when in diet mode.”

A week of training for Craig looks like this;

  • Monday – Chest and Hamstrings
  • Tuesday – Arms
  • Wednesday – Back
  • Thursday – Calves
  • Friday – Shoulders
  • Saturday – Quads
  • Sunday – Rest


Craing Golias sitting on a bench in the gym, his arms and shoulder looking massive

Favorite Exercises

Craig says he only likes chest days and nothing else. He gets motivated and happy every time he goes to the gym to train pecs.

But when it comes to other body parts like legs, Craig says; “Other body parts aren’t as fun and I hate quad days, cause I train them so hard. I get sick most of the time being taller I have to train harder to fill them out.” – Craig Golias

Stretching for Flexibility

Craig tries to stretch as often as possible to keep his body flexible. He says it can be difficult to stay flexible at his size without stretching. So, he makes sure to stretch after every workout, even if it’s just for five minutes.

He performs either basic full-body stretches, or stretches depending on the muscles he’s trained that day. For example, if Craig trained his chest, he’ll likely do shoulder and chest stretches after he’s done with the workout.


Craig Golias flexing his huge biceps


Craig’s Diet

Even though Craig has massive proportions, he still keeps his physique firm and lean. The way he does it is by keeping his diet filled with high protein foods and shakes which help him gain lean muscle.

Almost half of Craig’s diet is made up of weight gainer shakes which contain low-glycemic carbs and a lot of protein. They give him the energy for his long and tough workouts in the gym, which also allows him to build muscle while sleeping through slow released protein.

Alongside shakes, Craig’s daily diet consists of beef, turkey, white rice, egg whites, and vegetables.

“My top 3 food sources would be gainer shakes, white rice, and meat (beef and turkey).”


Craig Golias in a factory, looking huge

Cutting the Size Down

When Craig wants to get his body fat to low levels. He’ll drop his carbs, and increase his protein intake. He’ll also include a lot more green vegetables in his diet, as they are high in fiber content, which helps to keep him full throughout the day.

However, Craig says he rarely goes on big cuts like this. The reason being is the huge amount of size he loses when dieting down. Alongside fat, Craig also loses a lot of muscle when he drops his calories too low – no matter how much protein he eats.

“I tend to lose too much size when I diet. Jay Cutler has given me some pointers, but he’s big on eating fish and I don’t eat fish at all.  So basically I just do a basic diet and usually drop around 45 pounds as well.”


Craig Golias taking a selfie of hie big and ripped legs


Alongside weight gainer shakes, Craig also supplements his diet with a good-quality BCAA powder. He may also take a pre-workout supplement if he feels he needs an extra ‘edge’ in his workouts, especially on the leg days.


Craig Golias transformation from slim and tall teenager to extremely huge bodybuilder

Idols and Influences

One of Craig’s influences and a good friend in bodybuilding is Rich Piana, a deceased fitness icon.

This is Craig talking about Rich;

“I would talk to Rich all the time and he motivated me to set new goals, and push my body to the limit! He himself said ‘hit 350 Craig! You can do it!’ And it was true motivation hearing it from one the biggest names in the industry.” – Rich Golias


Craig Golias sitting on a bench posing for the camera and flexing his big arms

“You should never speak words of death to anyone. This is a sport we’re all in and we need to praise each other not put them down. We all put in the hours in the gym and eat the same boring food all day! We all feel the pain here! But it’s a pain we’ve adapted and learned to love!”

What we can learn from Craig Golias

Craig Golias grew up as a 150lbs teenager who wanted to gain muscle and become big. He had a dream that many would think is unachievable. But with his dedication and passion, Craig proved once again that the only limit is your own mind.

His example has shown us, just like numerous other transformation stories – that there is no challenge that is too big to overcome. Whatever you want in life, you can achieve it with enough belief and passion.

Be sure to read Craig’s story once again if you ever find yourself in need of motivation. Keep believing and working hard, and your dreams too could become a reality.

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And you forgot to mention about roid … stop lying bruh… you cant get that fucking big without roids bruh… hate it or not, its the fucking truth

Steroids or not the dude puts in work. Even if he was 150 lbs lean everyone would talk shit. Ole boy has my respect. That’s what’s great about America, we can grow and grow. The only thing stopping us is us!

I love how nothing is mentioned of his steroid use. This article makes it sound like anyone can just take some isopure and do some lat pull downs and look like this fuck.

Your body looks misformed and lumpy
Way too far man way too much
And I heard ur a gay prostitute that loves tranny’s too!! Hahahahaha
? ??????

It’s not a steroid PSA “Hey kids, want to get big, when then use roids! 100% results with zero effort!!!” Of course they aren’t going to mention it.

He’s a monster boy and obviously he does roids. A whole crap load. But he can’t get that size relying on them. The amount of work he does speaks for itself, the roids aren’t carrying even most of the weight. But yeah, major roid head and that’s damn hot.

re Kayz:
Take Creatine Monohydrate warm water vit C effervescent.
Take Taurine Arginine Dextrose glutamine.
Take Beef protein through the day With 6 litres of water.
Calcium Cassonate in your bottle before you go up to bed.
Train six days three hours.
Dont call the shots. He trains, he knows how to train.
When you get big put Interval Training in yer schedule for half hour it’s upto you though

If you research Craig on the web, he actually had a very aesthetic and muscular build about 12 years ago. I acknowledge the work he’s done to achieve the mass that he has, but he had a much better build when he weighed 190-240lbs.

