Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham posing for a photo and showing her amazing glutes

Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham

Personal Trainer, Fitness Model

Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham is a fitness model and certified personal trainer from Perth, Australia. She gained recognition through social media, where she posts useful training and diet advice for her followers.

Growing up in an Italian family, Madalin ate healthy and nutritious meals from her mom’s cuisine. However, as a result of disinterest, Madalin didn’t learn how to cook on her own.

It was because of this Madalin started eating fast foods once she moved away from home. Due to her fast metabolism, she was able to get away eating unhealthy and calorie-dense foods for a while. However, after some time, this diet started taking its toll on Madalin’s body.

Eventually, Madalin realized what she did to her health, and decided enough was enough. She changed her diet and training from the ground up, becoming a fitness icon and an advocate of a healthy lifestyle along the way. This is her story:


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham taking a selfie, looking fit and lean

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham
WeightHeightYear of BirthNationality
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'3" (160cm)1989Australian
Personal Trainer, Fitness Model2010
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'3" (160cm)
Year of Birth1989
ProfessionPersonal Trainer, Fitness Model


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham showing her glutes and quads

“I’m a massive foodie and I don’t like to restrict myself when I go on holiday. It’s okay to let go and treat yourself. I’ll never beat myself up or feel guilty for drinking champagne with my sisters, and starting every day with a chocolate croissant. When on holiday, enjoy yourself.”


  • Fitness Model
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Sponsored Athlete


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham smiling at the camera and showcasting her awesome glutes


From Mom’s Specialties to Fast Foods

Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham was born and raised in Western Australia. Growing up in an Italian family, food has always been a big part of Madalin’s life. She grew up eating her mom’s specialties, but she didn’t learn how to cook herself.

This meant that once Madalin moved out from her home at 21, she could no longer eat freshly prepared and cooked meals. Instead, she started eating pizza and other fast foods which were easy and convenient for her.

While the foods Madalin ate were high in calories, she didn’t gain any weight due to her fast metabolism. As Madalin stated; “when I moved out of home at the age of 21 it wasn’t too much of a stress for me deciding what to eat.

Pizza, ice cream, and lollies made up most of my diet and I managed to burn it all off running off my feet working as a waitress. I was one of those people that you hated. I could eat anything I wanted and it made no dent in my weight.” – Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham

Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle

However, gradually, things started to change in Madalin’s life. She changed her job to work from home, but her diet stayed the same. As a result, Madalin started feeling weak and “sluggish.”

She was also unmotivated to do anything about her situation; saying how every year she would set the same resolution of getting healthy and fit, but never actually doing so.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham comparison photo before and after her fitness transformation


In 2016, however, Madalin stuck to her resolution for the first time ever. This time, she became determined to handle her lifestyle once and for all – setting about getting fit and healthy.

She found out about a famous personal trainer and fitness icon Kayla Itsines, whose bodyweight workout guides she started following.

Over time, Madalin progressed into training on her own; using weights in the gym. It was at this point Madalin began noticing serious progress on her physique, as well as her health.

Personal Trainer

Madalin soon became ‘captivated’ by her progress, which motivated her to do further research on the topic of strength training and nutrition.

The more she researched, the more fascinated with fitness she became. Eventually, this led to Madalin becoming a certified personal trainer and fitness model.

Once she earned her certification, Madalin started using social media as her platform to reach people and train them using her newly-gained knowledge.

By 2017, just one and a half year after starting her journey. Madalin became a social media icon and renowned fitness trainer.



Weight Training vs Cardio

When she initially embarked on her fitness journey, Madalin didn’t know anything about fitness. In her words; “When I first started working out, I had to search what a burpee was. 

I used to squat against a wall with my basketball behind my back because my form was so bad.  I had never been to a gym before, and I couldn’t do any form of push-ups.”

She also did a lot of cardio and was on a low-calorie diet. All in an attempt to get below 50 kilograms. However, the more Madalin trained this way, the less results she noticed – her body didn’t improve in shape at all.

Once Madalin cut back on cardio, and added weight training to her regimen. Her physique finally started improving. She started gaining more muscle, which in turn, helped her burn more calories and stay lean.

Madalin’s Training Now

Nowadays, Madalin trains five to six days a week. She does all types of training, ranging from yoga and bodyweight workouts, to advanced stretching and weight training.

According to Madalin, utilizing multiple training techniques helps her body stay toned and lean, better than just doing the same workout all the time.

Her favorite body part is her glutes, which she trains up to 4 times per week. As for Madalin’s favorite exercises, they are deadlifts, squats, and resistance bands for glutes.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham in a lunge position outdoors, looking fit

Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham’s Leg and Glute Workout Plan

This leg and glute workout plan is extremely intense on Madalin’s body, so, she only does it once per week – usually on Mondays.

