Kristina Nicole

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Kristina Nicole has had a passion for fitness since 1997, from the age of 5. She took part in dance, cheerleading and played numerous sports as a child.

However, it was when her trainer introduced her to weights in the gym that she embarked on her journey. After sculpting an amazing physique, Kristina decided to use her knowledge to help others.

It wasn’t long until she’d qualified as a personal trainer and began guiding clients to their dream figures.

By 2016, at the age of 23, Kristina had gained a mass of followers on Instagram, motivating her fans to lead a healthy lifestyle. She’d become a social media sensation.



Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Kristina Nicole
WeightHeightYear of BirthEra
165 - 175lbs (74.8 - 79.4kg)5'5" (165cm)19922010
Weight165 - 175lbs (74.8 - 79.4kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
Year of Birth1992






Kristina trains everyday to stay fit and maintain her figure. She enjoys working out multiple muscle groups at a time, lifting weights 6 days per week in the gym.

In terms of Cardio, she runs on the treadmill or trains on the stair master on a daily basis.

Workout Routine:

Monday –  Shoulders and Chest + Cardio
Tuesday – Quads, Inner thighs, and Calves + Cardio
Wednesday – Back + Cardio
Thursday – Hamstrings, Gluteus, Inner thighs, and Claves + Cardio
Friday – Biceps and Triceps + Cardio
Saturday – Quads, Inner thighs, and Calves + Cardio
Sunday – Cardio / HIIT






Kristina plans her diet around lean proteins, complex carbs, vegetables, and fruit. She eats clean to maintain and develop her great physique.

However, once a week she’ll allow herself a cheat meal – this will consist of sushi.



Idols and Influences

Kristina’s motivation comes from wanting to be fit and healthy on the inside, as well as looking in shape. She wants to feel good throughout her life by protecting her body from too much harm from junk food.



What we can learn from Kristina Nicole

Kristina has taught us to always try and help others when we can. She educated herself on nutrition and fitness to benefit herself, but began training clients when she’d learned enough.

One thing we can take away from Kristina is that appearing fit doesn’t always equal being healthy on the inside. She makes sure to follow a clean diet and train to ensure her health for her later years.

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According to her own instagram, she weighs 167.

Thanks for the update Lucia!

LOL, Care to explain just how the hell Shushi is considered a cheat meal???

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