Tatiane Almeida posing in a bikini looking toned and fit

Tatiane Almeida

Bikini & Fitness Model, Nutritionist

Tatiane Almeida (@thatisalmeida) is a nutritionist and fitness model from Brazil.

There’s been an explosion of fans commenting on Tatiane’s online pictures. Not only do Tatiane’s followers admire her rock-solid abs and curvy glutes, but they are just as impressed by her work ethic in the gym.

Fitness models like Tatiane put their ‘heart and soul’ into their training and nutrition. This, in turn, enables her to keep a lean figure year-round.

That said, Tatiane also knows when it’s time to relax and enjoy life. When she isn’t training hard, she enjoys a margarita or travels abroad to explore new countries – believing that rest is the key to a healthy body and mind.

Tatiane Almeida posing in a bikini near a pool her glutes looking curvy

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Tatiane Almeida
BrazilianBikini & Fitness Model, Nutritionistthatisalmeida2010
ProfessionBikini & Fitness Model, Nutritionist

Tatiane Almeida posing on a boat looking fit

Tatiane Almeida looking fit and lean in a photo standing on a balcony


As a nutritionist, Tatiane uses her extensive knowledge to create healthy meal plans for others, along with giving general diet advice. She’s also a growing name in the modeling world, where she’s made a name for herself as a fitness and bikini model.

  • Nutritionist
  • Fitness & Bikini Model

Tatiane Almeida posing near weights in the gym

Tatiane Almeida showing off her awesome body in a bikini for a photo


Keeping Her Muscles Toned

Tatiane Almeida believes that abs aren’t only made in the kitchen. She also follows a rigorous training routine to keep her muscles firm, strong, and toned.

She mixes various training methods, with the two most important ones being strength training and cardio. Each of these has its own role in Tatiana’s fitness goals.

While cardio helps her burn fat, strength training allows her to shape and bring out any weak points in her physique.

Whichever exercise she does, Tatiane makes sure to keep strict form. This not only ensures that she hits the muscle properly but also helps her avoid a muscle strain or injury.

Tatiane Almeida taking a photo of her lean and toned body in a pink bikini

Tatiane Almeida posing seated on a wooden bench indoors, looking fit


Staying at Low Body-Fat

Since she trains a lot, Tatiane doesn’t need to reduce her calories too much in order to stay lean. She simply focuses on eating healthy foods. Which include colorful vegetables, all sorts of fruits (papaya, mango, kiwi, apples, blueberries), and different protein and fat sources.

Although Tatiane eats some carbs – such as sweet potatoes and brown rice – she tries to keep these at a minimum since they quickly raise her blood sugar levels.

Tatiane Almeida standing on a beach during a sunny day looking curvy and fit

Tatiane Almeida standing next to a cardio machine in a gym looking toned

What we can learn from Tatiane Almeida

Tatiane Almeida has proven that fitness lifestyle doesn’t have to be bleak or dull. She combines intense training and healthy foods with traveling, hanging out with her friends, and other activities that charge up her batteries.

If you’re looking to have a balanced lifestyle, then Tatiane Almeida is your person to follow. She’s shown that as long as you set your priorities right, you can have an amazing physique while leading an enjoyable lifestyle.

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