Neiva Mara wearing white gym clothes looking lean and healthy

Neiva Mara

Neiva Mara AKA: neivamara is a Spanish fitness model who’s gained a lot of recognition for her curvy figure, more so her buttocks and glutes.

Neiva stared her fitness journey in 2015 after becoming unhappy with the way she looked.

After seriously committing to her fitness goals, Neiva slowly started to see progress in the way she looked, and the way she felt.

Within only two years, Neiva completely changed her physique, and with it, her entire life. Nevia is now a world famous fitness model inspiring and army of fans to keep their dreams alive.


Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Neiva Mara
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'4" (162.5cm)34"24"
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'4" (162.5cm)





Neiva Mara before and after her transformation.



Lower Body & Cardio

It’s clear to see Neiva Mara likes to keep herself in shape. She does this by using a variety of training methods such as cardio, body weight, and resistance weight training.

Her favorite exercises are squats, lunges and hamstring kickbacks for her legs. As for cardio, Nevia likes to walk, jog on the beach, or do interval skipping to help her keep her weight down.



Healthy & Balanced

As for Neiva Mara’s nutrition, she likes to focus on eating numerous small meals a day filled with heal;thy clean proteins such as egg whites, grilled chicken breast and fish. For carbohydrates, Neiva will eat mostly complex carbohydrates for the most part.

However, she’ll eat simple carbs from time to time around her workouts to help with energy and muscle repair.

Some healthy fats the Neiva likes to eat are mainly avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oils.


Editor’s Tip

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Idols and Influences

Apart form her own idols and influences in life, Neiva Mara has also become an inspiration to people all over the world to live a healthy life – constantly supporting them to achieve their goals.


What we can learn from Neiva Mara

What we can learn from Neiva Mara is that it’s not too late to start living a healthy life, and change the way you feel about your approach to life.

In 2015 Neiva was overweight and unhappy with the way she looked. After a serious direction change, she slowly started to see results, and with it, and new passion in life to help people do the same.

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Neiva Mara is a fake and scam especially on Instagram. Neiva Mara will ask for money all the time constantly and a iPhone too. Her girlfriend Sonia Amat Sanchez are a big fake joke scam in Spain! They’re stealing a lot of people’s money. Requesting itunes and Amazon cards – basically cash. Someone needs to look into these (2) individuals very closely.

She has a great ass

Here in Brazil There asses Vetter than Neiva. Our women be amazing and beatifull.

that no true she is real she not like that, but once you send her the card she can then do video call /chat with you

I wanna put my disk in your DVD player

Dont buy her Premium snapchat, she scams you.

She got a nice bubble but ??‍♂️ Would like to get a firm grip ?

@ 67suigam
you’re a fucking idiot if you think those chics solicit amazon or iphone gift cards

they don’t need to they make enough money off their premium snapchats etc

anyone that msgs you directly for gift cards is a man from Nigeria

no hot model from IG is really gonna msg you or show any legitimate interest in you dude

get fkn real smh


But he is right about her over pricing her content. Especially for the fact that she has a basic sub and a premium with no difference listed other than one you can chat with her.

Her basic is essentially her insta, nothing different. And her premium she just shows her weird tits and a naked bottom, but you don’t see any vagina. Nothing. one second she’s in a thong, the next she’s not, and no extra content.

I’m not advocating she goes cheaper or shows more. What I am saying is that if there are over 500 other models, just as hot, just as curvy, just as gorgeous, showing WAY more and doing WAY more for the price she charges for basic, she’s a price gouging scam artist.

If you have a premium and you have an extra that is cheaper but is nothing more than your insta, and you don’t tell anyone that you’re basically not going to show a single thing for top dollar, that’s false advertisement and she deserves to be scrutinized for it. It’d be a whole lot different if she was up front with what it is she’s selling.

The icing on the cake, there’s no refund. 20 poor suckers a month at 20-60 dollars each, you do the math.

كل ماتظهر موخرتها …اظنها تريد ممارسة الجنس من مؤخرتها. اين مهبل لم يظهر في الفديو …انها جميله ورائعه. ..من تريد تمارس الجنس معي

You are the best and so very very amazing!!!

Neiva Maria Is My Girlfriend

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She is not a scammer! It’s simple- she’s fkn hot and uses her body to make profit! And she can charge whatever the fuck she wants. Why? Because unfortunately there are people out there who will pay tons of money to see her hot ass and that’s just about it (as I read in other comments she doesn’t even show her vagina) lol that’s even more brillant! And now she took her money and started her own company- clothing line and fitness program!! She’s brilliant and making money! Good for her! People stop hatin’!!!

She didn’t have to do all that to look good. She’s beautiful and pretty just the way she is.

She has a strong determination right from her old stature I can see the strong feelings of motivation for upcoming models through her ….

i love you

I love You too.

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