Rahki Giovanni boxing in the gym

Rahki Giovanni

Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer

Rahki Giovanni AKA ( rahkigiovanni ) is a well-known social media star who’s become increasingly popular for her ‘thick‘ muscular body, especially her legs.

Residing in Miami Florida USA and of Puerto Rican-Haiitian descent, Rahki prides herself on her outspoken attitude. Along with her ‘high energy’ approach to life, including her intense workouts.

Rahki’s videos attract a lot of attention online, where she often receives positive support for her efforts in the gym.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Rahki continues to impress everyone with her hard work ethic and positive attitude towards life.


Rahki Giovanni standing on her balcony with a drink lookiing at the ocean wearing a bikini


Rahki Giovanni taking a selfi in the gym looking strong and healthy


Rahki Giovanni showing her abs on her balcony pulling down her underwear


Rahki Giovanni topless holding her breasts showing her strong abs and core muscles

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Rahki Giovanni
AmericanBodybuilder, Fitness Model, Personal Trainerrahkigiovanni2010
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer


Rahki Giovanni working out in the gym doing reversed grip lateral pull-downs


Explosive Training

Rahki like to train hard and intense. Her workouts are based around functional training patterns. For example; box jumps, sprints, and the occasional isolated exercise such as leg extensions.

While Rahki’s workouts are HIIT based, and explosive. She also knows the importance of taking the time to work her body using a bodybuilding approach of hypertrophy. Meaning, higher reps, and lighter weight for size and growth.

However, she’ll mix things up from time to time. Deciding to choose a heavy weight, and work with lower reps for strength.

Overall, Rahki likes to mix things up to keep her body guessing at all times. She does this while maintaining maximum effort, keeping her heart rate elevated at all times to help reduce body fat, while at the same time, building muscle.


Rahki Giovanni standing on the beach looking into the ocean wearing a blue bikini showing her big glutes and legs

What we can learn from Rahki Giovanni

Rahki Giovanni has worked hard for many years to creating the awesome physique she has today, along with the reputation that’s come with it and success within the fitness industry.

What we can learn from Rahki is; by taking your time, and never letting your dreams out of sight, one day you will achieve your goals – just like Rahki Giovanni did.

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Love the article on my baby cousin but must make one correction. Rahki was indeed born in Miami but will proudly let you know that she is Puerto Rican -Haiitian.

I would like to see a full day of eating routines and afternoon eating and evening eating and incorporating the workout routine with resting. Do you ever think of definition? I am intrigued by your waist absolutely astonishing? What do you recommend for the waist exercise for the over 40 aged? Love the workout routing w/ your mom. LOL.

I am in fuckin love with you you are so damn beautiful if I ever meet you I’m marrying you on the spot ??

I first saw her on fb on the page hooked on the look. After that i searched her up on youtube and Instagram. She is wonderful and has motivated me to be in the gym.
As she says….Every day is gym day
Thank you Rahki because you motivate people without even knowing it.

You are beutiful…I tink all women and men need to be infuenced by you…I love te way your body reacts to workin out,its tickness your les everytin is propotioned I love it!

I’m your biggest fan I wish I could afford to work out in a gym and have a teacher like you to help me

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