Thamires Hauch stretching in the sun on the beach in her bikini

Thamires Hauch

Journalist, Fitness Model

Thamires Hauch AKA: thamires.hauch is a journalist, fitness icon, and social media celebrity from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

She started her fitness journey way back in 2013, after becoming unhappy with the way she looked.

After adopting a weight training program, and a balanced diet, Thamires slowly started to see the results she wanted.

Thamires Hauch now boasts a large following on her social media accounts, where she supports an army of followers daily with her photos and workout videos.


Thamires Hauch standing on the beach showing off her large glutes looking lean, strong and healthy

“Feed your faith and all your fears will starve”.

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Thamires Hauch
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
Under 115lbs (52.2kg)5'1" (155cm)28March 11, 1993
BrazilianJournalist, Fitness Model2010
WeightUnder 115lbs (52.2kg)
Height5'1" (155cm)
Date of BirthMarch 11, 1993
ProfessionJournalist, Fitness Model


Thamires Hauch wearing short shorts looking strong and lean


Thamires Hauch flexing her claves and legs wearing short shorts against a wall


Thamires Hauch in a before and after photo

Thamires Hauch before and after her workout transformation.


Thamires Hauch standing close to the beach showing off her large glutes


Thamires Hauch is known for her awesome leg muscules, more specifically her glutes.

She trains using a variety of exercises, some of her favorite being the squat, lunges, cable kickbacks and hip thrusts.

For cardio, Thamires Hauch likes to walk on the beach, where she always takes a bottle of water with her to keep hydrated.


Thamires Hauch wearing a bikini outside looking lean and healthy


According to Thamires, her favorite food is white rice. Apart from rice, Thamires likes to eat lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs every 2-3 hours for optimum health.

Here’s Thamires Hauch talking about here diet:

“From Monday to Friday I do not have meals outside my diet. I always stay in-line. Eating lean meats, lots of salad, greens, white and red teas. 

Not as sweet, I do not drink soda. I always walk with my little bottle of water and when I know I’m going to stay away from home, I take my “cooker” hahaha. Always very important to eat every 3 hours.”


Thamires Hauch standing in the gym wearing tight gym clothes looking lean and healthy

“I love receiving the affection of people. I try to respond to all messages, comments and emails. It is always a pleasure to be able to help and share with you some of this lifestyle”.

Idols and Influences

Apart from her own idols and influences on her path to an awesome physique, Thamires has also become an inspiration to people the world over, inspiring people every day to keep their dreams alive.


Thamires Hauch wearing a tight swimsuit showing off her large glutes and buttocks

What we can learn from Thamires Hauch

What we can learn from Thamires Hauch is that if you have a goal, all it takes is patience, and hard work.

Here’s Thamires talking about her approach to fitness:

“We are able to transform our bodies in the best possible way. Too thin or overweight, always look for your strong point and use it to your advantage.

Do not try to have a body equal to that of another person, because each has a genetics. It is always good to have inspirations, I have mine. But we can not sacrifice our health for nothing. Do not dieting, re-eating, and living much better”. – Thamires Hauch

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Her birthday is March 11th…2017?!

Hi b.rajs. Thanks for spotting that, it was a typo. Our Greatest Physiques fans never cease to amaze us! All the best!

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