The workout includes exercises like deadlifts and squats. Which Madalin believes can be dangerous for anyone who doesn’t know how to perform correctly. She advises learning the perfect form before going onto heavy deadlifts of squats, as this is the best way to avoid injuries and maximize results.

Before going onto her main working sets, Madalin thoroughly warms up to increase blood flow to her joints and muscles. This helps her achieve better form with her exercises, avoid injuries, and perform much better.

Here’s the overview of the workout, with a detailed explanation of each exercise below;


  • 4:1:2:0


  • Spend 5 minutes on the cross trainer or treadmill


  •  12-15

Rest (seconds)

  • 60-90


  • Deadlift – 5 sets
  • Back Squat – 5 sets
  • Donkey Kicks – 3 sets
  • Leg Press – 3 sets
  • Leg Extension – 3 sets
  • Hamstring Curl – 3 sets


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham doing yoga by the beach


Madalin spaces her feet hip-width apart, turning her toes slightly out. She then grips the bar with her palms pronated, positioning her hands outside her legs.

Maintaining a neutral spine without any curving, Madalin pulls the bar up, moves it over her shins, all the way up to her mid-thigh. After this, she thrusts her hips forward and squeezes her glutes together while making sure to lock her knees.

She then lowers the weight onto the floor by slowly bending her knees and unlocking her hips.

Back Barbell Squats

Here, Madalin begins the exercise by standing in front of the squat rack with the bar behind her; placed on her upper back. If she feels discomfort, she’ll place a foam pad or a towel around her upper back to make it more comfortable.

After this, Madalin steps out from under the bar and stands tall. Locking her knees, she squats low, moving down slowly until her hips are below her knees. She makes sure to keep her lower back neutral without any major curving, as this can cause a serious injury.

After she gets down towards the ground. Madalin stands in the upwards direction, locking her knees, and squeezing her glutes at the top.

“When bending the knees and pushing your hips back you want to keep your knees over your little toes (going out). Ideally, you want to get your hips below the knees. Throughout the whole squatting motion keep your chest tall and maintain a neutral spine (straight back).

Before getting under a bar, perfect the technique bodyweight, start by introducing a DB in a goblet style squat and progressively add more weight but always making sure form is spot on.” – Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham taking a selfie of her awesome glutes

Donkey Kicks on the Smith Machine

In this exercise, Madalin gets on all fours, resting her forearms on the ground. Keeping her head facing down, and her back neutral, she raises her left foot underneath the bar.

After this, Madalin pushes upwards, and keeps her leg in a straight line while extending it. As she gets to the top, she activates her glutes by squeezing them as hard as she can, before lowering her leg down until her knee is off the ground.

Leg Press

Madalin sits down on the machine, and places her feet in front of her about shoulder-width apart. She then lowers the safety bars of the leg press machine and pushes the platform up without locking her knees completely.

After this, Madalin proceeds to lower the platform until her legs are at about 90-degree angle. Once in this position, Madelin uses the heels of her feet to push the platform all the way up once again, keeping her knees slightly bent at the top.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham taking a photo of herself, looking lean and healthy

Leg Extensions

Before beginning the exercise, Madalin sits on the seat and adjusts the machine. She tries to get the leg pad to sit on her ankles, keeping her knees off the seat edge.

She then extends her legs slightly, holding onto the handles to ensure a correct form. After extending her legs outwards, she lowers them slowly back down, and repeats the entire movement.

Lying Leg Curl

Just like with leg extensions, Madalin first adjusts the machine so that her legs are perfectly positioned. Here she aims to get her ankles just below the leg pads.

She then lies face down on the machine, squeezing her hamstrings and curling the weight up as far as she can. After this, she curls the weight back down slowly, using controlled movements.

Throughout the entire exercise, Madalin keeps her back straight and core tight. She also ensures to squeeze her hamstrings on both concentric and eccentric movements, as this allows her to work on the muscle optimally.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham enjoying her holidays by the beach, smiling at the camera while holding a drink in her hand

“Working out for 1 hour a day is easy enough (sometimes haha) but what about the other 23 hours? Okay, so let’s take away 7 hours for sleep and we got 16 hours left to… eat!”


800 Calories a Day

During the early stages of her fitness journey, Madalin followed a rigorous diet which totaled about 800 kcal per day. She ate mostly salads and extremely lean foods. As she said, this wasn’t only boring, it was also damaging to her health.

Despite eating so few calories, Madalin was astounded when she saw her weight didn’t drop down. She didn’t understand why this was happening.

Changing the Approach

The improvement in Madalin’s progress came when she found out about macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. With the help of a friend, Madalin calculated her daily macros, and started following this plan. Her daily macros have looked something like this:

  • Calories: 1800-2000
  • Protein: 120g
  • Carbohydrates: 240g
  • Fat: 45g
  • Fiber: 25g
  • Sugar: 74g

Not only did this help Madalin get the essential nutrients to build lean muscle, but to her surprise, following these same macros also helped her lose weight.

