Valia Ayyar standing with a chain around her neck wearing gym clothes looking strong and healthy

Valia Ayyar

Fitness Model, Entrepreneur

Valia Ayyar is a Detroit, Michigan NPC Bikini competitor, who’s risen to the top of the fitness, and modelling world through hard work and sheer determination.

When Valia grew up, she recalled being ‘skinny fat.’ She was never into sports or “being athletic,” said Valia. According to her, she “had toothpick arms and legs, flapjacks for a butt, and carried fat on my stomach.”

However, she decided to change her ‘skinny frame’ by joining a gym. Initially, she started working-out just to feel better about herself. The more she became involved in lifting weights, the more she enjoyed it.

I discovered bodybuilding and absolutely fell in love with the sport; everything about it from the physical to the mental aspect intrigued me. I’ve had a lot of hobbies but for once the first time in my life I found my true passion.

Throughout the years, Valia has dedicated herself to creating the best life imaginable for herself through fitness, and modelling. With a growing fan base on social media, there’s no sign of her slowing down.


Valia Ayyar standing in the gym showing her glutes and legs taking a selfi

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Valia Ayyar
165 - 175lbs (74.8 - 79.4kg)5'10" (177.5cm)AmericanFitness Model, Entrepreneur
Weight165 - 175lbs (74.8 - 79.4kg)
Height5'10" (177.5cm)
ProfessionFitness Model, Entrepreneur


Valia Ayyar standing in a bikini flexing her muscles



  • 2013 NPC Central States Championships- 2nd place
  • 2015 NPC Grand Rapids MI – 1st place


Valia Ayyar standing in two pictures showing her transformation with flexed abs

“My mission is to help everyone no matter what age, gender, race, size find that same passion for living up to their true potential and seeing how much they are capable of through fitness.”


Valia Ayyar sitting on a chair topless flexing her abs

“The best advice I can give for people in the process of transforming their body is be patient, be consistent, do your research, and no matter what just work your ass off. Don’t compare, don’t care if the next person saw results in 3 weeks, and you haven’t seen any in a month. WORRY ABOUT YOU. and never stop grinding.”


Valia Ayyar has been using a variety of workouts throughout her years of training. She likes to focus on her core, and legs, as these are her favorite body parts to train. However, she knows the importance of balance and symmetry when it comes to creating a well-toned physique.

To keep her body in prime condition, she likes to train most days of the week, leaving only one, or two rest days for recovery. Below is an example of Valia’s weekly workout.

Valia Ayyar’s Workout:

Monday: Legs

Free bar squats- 4×4-8
Leg press-4×8-10
Lying leg curls- 4-8-10
Standing calf raise-4×8-10

Tuesday: Shoulders/chest

Close grip bench press-4×8-10
Dumbbell shoulder press- 4×4-8
Dumbbell Lateral Raises- 4×8-10
Dumbbell front raise superset w/ bent over rear delt flys- 4×8-12
Rope Face pulls- 3×8-12

Wednesday: Back/Tris

Pullups superset with dips- 4 x failure
Straight arm pulldown- 4×8-12
Bent over rows- 4×8-10
Single arm dumbbell row- 4×8-10
Wide grip lat pulldown-4×10-12
Tricep pressdown-3×10-12

Thursday: Legs

Hack squat-4×10-12
Stiff leg deadlift- 8×10
Hip thrusts- 3×10-12
Cable kickbacks-3×10-12
Seated/standing calf raise-4×10-12

Friday: Shoulders/biceps

Military press- 4×6-8
Lateral raises- 4×10-12
Reverse pec deck- 4×10-12
Rear delt cable pull downs- 4×10-12
Barbell curls-4×8-12

Saturday: Legs

Lying leg curls-4×10-12
Smith machine donkey kickbacks- 3×10-12
Seated calf raise-4×10-12
Sunday: Off day

Sunday: off 


Valia Ayyar lifting up her shirt flexing her abs


Valia Ayyar sitting on a chair topless flexing her abs

Idols and Influences

Valia is motivated by her own progress and success in her career – and her physique. The possibility of creating her ideal body, and life, pushes her forward everyday. As Valia says;

“What does keep me going is the fact that every day I can be better than before. I love that in this sport there is no ‘end’ goal, no matter what you achieve, you can always accomplish and do better.”


Valia Ayyar standing in two pictures comparing her before and after transformation to fit, strong and healthy

“Just remember that consistency is ‘key’ and that little progress is still progress.”

What we can learn from Valia Ayyar

Valia started her fitness journey because she was unhappy with her ‘skinny fat‘ physique, and the way she felt about herself. After joining a gym, she immediately felt the improvements of working-out and lifting weights.

Year after year, Valia built her strengths, and improved her weaknesses. Within time, she took her fitness goals to the next level, she competed in the NPC bilkini competitions in 2013, and 2015, where she came in 1st place – winning a Pro card in the process.

What we can learn from Valia is; if you’re unhappy with your situation, taking small and positive steps, one after the other, and staying consistent to your goals, could help to improve your situation – just like Valia Ayyar did.

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Wow!!! this is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my entire life!! I am glad i know her and can be a small part of her life…

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