He’s def something. . . 350+ Lbs & not talk about death – okays, you know you can drop dead any moment. This size can’t be maintained even close to being healthy for long.

Craig, you are an inspiration to many of us. So, I hope you take caution and are being watched by a cardiologist. At one point I felt like I was having heart problems and pain in my chest. Luckily it was discovered I had too much Creatine in my blood and was able to reverse the effects.
I don’t want to see you become a statistic, like other “like-minded pros.”
Prove the naysayers wrong by reducing the compounds that harm your body and live a long life.
Be huge, and ripped instead of just huge.
I look forward to seeing you in print and on your Youtube posts.
Longevity has its advantages.
Steve Solo– a fan

so he says “From 150lbs to 350lbs! Anything is possible if you believe! Set a goal! Create a desire to achieve and the rest is history.”
Not to forget the “weight gainer shakes” too LOL

Yeah you too can look like this with years of dedicated heavy weight training …………

Oh yeah and it also helps if you’re a mobile walking steroid factory …. what a dick – just gives young impressionable teens the belief and hope that this is all natural and achievable through sheer determination and hard work. Yes the hard dedicated weight training helps but you cannot, and I repeat CANNOT, get to this size ( the same as his DEAD drug fucked mate Rich Piana ) without stuffing and injecting seriously copious amounts of deadly steroid DRUGS into your system !
The only difference between this clown and a real circus clown ……. –
At least the circus clown is somewhat believable !

You’re a joke mate

All you fools saying juice head – No SHIT! ofcourse he’s on roids. just because someone takes steroids, doesn’t mean they immeidately become huge like Craig – he’s put in a ridiculous amount of work in the gym to get that physique. all of ya’ll are hating for no reason. this man is one of the best in the world in his field – what are you keyboard critics good at??

The guy looks amazing. Of course he uses steroids. I’m sure he cycles multiple at once but he also leaves the gym floor covered in sweat and consumes a surplus of calories and protein daily. Steroids are just that stepping stone to allow you to continue to grow past your potential and at a faster rate. Without hard work and diet, the steroids won’t do much at all. The downside is his bodies natural testosterone will probably never recover. As soon as he stops the steroids, he will lose a considerable amount of size and gradually waste away. 350 will be more like 250 in a year. He will have to be on TRT for the rest of his life but it won’t be a dose high enough to maintain that physique.

I hate to be negative, but this guy is doing major damage to the young people looking at his pictures, and not telling them the truth about his body, which is the STEROID USE. YOU CANNOT GET THIS BIG NATURALLY.

A few of you talking shit about him saying roids and mentioning it are assholes. Theres a tremendous amount of work and dedication getting to his size. U talk tough but I would like to meet you and smack the shit out of you for trying to be tough. Greg is incredible. The work he puts into his physic is incredible. Its alot of work and sweat that goes into being in craiges shape.

The reason why it’s so bad NOT mentioning in this article that he takes steroids is because its misleading to the pupil or newbie motivated by his results. It’s as if you pass your math class using your calculator without mentioning that you used the calculator because at the end of the day you remembered how to input the formulas, just as how you are justifying putting in the time to work out and eat, plain and simple he is cheating and abusing also knowing the consequences of his health abuse that is important to tell people who are uneducated to the fact to attain his results. RIP Rich Piana who’s liver was twice the size of a normal man and heart as well. I’m not dissing anyone but it should have been mentioned and needs to be constantly taught and spoken about when you read stories like this, dont leave out the key factor.

Everyone here who is leaving negative comments about this guy are all a bunch of assholes. Talking about kids trying to emulate him. And maybe kids are reading this or following him on social media. Of course he’s using steroids he does not deny that. What do you expect him to do? Post his drug regimen on here? So his young fans can run out and start doing what he’s doing. Steroids are a small part of bodybuilding. You can inject steroids and growth hormone by the gallon and you will get nothing out of it but fat , bloated and a bad heart and kidneys. He’s not talking about steroids here because there is a time and place for everything. Open forums that kids can read is not the place. You hate on him because you are jealous because he makes you feel less than. Get off the internet and go to the gym put in the work do steroids if you want eat your ass off and in 10 years you still will not be anywhere near where he is

I’ve seen him in person very humble and the widest person I’ve ever seen in my life! Unreal size on this guy! Keep doing your thing brother! Your a huge motivation to many

It’s not the steroid use that looks bad, it’s the lumpiness from all the sythol that makes his body look crazy. I’m not one to talk shit about someone who takes steroids like alot of the jealous dudes in here that have to say that out loud to make themselves feel better about their under average bodies, shit I love to cycle here and there, but synthol has made the body builders of today look so cartoonish and not awesome to look at anymore. The muscles are just so puffy and bumpy it’s just sad. Go back to the Dorian Yates days where sythol wasn’t all over the scene

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