Chu mi Kim holding a kettlebell looking strong and lean

Ju Mi Kim

WBFF Pro Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

Ju Mi Kim is a WBFF Pro Athlete from South Korea, who’s risen through the ranks in the professional bodybuilding scene, due to her fierce dedication to the sport.

She’s worked hard year-after-year, improving not only her physique, but also her online reputation – gaining an army of followers.

With every coming year, Ju Mi Kim continues to develop her physique, bringing to the stage an improved version of herself.

After winning a Pro card, Ju Mi Kim knows her fitness journey has only just begun.


Chu mi Kim sunbathing wearing a bikini looking ripped and lean showing her abs

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Ju Mi Kim
KoreanWBFF Pro Bodybuilder, Fitness ModelJu Mi Kim2010
ProfessionWBFF Pro Bodybuilder, Fitness Model
AliasJu Mi Kim


Chu mi Kim standing in the gym wearing tight gym clothes while holding a chair and flexing her biceps and triceps


Chu mi Kim pulling herself out of a swimming pool wearing a bikini looking lean and strong



  • WBFF L.A Pro Fitness Competitor


Chu mi Kim performing a bicep curl in the gym showing her huge bicep while wearing tight gym clothes


Chu mi Kim standing side by side in two pictures comparing her physique transformation Chu mi Kim after one year of intense training.


Chu mi Kim flexing both biceps in teh underground subay wearing a tight top and showing her strong abs


Ju Mi Kim uses many variations of training methods. But, the one she uses the most is a classic bodybuilders split. Where she’ll work a different body-part each day of the week.

This way, she’s constantly growing week after week, while improving her muscle density and definition.

Here’s just some of the exercises Ju Mi Kim uses to develop her awesome physique.

Ju Mi Kim’s Workout

  • Chest 
    • Chest press
    • Bench press
    • Incline bench press
  • Back 
    • Seated row
    • Single arm row
    • Lateral pull down
  • Shoulders 
    • Arnold press
    • Barbell overhead press
    • Side lateral raises
    • Bent-over dumbbell lateral raise
  • Legs 
    • Squat
    • Leg extension
    • Rear leg curl
    • Leg press
    • Lunges
    • Sumo squat
  • Abs 
    • Incline weighted sit ups
    • Leg raises
    • Crunches
    • Side crunches
    • Plant
  • Arms 
    • Bicep curl
    • Tricep extension
    • Hammer curls


Chu mi Kim posing on a bodybuilding stage


As ju Mi Kim is from South Korea, she mostly eats a lot of freshly cooked food – such as rice, vegetables, and fish or chicken. Which are staple food choices from her home country.

To help keep her energized throughout the day, Ju Mi Kim eats smaller meals. This way, she not only feels constantly satisfied,  but she also receives the benefits of muscle growth, and repair form her heavy, or intense workouts.


Chu mi Kim performing squats in the squat rack


Chu mi Kim wearing short shorts, and a tight top flexing her leg muscles and biceps

What we can learn from Ju Mi Kim

What we can learn form Ju Mi Kim is by having a dedicated, and passionate approach to your fitness goals could make the difference between succeeding, or failing.

With years of hard work under her belt, Ju Mi Kim has worked hard to get where she is today – all with the mindset of winning, and improving her well defined physique.

Taking the same approach as Ju Mi Kim, and you too could achieve your fitness goals.

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