Aarron Lambo

Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur

Aarron Lambo is a UK bodybuilder who is ‘Engraved’ with a passion for bodybuilding. Aarron Lambo has been rising to the top of the UK fitness scene ever since he began lifting weights at the age of 15.

From that point on, Aarron has gone from one success to the next – winning several amateur bodybuilding shows, opening his own gym and fitness promotion business, and also becoming a bodybuilding icon in the United Kingdom.

This is his story:


Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Aaron Lambo
205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg)5'5" (165cm)BritishBodybuilder, Entrepreneur
Weight205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
ProfessionBodybuilder, Entrepreneur



  • Gym Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Competitive Bodybuilder



Early Ambitions

Born and raised in the East Midlands of England, Aarron Lambo was enthralled with bodybuilding from an early age. He started lifting weights at 15 years old; finding inspiration in bodybuilders he saw in fitness magazines. Aarron said;

“My brother in law gave me a load of 1990’s fitness magazines, but I kept them for years going through them over and over, looking at pictures of what I thought was the freakiest physiques in the world.”

From the first moment he stepped into the gym, Aaron “knew” he wanted to compete on a bodybuilding stage one day. One year later, at the age of 16, he began participating in local bodybuilding shows in Northamptonshire, winning a number of teenage-category competitions.

His aspirations soon became even bigger – at 17, he wanted to open his own gym. Unfortunately, he couldn’t accomplish his dream at that point, due to financial restrictions. However, this didn’t stop him from working hard on his goal, hoping they would turn it into a reality one day.

“I remember telling my Nan I’m gonna save for a gym but never got past £30.”

Reaching his Goal

In 2008, Aarron ‘picked up the pace’ in his business endeavors – he made some connections around the UK, which helped him open his own gym.

After five years of hard work, in 2013, he officially opened his first training center. Although it was a long and difficult process, Aarron said it was worth it, and added; “From that day, the business rocketed.”

By 2016, Aarron branched out into other areas of fitness; starting a fitness promotion business and opening his social media accounts. Aarron’s initial goal was to bring top athletes from the fitness scene to the fans, organizing photo shoots, training sessions, along with meet and greets with bodybuilders and fitness icons from everywhere.

Since then, Aarron has toured the UK and Europe promoting his business; organizing various fitness events which featured the likes of Lee Priest, Terry Hollands, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, and Pro bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar.




Aarron preaches the ‘old-school’ style of training with heavy compound movements, and using isolation exercises as ‘finishers’. Some of these movements include barbell bench press, squats, barbell biceps curls, close-grip bench press, deadlifts, and rack pulls.

In regard to his repetition range, Aarron changes it every month or so. In one month, he may train with a high number reps (12+), and the other month, he may go for 4-6 reps on each set.




Daily Macros

In order to fuel his massive physique, Aarron consumes a meal every two to three hours. In the morning and evening, he eats a lot of healthy fats and proteins such as coconut oil, avocados, nuts, meats, chicken, and eggs. During the day, he increases his carbohydrate intake; especially after training, that’s when Aarron consumes a lot of fast-acting carbs.


  • Pre-Workout
  • Whey Protein
  • BCAAs
  • Fat Burner

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What we can learn from Aarron Lambo

Fighting through the ordinary to achieve greatness, Aarron Lambo has taught us the value of hard work and consistency. It took him many years before he opened his first gym – it was a mentally challenging process, to say at least.

However, thanks to his perseverance, he became a bodybuilding icon, and a successful entrepreneur.

If we could take something from Aarron’s example, it would be to never give up on your goals just because it takes a lot of time to accomplish them. Aarron spent over 10 years dreaming about opening his first gym, and eventually, he made that dream come true. Keep dreaming big, and keep working hard – with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Aarron’s Message

“The day you start looking after number 1 is the day you start doing well and achieving goals. It’s a fact, it’s a selfish world we live in. We need to adapt to survive, stronger than the rest.

Of course, some of us have dependents, however, they rely on us being strong physically and mentally.” – Aarron Lambo

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Thanks for spotting that Karl, it’s been removed until we have his exact measurements.

All the best, Greatest Physiques!

I can’t believe how self obsessed this little man is, it’s hilarious watching his vlogs and various posts, he really does seem completely deluded and believes all the nonsense he spouts. He really seems to think is a champion and a ‘Badman’ in his own mind, I think he’s overdone the drugs! Who does he think he’s impressing? He’s a comedian.

