Kiki Vhyce

Fitness Model, Bodybuilder

From Melbourne, Australia, Kiki Vhyce is a fitness model, bodybuilder, and a sponsored athlete.

Her transformation started in 2011 after she realized she was underweight, and became unsatisfied with her appearance. At 5’10 tall, with a skinny frame, Kiki had a “long road” ahead of her as she wanted to gain size and tone on her tall physique.

After 5 years of hard work and discipline in the gym, Kiki managed to build a strong and healthy physique. Along the way, she attracted a lot of attention from fans on the internet after posting pictures of her progress. Kiki eventually started to compete in amateur shows in Melbourne, where she gained a lot of recognition for her success, establishing herself as one of the leading Australian fitness icons.


“Say yes to a healthy body, a strong mind, and a relentless heart. Yes to sweat, struggle, pain and growth. Yes to becoming a better version of yourself, everyday – Self-improvement takes no breaks. No days off.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Kiki Vhyce
155 - 165lbs (70.3 - 74.8kg)5'10" (177.5cm)AustralianFitness Model, Bodybuilder
Weight155 - 165lbs (70.3 - 74.8kg)
Height5'10" (177.5cm)
ProfessionFitness Model, Bodybuilder


“Your passion and your work is going to take up, and fill a majority of your time, and life. The only way to be truly satisfied with what you do is to believe in yourself and be confident in your direction, even when it may be a foggy road, find assurance in knowing you are walking the right path because it’s where your heart belongs.”


Personal Best Lifts

  • Squat: 95kg/205lbs
  • Deadlift: 110kg/242lbs
  • Bench Press: 75kg/165lbs


“Believe that what you do is great work. The only way to truly live this essence and do great things is to love what you do.”







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Wow! you have improve a lot since you first began in 2010!

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