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Katie Crewe

Fitness Coach, Model

Katie Crewe is a popular Canadian fitness trainer and nutrition expert. She shares healthy food recipes and workout advice on the internet, alongside offering premium dieting and workout programs for her clients.

Growing up, Katie wasn’t extremely enthusiastic about fitness. She was afraid of lifting heavy weights, so she preferred doing bodyweight exercises, while also playing regular sports in her school.

However, after experiencing severe bloating, heartburn, and exhaustion which lingered for years, Katie realized she had to change her lifestyle completely. She went on to adopt a strength-based workout plan, alongside changing her diet from ‘the roots.‘ As a result, all of her symptoms vanished.

Katie then created her internet profiles, where she shared her transformation with the online world. Thanks to her inspirational story, as well as dieting and workout tips, Katie gained an army of followers; becoming a fitness guru in the process.

This is her story:


Katie Crewe in two pictures showing her large glutes in tight jeans

“I find physically being at the gym helps a lot with my motivation but if you are at home, make sure you have a solid plan so you don’t end up napping instead.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Katie Crewe
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
36May 20, 1988CanadianFitness Coach, Model
Date of BirthMay 20, 1988
ProfessionFitness Coach, Model


Katie Crewe showing her healthy meal consisting of strawberries, blueberries, and other healthy ingredients

“I’m not someone who started lifting and whose body immediately transformed. While some people make pretty dramatic changes in a short time, for many others, noticeable changes take time, and that’s okay.”


  • Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)
  • Personal Trainer
  • Social Media Personality


Katie Crewe in two different poses, showing her legs from the front and from the back, looking lean and muscular


Severe Bloating

Katie Crewe grew up as an active and healthy child, playing sports and doing bodyweight exercises at home.

However, as Katie got into her late teens, she started having bloating problems. She would experience severe gas and heartburn after eating, and also, a constant feeling of exhaustion.

Even though Katie tried almost everything ‘under the sun’ to get rid of her problem, even consulting with doctors, nothing really helped.


Katie Crewe on the beach looking lean and muscular

Finding the Solution

It wasn’t until Katie decided to take the matter into her own hands by quitting her office job and enrolling in a holistic nutrition course when her life finally started changing for the better.

After she made several changes to her lifestyle, including her diet and the way of training, Katie’s bloating problems finally started to diminish.

Katie says; “With my new knowledge, I also found empowerment. I realized that things didn’t just have to happen to me, I could take charge and make the changes that I wanted to see happen.”


Katie Crewe before and after photo

Katie Crewe before and after her weight training transformation.

Using her Knowledge to Help Others

Realizing how much of an impact diet and a correct weight training program can have, Katie went on to share her journey with the online world; hoping she would reach some people and help them transform their lives, just like she did.

What happened next was something Katie didn’t expect – in a matter of months, her social media profiles became a sensation among fitness fans.

Katie hasn’t looked back ever since – today, she uses her knowledge on dieting to create customized meal plans and programs for her clients, helping them reach their fitness goals.


Katie Crewe wearing tight white gym trousers looking lean and healthy



While Katie always likes to train with heavy weights in the gym, sometimes she has too many responsibilities. So, a creative at-home workout will do just as fine.

She says that consistency is the key to seeing results – no matter where she trains.


Katie Crewe in two pictures wearing tight gym shorts looking lean and muscular

Volume and Weights for Growth

Katie’s favorite method for growing her legs and glutes is training heavy, as-well-as doing many sets and reps.

She takes as much time as she needs to recover between the sets, making sure to get enough volume in.

Best Exercises For the Entire Body

These are some of Katie’s favorite exercises for each of her body parts;

  • Chest and Triceps – Push-ups
  • Back and Biceps – Deadlifts and Pull-ups
  • Legs – Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges
  • Abs/Core – Hanging Leg Raises, Planks


Katie Crewe standing by the beach with a happy expression on her face, having one of her arms in the air, looking lean and fit

“People very often get excited about their goal but are also overly-ambitious and start doing cardio every day while cutting calories super low. Not only are you a lot more likely to lose muscle this way but it’s also very hard to sustain. You don’t need to go to such extremes to see results.”



Katie’s diet is based on proteins and healthy fats. Carbs are used as a post-workout energy fuel, and as a ‘cheat meal.’

“As a general rule, once you have established your protein and fat intake, you can ‘fill in’ the remaining calories with carbohydrates.”

Losing Weight Made Simple

According to Katie, there isn’t much philosophy when it comes to cutting down body fat. She says ultimately, it all comes down to the daily calorie expenditure.

If Katie wants to lose 5 pounds over a period of time, she’ll drop her daily calorie intake by 300-600 calories. But, she doesn’t do this by just cutting out foods.

Instead, Katie replaces nutrient-poor foods which are calorie-heavy with those that have fewer calories, but more micro-nutrients. Some of those foods are kale, Swiss chard, lean fish, blueberries, avocado, etc.


Editor’s Tip

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Katie Crewe in the gym changing room showing her glutes and strong upper body

Slow Progress for Optimal Fat Loss

Katie advises, when dieting, to create as small calorie deficit as possible. She says this not only preserves muscle mass, but also allows the body to adapt to changes in the diet; making the fat loss process more efficient.

If Katie was to suddenly drop her calorie intake, her body would most likely consume its muscle, rather than fat.

This is why she stresses the importance of steady, slow progress. In Katie’s opinion, around 1 lb lost per week is ideal.

Katie Crewe’s Healthy Smoothie

The base:

  • 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of almond milk or coconut water

“Once you have your base, you can customize your shake however you’d like to add in your favorite foods and flavors,” says Katie. Here are some of her recommendations;

  • leafy greens (e.g. spinach, kale, parsley, mint leaves)
  • berries
  • chia seeds
  • hemp seeds
  • ground flax
  • cacao powder
  • shredded coconut
  • coconut oil
  • nut butters (e.g. almond butter, cashew butter, pumpkin seed butter)
  • protein powder
  • cinnamon
  • extracts (e.g. almond extract, orange extract, peppermint extract)
  • pitted dates (natural sweetness)


Katie Crewe transformation picture from an average looking girl to fit model

What we can learn from Katie Crewe

Katie’s journey in fitness has taught us that diet, combined with regular exercise, can provide many health benefits, and in some cases – even cure certain problems in the body.

If you also have similar problems like Katie, maybe bloating or other intestinal issues – try to gradually change your diet by adding nutrient-rich and clean foods, as well as avoiding eating too many processed foods.

Doing this can possibly help you overcome certain health problems, just like we saw in Katie’s case.

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good afternoon noticed your article and you look great especially in that dress
are you single? would you be interested in traveling to the United States? I live in
Tennessee near Nashville. do you have any tips? I have lost 40 pounds the last year
by eating less sugar and drinking less soda. I have been trying to get off the cholesterol
medicine I have been taking. any tips would be helpful. your boyfriend or husband is a
very lucky man. have a wonderful day.

You are rare in this word,, I love your way of guiding.
You have so such beautiful smile like an angel to help people.
god blessing you.

You are rare in this word,, I love your way of guiding.
You have so such beautiful smile like an angel to help people.
god blessing you.

Truly inspiring and all this time I thought you were American! Love your weight tip ?️‍♀️ workouts as I hate weights I run 5Ks but need to build muscle…come to London or Windsor and show us how to do things the right way?

You not only are beautiful Katie, but you come across as a very nice girl. You’re smile literally hypnotizes me. Keep up the good work

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