Katelyn Runck posing for a picture looking busty and fit

Katelyn Runck

WBFF Fitness Athlete, Model, Wellness Boutique Director

Katelyn Runck is an American fitness athlete who competes in the WBFF Pro Fitness Model division. She boasts an impressive resume – modeling for world-class sports brands and clothing companies.

What’s more, Katelyn is also a recognized online coach. Through her expert advice, she helps people develop their dream bodies.

With her outstanding figure, Katelyn is admired by fitness enthusiasts from the world over.  She continues to motivate her ever-growing fan base with her message to “believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself. Let nothing stand in your way.”

Katelyn Runck posing in a bikini on the beach looking fit and toned

Katelyn Runck standing by a dumbbell rack looking fit and curvy

“My passion lies with fitness, nutrition, and continually working toward becoming the best coach and motivator to my team.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Katelyn Runck
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
31July 20, 1991AmericanWBFF Fitness Athlete, Model, Wellness Boutique Director
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1991
ProfessionWBFF Fitness Athlete, Model, Wellness Boutique Director

Katelyn Runck Stretching looking lean

Katelyn Runck posing for a photo in a superman outfit looking fit and toned

“A healthy lifestyle isn’t about deprivation — it’s about celebration. Eat foods that make you feel good, find workouts you like, and by all means, treat yourself when the time is right! If you’re always comfortable, you’re not evolvingChallenge yourself for a fitter, fuller life!”


  • WBFF Pro Fitness Model
  • Wellness Boutique Director
  • Online Coach

Katelyn Runck posing in an outdoors gym looking fit and lean

Katelyn Runck standing on the WBFF Fitness stage looking phenomenal

“We all have a tough time reaching our goals when they aren’t defined or planned properly. Often times we allow ourselves to be distracted by whatever is in our “immediate” presence. Rather than being overcome by distractions, be diligent in pursuing your goals.”


Katelyn combines different training methods in order to maintain her lean and aesthetic figure.

She incorporates cardio, which helps her stay at a healthy body fat percentage. Along with heavy weightlifting which shapes her body.

She follows a repetition range that’s between 8-12 reps per set. In terms of volume, Katelyn will do anywhere between 3-5 sets per exercise, and around 20 sets per workout.

Katelyn Runck stretching in a big and empty room looking ripped

Cardio Time-Off

When aiming to get ripped for a show or a photo shoot, Katelyn will usually do a lot of cardio. She’ll mix it up between HIIT and slow-paced sessions.

However, when she doesn’t have any event coming up, Katelyn will typically take some rest from cardio.

To compensate, she’ll often train harder with weights. Specifically, Katelyn will shorten the rest between sets to get her heart pumping throughout the entire session.

Katelyn Runck standing on a rock by the sea looking fit and ripped

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.
Never let the waves wash away your hopes.”


Throughout show preparations, Katelyn eats a standard fitness competitor’s diet. Her meals are packed with wholesome foods without any dressings. This way, Katelyn makes sure she doesn’t exceed her daily caloric intake.

Additionally, Katelyn likes to bump up her protein intake when competing. The more protein she consumes, the less the chance of her muscle tissue breaking down from ‘cutting.’

Katelyn Runck exercising in an empty room looking fit and toned

Idols and Influences

Ongoing Motivation

When Katelyn stepped into the gym for the first time, she quickly saw all the possibilities that opened up for her.

Katelyn soon realized she could transform her entire body by following a structured diet regimen. With her commitment, she managed to manifest her vision into a reality – building a physique that has seen her win the WBFF Pro status.

Today, Katelyn’s motivation comes from helping others lead a healthy lifestyle. With her extensive knowledge, she keeps educating, inspiring, and motivating everyone who’s looking to make a positive change in their life.

Katelyn Runck posing in a bikini in the desert looking fit and toned

Katelyn Runck standing by a window posing in white lingerie looking ripped and toned

“Controlling your mind doesn’t mean that a negative thought never appears in your mind. It only means that you learn to recognize what’s happening in your garden of mind and bring attention to the positive things.”

What we can learn from Katelyn Runck

If anything, Katelyn Runck has shown us that possibilities in fitness are endless.

Whether you’re looking to build a career as an athlete, or just look and feel healthy, you can do it. It all boils down to your attitude and mindset.

Katelyn Runck was able to create a dream lifestyle for herself. But she had to pay a price for it. This price came in the form of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance.

With the same attitude, you too can build a great physique, and who knows, perhaps even a career – just like Katelyn.

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Most Beautiful Woman Ever. But calves look too small in these pics. Super Woman pic is my favorite – the eye contact. No one compares to Katelyn Runck.

Katelyn is “The Body”. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Fantastic role model for everyone!!

Is she by any chance a transgender ? She is too perfect that body is amazing just curious.

I got an instagram message from Katelyn_Runck_private001. I was asked for money.
You should report to Instagram. I blocked the account.

Chris Courter
Katy Texas

Internal strength is evident in her commitment to maintain a strong work ethic. A stunningly beautiful woman.
Also, I was approached on Instagram by katlynrunck02. Suspect this was someone using her name to gain personal information.

Lei è stupenda, ammiro la sua bellezza e il suo corpo perfetto frutto di tanto lavoro e dedicazione

Your looking so hot and gorgeous,your fitness inspiration is so cool . Many women’s are inspired by you. You are very very very beautiful

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