You are of course entitled to your own opinion as we have freedom of speech! But why insult him? What has his height got to do with anything through his career? What ever it is has worked, even on you! He is on social media and promotes his stuff! He got your attention as you clearly stated you watched his vids! So more fool you for commenting and making yourself look foolish! Words are powerful! I’ve never met him, but how ever he has successfully achieved the things in life he wanted! Have you achieved everything you wanted? Also you mention drugs? He possibly has, like stalone, arne, van damme! In fact most larger than life people! Now if you had a head ache, what do you do? Bet you take a pain killer?! Do you have a cuppa? Caffeine is also a drug! Ale, you go out for a few pints with friends? (If you have any, as you insult people you have not met so I’d hate to see how you treat the people you know) And also, again on his hight! How do you know he has not been a victim of bullying? He might have hit the weights to stop the name calling? To make himself feel better! To stop people like you judging him! People like you who can sit and type insults, would you say things to him directly? Hope you change your was bud, as to me you make yourself out as a bully! Peace

He’s been caught out being a bitch by Nick Collins, all his videos are to look good for the cameras, has admitted to steroid use, he’s a woman beater and he’s a coke head to boot. I don’t care how successful you are, if you need to make yourself feel big by hitting a woman then your not a man. Cutting about thinking he’s a gangster when he’s nothing but a bitch, big nick Collins will whoop his ass when he gets him???? Fuck Alpha UTA ALL DAY??

I’ve never met Arron Lambo, but I’ve watched a few of his video’s that one friend on my face book shares but he’s seems a genuine nice down to earth guy, so you “HUGH BURGOYNE” with your silly little review are all that’s wrong with this world, silly little hater. Keep doing you Arron and you’ll be even more successful m8

I have. Been following your bullshit from pc dickhead. Absolute harassment from that service. I’m over here in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. If our police act like that they get what is called a black mark on there record, so keep on with the law suit. I would love you to make some pc dickhead t_shirts that I can sell for you. Minus my cut of course lol. Even could be a distribution place for your other products to be sold around here in Canada. I wanted also to say the bullying that your daughter suffered you handled that like a great dad should. Although I told my kids to just smash them then 9/10 it stops and it did. Oh and the face tattoo is awesome. I’m getting one as well. So you stay true aaron to what you believe in greatness will follow. Alpaca training baby. My email is [email protected]
Straight outta Sarnia eh

Hey aarron, it’s Jamie again from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I just wanted to say your shirts, hats, sweatshirts and T`s etc. I would love to start the madness here in Canada. So if you wanna send a couple items my way so I can hv a look and wear it proud. Please respond to this if possible. Ttyl “ALPHA TRAINING BABY”

My address is
Jamie fraleigh
1064 brenchley street apt 104
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
N7S 1R5

Y`all take care over the blue waters of the mighty Atlantic ocean.

Hi Stephen,

Your doctor should provide you with the medical information you need. Greatest Physiques cannot offer any guidance related to medical conditions.

Thank you,
Greatest Physiques

Nice man speaks the truth and always. Nows is stuff if you dont like him piss off dont watch is videos and leave him alone you are only having a go at him because he nows more than you dick heads

Reading all positive and negative comments. Aarron didn’t have an upbringing with lots of money or being a spoilt kid he had a normal happy childhood and went without just like I did. My parents worked all there lives to give me the best. So did his. That don’t mean we’re spoilt brats does it. It means we had decent parents who tried there best for there kids. He’s a lovely guy and a fabulous dad. He has worked really hard to get to where he is today. And still working hard to achieve his dreams. This guy has helped a lot of people who didn’t think they could ever reach there goals in life but with hard work like he says you can achieve every thing you want. Respect to you aarron your fab.

He lives in a fantasy of his own importance. That’s what steroids and cocaine do, they make you think you’re better than you are. These drugs are a performance enhancer. They make you believe you are better than other people and that you are able to give advise and show people the right way. It’s all over stimulated, psychopathy. Notice in his videos he says he suffers from all those mental illnesses and then gives advise on how you can tackle yours. Sort your own out first before you give advise to others.

