Kristina Moser wearing her underwear and a tight top looking lean, muscular, and happy

Kristina Moser


Kristina Moser is a bodybuilding enthusiast from America who’s become incredibly popular for her consistency, and love for lifting heavy weights.

Kristina’s journey started back in 2011 after she realized her weight, and her health went out of control.

After only one year, Kristina changed the shape of her body completely, going from overweight and lethargic, to lean and active.

However, Kristin wasn’t happy with her ‘cardio‘ body. She wanted to build muscle. That’s when she started researching more about nutrition, and training. By 2016, Kristina had built her desired physique – through hard work, and determination.

Here’s Kristina’s transformation story:


Kristina Moser is standing under a light wearing a stringed backed crop top showing her huge back, and arm muscles

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Kristina Moser


Kristina Moser flexing her chest and arms while wearing a gym tank top under a light, highlighting her huge muscles

“I beg women, and men, to please not be discouraged when they feel they don’t see progress right away. Building muscle takes time. especially if you’re doing it naturally. I feel many accusations come from those who have never tried or stayed consistent.

In 2012 I dropped from over 160 lbs down to my cardio body of 115 lbs. I now sit between 125-130 lbs. It’s truly about consistency, self study, and never giving up. And I’m sure someone might pipe in and say ‘You looked better before.’ *The Dude voice* Well, like, that’s just your opinion man.”


Kristina Moser pulling up her top to reveal her thick abs and core muscles looking happy and strong


Kristina Moser in two pictures standing side by side. The first one, at the age of 22 looking overweight, the second picture at 27 looking muscular and happy

Kristina Moser before and after her transformation.

Kristina Moser’s Transformation Moment

After many ups and downs in Kristina’s life, including her unhealthy lifestyle, she realized she needed to change her life completely. That’s when she started researching more about bodybuilding and nutrition.

Kristina set goals for herself, took one step at a time, and moved forward with her life in a positive way. Kristina puts everything down to one thing, ‘consistency.

Here’s Kristina taking about the moment she realized she needed to change;

“I looked in that camera, forcing myself to look at how I let myself go that year. My metabolism stopped. I ate mac n cheese, cola, and pizza rolls almost every day. It was a few comments, and seeing myself in a terrible wedding photo that made me realize that something had to change.

Initially I was on my own, starting with nothing but cardio and calisthenics, and I dropped from over 160 back down to 115 lbs. (Now sitting about 125-130) I started food tracking on MFP. Saw pics of Dana Linn Baily and Andrea Brazier and set my goals.”


Kristina Moser comparing her body transformation over the years from skinny, to muscular

Kristina Moser’s transformation from 2012, to 2016.

“People ask how I stay motivated. It’s simple. I got fat and lethargic and wanted to make a change. You either do it, or you don’t. If you want to make a change, no one is going to f*@king hold your hand along the way. Don’t rely on a gym partner, family, or friends to support you. Do the research, go in with a game plan, and start crushing your goals.”


Kristina Moser wearing a onesie without leggings showing her lean and muscular body


Iron Therapy

Throughout her years of training, Kristina has learned how to build muscle efficiently. Kristina says the only way to build muscle is by lifting heavy weight, not using “light weights.” 

Some of her favorite exercises consist of compound movements such as the deadlift, bench press, squat, overhead push press, and the bent over row. Kristina says whilst she does enjoy compounds, lots of her muscle comes from isolation exercises where she switches between heavy and light weight.

Here’s Kristina talking about the way she uses weightlifting as a therapy for not only her body, but also her mind;

“It’s not about building muscle. It’s not the proud, locker room, selfies. It’s not the gym environment. It’s just iron therapy . When the only control you have in your life, is the control over your body, and how you choose to treat it, despite the worlds troubles and distractions…. you fight. You stand up after you fall down. And you will fall. What you do after that is all up to you!”

Consistency In Training

Kristina is often asked how she has built such a great body, and her reply is always to stick at it. In the beginning, she started with cardio and calisthenics, then she begin lifting heavier weights.

After a lot of trial and error, and consistency, Kristina has managed to create her ideal physique. Here’s Kristina talking about her transformation:

“I constantly have people asking me how long I’ve been working out. Well… since 2012, consistently, 5 days a week. Originally I was cardio and calisthenics only to lose my weight, as well as calorie counting.

