Shae LaShae standing outdoors in a black sportswearlooking fit and lean

Shae LaShae

Fitness Instructor, Dancer

Shae LaShae is an American fitness instructor and dancer known for her online workout videos. With her heavy approach to training and curvy body, Shae has shown that girls too can lift heavy weights and look awesome.

When Shae first began training, she quickly became passionate about the results she saw in the mirror. Year after year, her figure improved. Her toned abs and glutes are what inspires her to continue achieving new milestones on her journey.

With her example, Shae has inspired women from everywhere to enter the weight room and build a body of their dreams.


Shae LaShae standing outdoors enjoying the sun, looking healthy and fit

“Only you can limit yourself! Your body will follow your mind and you’re always stronger than you think you are in all aspects of life. Just remember to work hard and never give up! “

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Shae LaShae
WeightAgeDate of BirthNationality
145 - 155lbs (65.8 - 70.3kg)26June 3, 1997American
Fitness Instructor, Dancer2010
Weight145 - 155lbs (65.8 - 70.3kg)
Date of BirthJune 3, 1997
ProfessionFitness Instructor, Dancer


Shae LaShae standing by a window in grey leggings looking fit and curvy


Shae LaShae standing outdoors smiling and looking fit

“I have goals that make me personally happy and the journey to achieving them has been so rewarding physically and especially mentally. There is no such thing as a failure, only learning! So set goals that make you happy and just go!”


  • Fitness Instructor
  • Video Blogger
  • Dancer


Shae LaShae in a silk red dress looking healthy and fit


Shae LaShae's fitness transformation before-after

Shae LaShae’s transformation in fitness.

“I started seeing real change in all aspects of my life when I started becoming comfortable mentally being uncomfortable physically. Every day aim to do one thing that gets you out of your comfort zone. “


Shae LaShae’s Top Exercises For a Toned Body

Shae’s favorite exercises are compounds movements, which shape and tone her physique to her liking. These exercises include squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups.

Shae also does different isolation movements to target specific muscle groups. Some of these include;

  • Cable glute kickbacks
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Glute Bridges
  • Biceps curls


Shae LaShae standing in her green leggings looking curvy and fit

Stretching for Flexibility and Injury-Prevention

In order to prevent injuries and have good flexibility, Shae stretches for 10-15 minutes after every workout.

As Shae says; “Having good mobility/flexibility is so important and can help improve your form recovery and prevent injury. I personally stretch and foam roll every day for at least 10-15 min post workout! “


Shae LaShae wearing an exotic red dress looking curvy and fit

“The thoughts that you have and the actions that you take consistently will determine what you experience.”


When it comes to her diet, Shae follows the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen.’ While she doesn’t neglect the importance of cardio and weight training, she believes that her diet holds even greater importance in terms of developing a lean look.

For this reason, Shae eats only clean and unprocessed foods. Such as tilapia, farm-raised chickens, egg whites, low-fat cheese, asparagus, broccoli, and avocados.

Shae leaves nothing to ‘guesswork,’ prepping all of her meals in advance. This way, she avoids the inconvenience of having to cook multiple meals per day.


Shae LaShae's fitness transformation from cardio to weights


Shae LaShae standing by a window showcasing her curvy legs and glutes

“I’ve come to learn just how important it is to only set goals that make you happy. Everyone has a different idea of “fit” or what a “nice body” is and that’s fine.

In reality absolutely all bodies are beautiful and as long as you’re happy and confident and you’re going after the things that you love that’s all that truly matters and no matter how big or small your goals may be you are capable of achieving them!”

What we can learn from Shae LaShae

Shae LaShae’s physique is a reflection of her clean and unprocessed diet. She enjoys eating foods that make her healthy, happy, and strong.

Ultimately, here’s what Shae LaShae has taught us; having an awesome physique comes with its costs. This includes changing certain lifestyle habits, such as nutrition, training, and recovery to cater your goals.

By having a similar mindset as Shae LaShae, you too can build your very own greatest physique.

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some ppl can gain muscles so easy. wish i was one of them. i do work out my hole life . cant see any result at all.

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