Sonia Amat Sánchez showing off her curvy glutes in a bikini

Sonia Amat Sánchez

Fitness Model, Miss Fit Universe, Personal Trainer

Sonia Amat Sánchez is a widely known fitness icon, personal trainer, and brand ambassador from Spain. She’s gained a huge amount of recognition for her curvy body, as well as her success as a fitness athlete. During her career, Sonia has won two huge fitness competitions – Miss Fitness Universe and Miss Fitness World.

But her journey to success wasn’t easy. In order to get to where she’s today, Sonia had to spend years training in the gym. She also dedicated countless hours to researching nutrition, learning how to keep a healthy and fit body.

After years of dedication and commitment, Sonia started to see amazing progress. She not only improved the way she looked, she also became much stronger mentally. As a result, Sonia became confident to conquer new heights – aiming to become a fitness influencer.

Within only a couple of years, Sonia became the fitness icon everyone knows. With her amazing pictures and a career that shows no signs of stopping, Sonia’s an inspiration for everyone to keep their dreams and ambitions alive.

Sonia Amat Sánchez posing for a photo shoot in a pink bra and shorts

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Sonia Amat Sánchez
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
40September 27, 1982SpanishFitness Model, Miss Fit Universe, Personal Trainer
2010, 2000
Date of BirthSeptember 27, 1982
ProfessionFitness Model, Miss Fit Universe, Personal Trainer
Era2010, 2000

Sonia Amat Sánchez posing outdoors with a health smoothie in her hands looking curvy and fit


  • Personal Trainer
  • Miss Fitness Universe
  • Miss Fitness World
  • Sports Brand Representative


  • Physical Education Degree
  • Certified in Sports Nutrition, Supplementation, and Training

Sonia Amat Sánchez showing off her tanned and contest-ready physique

Sonia Amat Sánchez posing with her muscular back before a competition


It’s clear to see Sonia enjoys staying in shape. In order to achieve this, she combines different training methods. These include cardio, body-weight workouts, and resistance strength training.

Sonia’s favorite exercises are sumo squats with dumbbells, glute kickbacks, and leg raises for abs. In terms of cardio, Sonia prefers steady runs that keep her heart rate up, but not too much.

In other words, she rarely does extreme forms of cardio such as interval training – instead, preferring slow and steady-paced routines.

Glute Workout by Sonia Amat Sánchez

  • Incline leg press, heels high and together, 4 sets of 8 reps
  • Alternate lunges, 4 sets of 12 reps
  • Sumo squats with dumbbells, super-setted with dumbbell deadlifts, 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Glute kickbacks, super-setted with alternate plyometric lunges, 4 sets of 20, 20, 15, 15 reps

Sonia Amat Sánchez posing on the beach showing off her amazing body


Sonia considers nutrition to be the most important part of a fitness regimen. In her words, “I consider the diet is 80% or 90% of the final result.”

For this reason, Sonia makes sure to fuel her body with nutrients of the highest quality. Simply put, she only eats whole and unprocessed foods. Straight from the ‘Mother Nature’, as she says.

Sonia has five meals per day in total. Each of those meals consists of a balanced ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats. While proteins help Sonia maintain toned muscles, carbs and fats give her energy for her workouts. Furthermore, fats also help support Sonia’s cardiovascular and hormonal health.

Water intake is another crucial part of Sonia’s diet. She believes it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. On average, she aims at drinking 2-3 liters of water per day.

Sonia Amat Sánchez posing in her grey leggings looking curvy and fit

Idols and Influences

Besides her own influences and inspirations, Sonia Amat Sánchez has also become a person people look up to.

With her example, Sonia inspires everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle – continuously supporting her fans to achieve their fitness goals.

Sonia Amat Sánchez leaning against a balcony showing off her curvy glutes

What we can learn from Sonia Amat Sánchez

Sonia Amat Sánchez initially started training to improve the way she looked. However, once the results started coming, Sonia realized her potential in fitness. As a result, she began pursuing a career in this field.

After years of dedication in the gym, kitchen, and many other areas of her life, Sonia achieved her ambitions. She became a Miss Fitness Universe, renowned personal trainer, and social media sensation.

Her example has shown us that we should always seize opportunities that life presents us. With the same approach to life as Sonia, you too can create a lifestyle of your dreams.

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