Much has changed since then, as I prefer bodybuilding, split weight training , and only 20 minutes of cardio opposed to an hour. Eating better food, which allows me to skip the calorie counting. My #muscle did not appear overnight. Don’t expect yours to either.”


Kristina Moser wearing a onesie showing her large leg muscles and her large right bicep


Healthy Choices

A lot of Kristina’s knowledge about nutrition has been self taught. After years of trying different dieting methods, and calorie counting, she now prefers to eat a balanced diet filled with protein every 2-3 hours, and whole foods as much as possible.

Here’s Kristina talking about her fitness journey through dieting:

“I didn’t know how to get there, so day by day I LEARNED. Studied up on bodybuilding, workouts and workout splits, as well as basic supplements like protein, bcaa, workouts and the like.

Nutrition has always been a struggle but today I no longer count calories, but try to balance out a high protein diet, (minimum 20g every two to three hours) focus on slow burning carbs, and healthier fats, and cutting down sugars without giving up my beloved pizza completely.”

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Kristina Moser standing under a light while holding her hands together flexing her triceps and glutes at the same time in a classic bodybuilders pose looking big and muscular

Idols and Influences

Kristina mentioned Dana Linn Baily and Andrea Brazier as her main influences when she first started her ‘iron journey.’ Since the beginning of her transformation, she also become an inspiration of her own, being motivated by her own progress year after year.

Kristina Moser has also become a fitness icon for men, and women the world over who use weightlifting as a tool, to develop not only their physiques, but also their lives.


Kristina Moser standing under a light wearing a tank top showing the definition in her shoulders, chest, and biceps

What we can learn from Kristina Moser

One thing we can learn from Kristina Moser is; creating your ideal physique can take months, if not years of hard work and dedication. Kristina has shown that with the right mindset, most goals can be achieved with time and patience.

Here’s Kristina’s advice for people wanting to change anything in their lives:

“You are in charge of your life, you are in charge of your body. There are circumstances where life deals us a s*@itty hand in the genetics department, and it’s easy to feel you are not in control. But what you have are CHOICES. (In most situations)

YOU choose what to eat, YOU choose when to workout, YOU choose what to make a priority, YOU choose those hours on the couch, or the hour in the gym, YOU choose to a scroll through Facebook, or study basic nutrition health, YOU choose to stay stagnant, or make changes. No one else. No one should have to hold your hand. Your health and happiness can be in your hands.” – Kristina Moser 

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Wow. Thank you. Just stumbled across this and it’s very well put together! Someone really took the time to go through my profile and make this. For that, thank you.

There is one section of this I disagree with. Although I do compound lifts, I have felt that muscle has come from muscle isolation. Switching between light and heavy weights…. -Kristina Moser

Thanks for replying Kristina! We will update this for you now. If there is anything else you want to add then let us know 🙂

Dear Kristina,
I think this is very influential! My name is Bryan, I’m 22, and I rarely check these blogs but i stumbled upon this Article when researching nutrition, and bodybuilding eticate and training! Honestly me wanting to lift weights and the research behind comes out to I want to discipline myself and change my lifestyle. I read about how you changed your life because you were overweight… very inspirational. i used to have similar problems and still do to some degree. i know a lot of people say they have a deep respect for female athletes and actually don’t know a lot about them either then what they read on the internet! My personal story goes back to my Ex. She was a small time fitness competitor in Spokane Washington. Before she underwent Heavy weight training, she was thin and was always picked on in college. Although I always stood up to her, and comforted her, something was still wrong! i encouraged her not to let them push her around. So over the next 4 weeks i helped her do some research into what she liked, and wanted to do to improve her focus, drive, and relieve some of her anxiety and depression! I introduced her to my cross fit coach at the time out in CDA, Idaho. She fell in love with the sport and allowed herself to apply bodybuilding to most aspects of her life. In short we were well connected and had a solid foundation for a solid relationship. However towards the end of last year she had to leave the state because or personal reasons. She decided to stay with her family as of now! We still Talk although long distance didn’t seem to work! Kristina your influential in your own way! i’m not just saying this but people like you impacted my GF and myself in ways you cant imagine! If i may ask, if you know a fitness coach or personal trainer for hire out in Idaho, I’ve looked almost everywhere, and find a good fit! Let me know if you have any matches.
Best Regards
Bryan Stark

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