Lauren Pisciotta posing in a picture looking fit and busty

Lauren Pisciotta

Social Media Star, Fitness Model, Artist Manager

Lauren Pisciotta is an American social media celebrity, artist manager and fitness model. She was first discovered as the manager of Niykee Heaton, famous pop singer and internet star.

Once people saw Lauren’s amazing body, they quickly started following her on the internet. This led her to become an online icon in her own right. She now works together with Niykee, doing fitness photo shoots and traveling around the world.

Despite her busy life, Lauren always finds time to exercise. If she doesn’t have access to the weight room, she’ll improvise by doing bodyweight workouts.

There are no excuses for Lauren. She works hard to accomplish her goals both in and out of the gym, setting an example for everyone to follow.


Lauren Pisciotta showing off her curvy glutes in red shorts

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Lauren Pisciotta
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
35August 18, 1988AmericanSocial Media Star, Fitness Model, Artist Manager
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1988
ProfessionSocial Media Star, Fitness Model, Artist Manager


Lauren Pisciotta posing in a photo showing off her busty and lean body


Lauren Pisciotta posing on the beach in a bikini looking curvy and lean


  • Artist Manager
  • Fitness Model
  • Social Media Star


Lauren Pisciotta taking a selfie in the gym


Lauren Pisciotta showcasing her busty and lean body in a bikini


Some of Lauren’s favorite exercises are cardio, which helps her maintain a fit and lean physique, alongside weight training which tones and grows her muscles.

Depending on how busy her life gets, Lauren might train anywhere from two to six times per week. One thing that never changes though, is her dedication to her workouts – every time she’s in the gym, she does everything with the maximum intensity.

Glute Training

Lauren’s glutes are a product of hard work and consistency in the gym. She’s built them by working out with weights multiple times per week, and by incorporating various techniques and exercises that promote muscle growth.

Some of her favorite glute exercises are squats, deadlifts, lunges, and barbell hip thrusts. Most of these are compound movements, which work on multiple muscles in Lauren’s body – primarily legs and glutes.

Deadlifts also work on Lauren’s low back and core, which helps her maintain her strong abs. Here’s how a glute workout for Lauren might look;

  • Squats, 3-5 sets of 12 reps
  • Romanian Deadlifts, 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Hip Thrusts, 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Lunges, 3 sets of 10 steps
  • Cable Glute Kickbacks, 3 sets of 18+ reps


Lauren Pisciotta posing on the balcony by the beach showing off her curvy legs and glutes


Lauren Pisciotta posing in a photo showcasing her busty figure


Lauren likes to keep things simple in her diet. Instead of worrying about each and every calorie, she focuses on eating whole foods which give her body all the nutrients it needs to stay lean and healthy.

Her favorite protein sources are lean meat, plant-based proteins such as beans, and egg whites. She also eats complex carbs which fill her muscles with glycogen, helping her to stay strong for her workouts.

Lastly, her healthy fat sources include avocados, nuts, olive oil, and beef.


Although she isn’t a huge fan of supplements, Lauren will sometimes take them for her convenience.

For example, if she’s too busy to prepare a healthy meal, she’ll opt for a natural meal replacement shake which will give her all the nutrients that she’d otherwise get through whole food.


Lauren Pisciotta posing for a photo in her red leggings looking curvy


Lauren Pisciotta sitting by the pool looking fit and lean

What we can learn from Lauren Pisciotta

Lauren Pisciotta always strives to reach her goals – be it in the gym, or outside. Her focus lies in growing her business and influencing as many people as possible. There’s a lot of passion that drives Lauren forward.

She shows us that when you do something you truly love, it doesn’t feel like a job. Whatever you do, do it with passion, heart, and desire to succeed. That’s one of the ways you can reach greatness – just like Lauren Pisciotta did.

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Did not she do a plastic surgery? Is it possible to have such a body without plastic surgery? Here on this site I saw the same beautiful bodies, but with plastic surgery. I do not believe that she has everything natural …

She’s very beautiful woman she’s very fitted in good shape she takes her work out very seriously focus dedicated I at mired that and respect that I hope she continues her journey support others as well.

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