Accompanied with a weight training regimen, Madalin’s newly-discovered diet helped her melt away any excess fat, and built muscle tissue within several months.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham showing a healthy meal she made in the kitchen and smiling for the photo

Low Fat, High Carb

Contrary to a popular trend, Madalin doesn’t follow a diet rich in fats. Instead, she opts for a high carb, high protein, and low-fat diet.

When Madalin finds a recipe she likes, she’ll opt for a low-fat substitute. This means Madalin avoids foods like eggs, oils, or nuts, all of which are rich in fats.

Foods Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham Eats

Protein Sources

  • Fish (mostly Salmon)
  • Chicken
  • Low-fat Cheese
  • Steak
  • Whey Protein

Carbohydrate Sources

  • Corn
  • Rolled Oats
  • Wholemeal couscous
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Bananas
  • Wholemeal Pasta
  • Vegetarian Fritters
  • Wholemeal Wraps or Bread

Vegetables and Other Foods

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli

Substitutes for High-Fat Foods

  • Low-fat Mozzarella cheese
  • Light cream cheese
  • Olive oil spray when cooking
  • Low-fat sour cream
  • Skim milk


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham walking down the beach in a white swimming suit and backpack, holding water bottle in her hands and smiling at the camera

Protein Chips Snack Recipe By Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham

This is one of Madalin’s favorite snack recipes. She says it contains a good amount of healthy calories, and it also tastes awesome.

The Ingredients:

  • 1 block of favorite cream cheese
  • 2 avocados
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Seasonings (salt and pepper)
  • 4 packs of favorite chips

How to:

Madalin first blends the cream cheese in a bowl, using an electric hand blender. After this, she adds in the avocado and blends it together with cheese.

Once it’s all blended, she squeezes half a lemon in the bowl, before adding salt and pepper. She then adds chips, and the snack is done.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham showing her fit body in yellow leggings and white sports bra

“Nutrition can be the hardest to stick to. So many people burn up a sweat doing burpees and treadmill sprints and mountain climbers and then eat pizza for dinner. Your nutrition choices will sabotage your fitness goals.”

Idols and Influences

Setting about her journey to improve her figure and health, Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham didn’t know much about training or nutrition when she first delved into fitness.

She did mostly cardio, and ate a diet of around 800 calories. Needless to say, this wasn’t only inefficient, it even dragged her back in terms of physical progress.

But, once Madalin started combining her new diet plan with the workout and dieting guides from one of her fitness influences Kayla Itsines – her physique started improving rapidly.

After she learned the basics from Kayla’s training guides, Madalin was from there able to further her training and adapt it to her own needs. Moreover, she created her own popular training styles, which she now offers to her followers to help them get in shape – becoming and icon in the process.


Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham sitting down on a rock in sportswear and smiling at the camera

“So many smart chicks think that the only people who need protein powder are body bulilders. Not the case. Everyone needs protein. The best way to get your protein is through whole foods, but if this is a struggle I think protein powder is your next good bet.”

What we can learn from Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham

Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham started her climb to the top by learning from other fitness experts, such as Kayla Itsines. From there, she added her own touch to her training and diet; making astonishing progress as a result.

What we can learn from this is: you should never shy away from looking up to others when in need of help. If someone offers something that can be of value to you, why not take it and see where it can get you.

From a fitness point of view, this means looking up to fitness icons you admire, and learning from them. After you’ve handled the basics, you can easily progress and create your own unique style of training, and dieting – just like Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham.

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Fit,,,? Fit,,,? A true definition of what she is, well words escape me. So I’ll say it in layman’s terms she’s absolutely gorgeous. One hot young lady. Gorgeous. Her attitude and dedication is remarkable. It really works. Her body is fabulous. I’m awestruck. Mind,body and soul lovely. Fantastic body pretty face a proper head turner. Gives me one Big Twinge just gazing at that fantastic figure especially her bottom. Best ass by far!

A nice natural look and i think as a guy a better type of role model for women to follow than those tall skinny models. It was nice to see a happy face and positive attitude about getting fit and eating right. All the right stuff how could you not be happy around a person like this with this kind of energy inside her.

Cheers Stephen

Hi…my name is Phillip ,I m in Glendale,California,I read @ how your metabolism was keeping you from gaining healthy weight & keeping it on & how eating unhealthy fast food was more detrimental to your health;physicaly,mentally & socially.[I had a friend growing up that was just like you ] He ate potatoes & meat to bulk up & hit the weights to grow muscle & Now everything is well .It’s great to empower yourself with the knowledge of kinesiology /physical Ed. You look happy & that’s what’s important. I’m happy 4 you -( Mandalin Giorgetta ) “Don’t worry b’ Happy”. By; Phillip bustos

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