Kali Natesa posing on the beach looking curvy and fit

Kali Natesa

Fitness Blogger, Model, Entrepreneur

Kali Natesa is a popular fitness model from Ontario, Canada. She regularly posts training and nutrition video blogs on the internet, sharing her knowledge with everyone online.

But, while Kali may be a nutrition expert today, she wasn’t always a picture of fitness.

Prior to her fitness journey, Kali wanted to have a better-looking body, including having curves and low body fat. However, she didn’t know how to do it it.

It wasn’t until she joined a gym that Kali learned how to transform her physique. In the process, she started sharing what she learned with other people online – leading her to build a career as a fitness influencer.

Kali Natesa taking a selfie in yoga room while wearing grey leggings

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Kali Natesa
CanadianFitness Blogger, Model, Entrepreneur2010
ProfessionFitness Blogger, Model, Entrepreneur

Kali Natesa posing and showing off her curvy and awesome glutes in the sun


  • Digital Fitness Influencer
  • Model
  • Entrepreneur
  • Video Blogger

Kali Natesa body transformation, before and after fitness

Kali Natesa lying on a beach looking curvy


Kali Natesa combines a variety of exercises to stay fit and healthy. These include compound movements such as squats and deadlifts, but also isolation exercises such as glute kickbacks with a resistance band.

How heavy she’ll lift depends on the type of exercise she performs.

If she does deadlifts, then Kali will load up on weights to shape and sculpt her muscles.

However, if she does isolation exercises, she’ll keep the weight low and reps high to shed excess body fat and keep her muscles firm.

Kali Natesa transformation photo, before and after


Plants and Meat

Kali follows mostly a plant-based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables with every meal. She’ll eat meat and fish here and there to replenish her B vitamins and protein which keeps her muscles firm and strong.

As for supplements, Kali prefers natural food over anything else. Therefore, she’ll always make her own smoothies containing whole food ingredients such as beets, oats, blueberries, and almonds.

In terms of dairy, Kali avoids it most of the time. Most of the dairy can cause inflammation in her body, however, she’ll sometimes eat grass-fed butter which contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.

Kali Natesa taking a selfie of her curvy figure from multiple angles

Cheat Meals

Kali doesn’t like the term ‘cheat meals’ because it implies that she’s done something wrong. Instead, she calls it a ‘reward day’. A day where she gives herself the freedom to eat her favorite foods and enjoy the fruits of her labor. In Kali’s own words:

“I love rewarding myself for my hard work. For me, “cheat” days are negative. I call cheat days reward days. Why? Fitness and working on your health are like a personal development job. You take time off work right? Yes, exactly. So the same concept applies while you’re working on your body; you can and should have days where you kick back relax and enjoy the body you work so hard on.

Rewarding yourself shouldn’t ruin your self-esteem or make you feel as if you’re “failing” or “cheating”. If you let your mind go there you’re going to always end up in a state of self-conflict- “am I good enough to reach my goals if I can’t even keep my diet in check”? This can lead to you giving up on your goals and going down a self-destructive path instead of accepting that you’re not perfect. – Kali Natesa

Kali Natesa showing her lean and fit body for the photo

Kali Natesa's awesome fitness transformation before-after

What we can learn from Kali Natesa

Something to learn from Kali Natesa and her story, is that you can transform your body with a smart fitness plan.

If you have envisioned how you want your physique to look like, then all that it’s left is to create a plan and execute on it.

If you are in need of inspiration, who better to look up to then Kali Natesa. Her story and awesome pictures might just be the ‘push’ you need to get started with your own transformation.

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I admire you a lot in every way
I like you a lot and I will always wish you the best for you.
I am an Argentine guy who loves your country and your beauty.
I have been in a relationship for 7 years with the woman of my life, I think I would not leave her or for you, but if you want we can try. Hahaha.
I love you (L)

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