Yasmin Castrillon posing for a picture showcasing her curvy glutes

Yasmin Castrillon

Fitness Model and Online Personality

Brasilian-based Yasmin Castrillon has inspired an army of followers with her awesome figure. A fitness icon with Indian ancestry, Yasmin’s recognition in the online world keeps growing – showing no signs of slowing down.

In order to build her figure, Yasmin dedicated countless hours to training in the gym and eating healthy. She leaves nothing to guesswork, making and preparing her own meals, as well as following a structured training program.

With her awesome physique and work ethic, Yasmin sets an example that others have been inspired to follow.

Yasmin Castrillon posing for a picture in a bikini

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Yasmin Castrillon
5'7" (170cm)37'' (95cm)27'' (70cm)Brazilian
Fitness Model and Online Personality2010
Height5'7" (170cm)
Bust37'' (95cm)
Waist27'' (70cm)
ProfessionFitness Model and Online Personality

Yasmin Castrillon doing hack squats in a gym


  • Fitness Model
  • Internet Personality

Yasmin Castrillon posing by the beach displaying her awesome and curvy figure

Yasmin Castrillon flexing her abs for the photo


Yasmin’s workouts revolve around high-volume training. This means she incorporates many sets and reps into her workouts. It’s not unusual for Yasmin to do up to 35 sets of exercises per training session.

This mammoth workload might seem insane to some, but it’s something Yasmin loves, and it has given her amazing results.

If there’s one secret to Yasmin’s results in training, it’s her consistency. Yasmin rarely skips a workout. Even if she doesn’t feel well, she’ll go out for a walk or do some cardio on a treadmill to get better.

Yasmin Castrillon taking a selfie of her amazing physique in a gym

Yasmin Castrillon posing for a picture outdoors wearing a white bikini


Low-Carb Diet

Yasmin follows a low carb diet. Her nutrition revolves around high amounts of lean proteins and healthy fats. While proteins help her repair muscles, fats give her a consistent energy supply. Along with supporting her general health.

Because she consumes a very low amount of carbs, Yasmin’s body has adapted to using fat as one of its main energy sources. Her body converts these fats into ketones, allowing Yasmin to enter ketosis. This is a state where her metabolism starts using ketones instead of glucose as fuel for her muscles.

Even though her diet isn’t easy, it has given Yasmin incredible results. With this approach, she has been able to maintain her awesome shape all year-round.

Yasmin Castrillon standing in a gym during a professional photo shoot

Yasmin Castrillon posing with dumbbells looking lean and fit

What we can learn from Yasmin Castrillon

Yasmin Castrillon has taught us that you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with diet and training if you want to improve your results.

For some the keto diet might a little too extreme, but it works for Yasmin and might be right for you and your training regime.

At the end of the day, you should change things up every now and again if you notice that you’ve reached a plateau on your fitness journey.

By experimenting with different training methods and dieting regimens, you’ll be able to push past your sticking points and achieve great progress on your journey – just like Yasmin Castrillon.

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