Nicole Borda displaying her curvy glutes for a photo

Nicole Borda

Bikini and Fitness Model

Nicole Borda is a Colombian fitness model and digital influencer. She’s originally from Bogota, Colombia, but now resides in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Boasting a growing online fanbase, Nicole likes to share her lifestyle with her followers. She often attends photo shoots and modeling events where she wows everyone with her incredible physique.

Nicole’s toned body is a result of years of training in the gym, as well as proper nutrition and rest. In addition to this, Nicole takes certain supplements to reach her fitness goals more easily.

Slowly, but steadily, Nicole Borda is becoming a name to look out for. With her growing recognition, there’s a lot to expect from her in the near future.


Nicole Borda posing by an exotic pool on a building rooftop


Nicole Borda posing with a rose in her hands looking curvy and fit

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Nicole Borda
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)5'5" (165cm)25September 27, 1996
ColombianBikini and Fitness Model2010
Weight125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
Date of BirthSeptember 27, 1996
ProfessionBikini and Fitness Model


Nicole Borda posing on the rock by the sea looking curvy


Nicole Borda posing by the porch looking curvy and fit


  • Bikini and Fitness Model
  • Digital Influencer


Nicole Borda posing by the sand beach looking curvy and fit


Nicole Borda taking a selfie of her busty physique in the mirror


Changing Things in Her Training

Nicole’s training is all about mixing things up. She rarely has the same workout twice. While in the gym, she experiments with different exercises, weights, rep ranges, and movement patterns to constantly surprise her muscles and induce them into growth.

However, there are some guidelines Nicole always sticks to. These include warming up before the workout to avoid injuries and improve blood flow to her muscles. Alongside stretching which also decreases the chance of an injury and helps with flexibility.

Lastly, Nicole makes sure to perform every exercise with the proper form – only slow and controlled movements are allowed.


Nicole Borda posing by a palm tree showing off her curvy glutes


Nicole Borda standing on a porch overlooking a vast blue sea during a sunset


Variety of Foods

Similar to her training, Nicole enjoys having a variety in her diet. Sometimes, she’ll cook her own meals and prepare them in the freezer for the days ahead. Sometimes when she doesn’t have time, she’ll go out and eat something healthy from a restaurant’s menu.

Specifically, Nicole eats a lot of meat, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and some healthy fats. While she prefers eating fresh vegetables, Nicole doesn’t always have enough time to prepare them, so she opts for frozen vegetables which are much more convenient for her.


Nicole Borda posing in a stylish dress looking busty and fit


Nicole Borda posing on the beach looking fit and lean

What we can learn from Nicole Borda

Nicole Borda has shown us that anything is possible, as long as you believe you can achieve it. If you want to have a lifestyle similar to Nicole’s, then you need to adopt the same mindset as her.

Visualize what you want in your mind, and then start taking the necessary steps to make that goal a reality. That’s one of the ways you can achieve your own greatness – just like Nicole Borda.

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Verdaderamente un Bella Mujer dichosos los Colombianos de tenerla, derrepente nos la prestan unos dias y disfrutar de esta bella criatura.

Es Hermosa! <3

Es una mujer de maravilla. Y es muy Guapísima.???????????Dios Te Bendiga Hermosa. Y Bella dama.???

So very very amazing! Such an inspiration to behold. Such a very gorgeous lady!

Se me hace gorda y bien babosa

Es un bizcochote (aunque se me hace mas de cirugías que de gym) <3

Tu toda la vida vas a tener ese cuerpazo!!… Porque no me lo prestas aunque sea media hora?

What a long list of accomplishments lmao. Worked her whole life for that body my ass 😂

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