Couldn’t agree more with Hugh. Lambo is THE most self absorbed, materialistic midget I have ever had the displeasure to watch. Let’s not forget he’s a thief. Remember the Harry Potter book fiasco? Lol Once a thief always a thief in my eyes. I can hear all the little fanboys now “people change, you’re just jealous” YAWN. Come back with something original.
His Instagram Bio states he is an actor lol Which brings me to the Lambo ‘movie’ (lmao) he says it’s his life story….why didn’t he mention stealing the HP books? Instead he claims he thought he was going to a ‘drug deal’ lol and was set up. I guess robbing HP books isn’t gangster lol
Then there’s His spamming of social media and preaching being all motivational – all bollocks. 30+ years old and he’s all worldly and knows all pffft.
You really think he cares about his fans? Lmao it’s all £’s
So for his delusional, idiotic, un-original, pathetic so called ‘fans’…get a grip you sad sad people. But you never know if you suck ass enough he may even do g4p for you ??

Rob, you are spot on with your comment. These fans are also delusional. I have a hard time believing people like that exist, only for the YouTube comments.

Makes me laugh reading all the jealous comments on here! Boy has done good and your negative comments come from your own downfalls because you can not achieve what he has done you want to but you don’t have the balls to do it!

People mention gear steroid use .who has not done gear or used juice .there is no proof he assaulted a woman.i think if he did do this he wouldn’t have fans or Freinds as that will follow him.if he did then Shane on him and that does not make him I man. He has however made something of himself worked hard and achieve the things he wants in life we all work hard to achieve our goals and who care what people think of him his messages are simple you work hard in life you reep the rewards and can have the things in life you want. I quite like the guy never met him but seems decent enough.

Perhaps his ambition to succeed went a little far when he committed them crimes, he seen an opportunity and being young and stupid didn’t think it through.. Doesn’t make him a bad person, he just wanted to succeed and choose the wrong option…

It never amazes me how many will spew venom at those who have actually accomplished much having come from little to nothing. You negative twits who claim steroids are the only reason he is massive and strong are only ignorant and it clearly shows you haven’t worked out for anything period of time! It takes so many variables to build a physique like Lambos and jealousy ain’t one of them!

I love all these comments about how he is a midget & uses steroids, 5’5″ does not make him a midget & as for steroid use, Even if he was juicing he has to work out like a monster to bulk up that size, He has to eat plain food & veg day after day, 6 – 7 meals a day, He has to measure each meal for its macros, He doesn’t just get that size by sticking a needle in his arse & then eat a pizza while watching corrie, He has to do this while running a business & believe me the older you get the harder it gets to keep doing this week after week.

As the saying goes

The hardest part of going to the gym is going to the gym.

So unless you actually lift & know what you are talking about you might want to do some research

I m from Manchester and 50yo now and just ended up clicking a few links and finding info on this body building guy and then the guys who have a problem with him or that he has a problem with for whatever reason or another. The thing is then you link up to various posts and videos left by these guys and you realise that they’re all quite literate and intelligent and you just think why don’t all of the parties involved just channel these positives into something more constructive than a “beef”. I think as you get to my age you realise that what you thought were serious differences can be sorted out very easily when all parties decide to chill a bit and just talk. You usually end up thinking wtf was that all about in the first place.

No good having a big body but short legs. I think bodybuilding should only be for people that are at least 5 9 in height. A tall guy can beat the crap of this roid head regardless. HAHA. Its always the small ones that do weights cause they too small lol.

Flex Lewis 5’4
Lee priest 5’4
Franco columbo 5’3
Dexter Jackson 5’6
Shawn ray 5’7
Alexey lesucov 5’6

What a stupid comment ^^^^^^^^^

Google how tall the guys are in the Olympia you clearly don’t follow the sport ??

Say whatever you want he’s not working for the minimum wage,might look like a bit of a walloper but he’s doing alright for himself…

I dont know much about Aarron but some of his videos in the gym has got me thinking about starting wieghts,
Hes positive which is good.
Anyway no need to slag people off that seem to have turn their lives around. Jealousy is a killer .


For the people who dis smaller people you’re obviously jealous of that person I’m 5’6 and so what doesn’t mean you’re better than me

My comment is actually a response to Wendianne Jennings’s comment about Aarron having a normal childhood where he wasn’t spoilt and given everything he wanted. Just so you know, and I’ve seen a couple videos of him talking this, he most certainly did NOT have a normal upbringing. He was sent to boarding schools as a school aged lad and by all accounts, he and many other students in the schools, suffered HORRENDOUS physical abuse at the hands of school administrators. So ya may wanna dig a little deeper on him before commenting. I know you were offering your support, but misinformation helps no one. It would also help explain any temper he may have as an adult. Just saying. As someone who took a few hits I never should have received, I know the lasting effects they had on me.

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