Vicky Justiz posing for a photo in a red bathing suit, looking lean and fit

Vicky Justiz

Fitness Model, Social Media Personality

Vick Justiz is a half-Russian, half-Cuban actress, songwriter, and fitness star. She’s become known for her workout videos and guides, inspiring masses of followers to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Born and raised in Russia, Vicky moved to the United States at the age of six, in 2001. Shortly after, Vicky started a career as an actress; appearing in American movies and TV series.

Alongside her passion for acting, Vicky also gained experience as an avid dancer, and songwriter.

As she entered her early 20s, Vicky became highly involved in the fitness lifestyle; working out daily and eating the right foods sounded appealing to Vicky, so she started a career in fitness by posting videos of her working out online.

Over the years, she gained attention for her videos, and also, her incredible figure; attracting an army of followers on social media.


Vicky Justiz doing an at-home workout on a blue mat

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Vicky Justiz
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
Under 115lbs (52.2kg)5'3" (160cm)29February 9, 1995
Cuban, RussianFitness Model, Social Media Personality2010
WeightUnder 115lbs (52.2kg)
Height5'3" (160cm)
Date of BirthFebruary 9, 1995
NationalityCuban, Russian
ProfessionFitness Model, Social Media Personality


Vicky Justiz taking a selfie in a dressing room, looking fit and healthy

“The world is a magical, beautiful place. Don’t get so caught up in the little things that you forget to enjoy the gift that is life. Every day is a present, that’s why it’s called the present.”


TV Appearances

  • Nickelodeon
  • Zoey 101
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Victorious
  • The Garden
  • Unknown


Vicky Justiz doing yoga stretches and exercises outdoors, her legs and glutes looking awesome in grey yoga pants



Vicky Justiz standing half way into the sea and eating grapes, wearing white bikini and looking fit

“Exercise is a celebration, not a punishment. The day you start seeing it as such, will be the day that you change your life.”


Training Anywhere

Vicky has many workout videos online, which show her training at home, using what she has available – to achieve the best possible result on her physique.

Many people took a liking to this simplistic approach; quickly endearing themselves with Vicky. In turn, she began uploading even more videos related to at-home workouts, and body weight exercises.

However, while Vicky loves the simplicity of at-home workouts; she always prefers weight training, if weights are available.

As a result, this half-Russian, half-Cuban fitness model sculpted her amazing figure through weight training – and later, successfully using body weight exercises to keep her muscles firm and lean.


Vicky Justiz in two different poses in a red bikini, looking awesome

At Home Glute Workout

This is one of many workouts Vicky shares with her viewers, and it focuses on glute training. Here’s how it looks like;

  • 20 Plank Side Kickbacks (kick each leg up and out)
  • 20 Plank Straight Kickbacks (20 each side)
  • 20 Curtsy Lunges
  • 20 Side to Side Hops
  • 20 Side Step Under Squats
  • 20 Reverse Lunges


Vicky Justiz taking a selfie of her lean body in a bikini

“Adding weight makes it more challenging, you know, the weight really makes you build muscle on your butt.”


Even though workout guides are something Vicky likes to share with her fans the most, she also recognizes the importance of having a healthy and clean diet.

To build her awesome legs and glutes, and to keep her entire body looking fit, Nicky eats foods such as lean poultry meat, red beans, bananas, coconut butter, brown rice, almonds, etc.

On top of this, Vicky also takes supplements for overall health and wellness, including;

  • Liquid Cold-Water Fish Oil
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Whey Isolate Protein


Editor’s Tip

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Vicky Justiz looking at her lean and sculpted body in the mirror, her glutes and legs looking amazing


Vicky Justiz standing on the beach, her glutes and legs looking incredible

“I hear people complain about working out all the time. They complain that they don’t have time. That the gym is too packed. And it goes on and on and on… And all this time they don’t realize how much they take for granted.

That they have legs to move them and a heart that beats properly. They have the choice to nourish their bodies with good, healthy foods – when many people don’t have the choice.”

What we can learn from Vicky Justiz

Vicky Justiz pursued her passion for fitness from the moment she discovered it.

At first, she was interested in dance, songwriting, and later, acting. However, Vicky realized there’s nothing more satisfying as eating clean and leading a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a passion for something, don’t wait for it to come to you – instead, follow that passion, and work as long as it takes until that passion becomes your lifestyle.

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You’re such a motivation, people always criticise me about liking workout but am so glad there’s someone like you who can motivate me no matter what others say I want a great body I have already started working towards it and so far so good…what would you recommend the best exercise for widening hips and rounder butt? Thanks in advance ??

I discovered Vicky just by browsing the YouTube. I am so glad I did! She actually motivates me a lot. I am grateful for her videos and I hope she will keep doing the great work. Greetings from Belgium.

I found out similar yet aged Indian model cum actress cum fitness expert Vidya Malvade. Soon I found Vicky Justiz too. She is quite an inspiration.

I discovered Vicky just by browsing the YouTube. She is truly one of the few exceptional.
I am a male and would like to be trained by Vicky. Her proportions are just awesome. If there were an Oscar award for great physique: Vicky would have been the only recipient.

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