Jazmin Gonzalez posing in a red bikini with a protein shaker cup

Jazmin Gonzalez

Fitness Vlogger, Digital Influencer

Jazmin Gonzalez or “Jazminsus” is a digital influencer, fitness vlogger, and brand ambassador from California USA.

From posting workout videos online as a hobby to becoming a full-time fitness influencer, Jazmin now shares her awesome lifestyle with everyone online.

Her curvy and lean physique is what inspires her followers to take action so that they too can enjoy the benefits of the fitness lifestyle.

Jazmin Gonzalez taking a selfie in the gym

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jazmin Gonzalez
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
25December 11, 1995AmericanFitness Vlogger, Digital Influencer
Date of BirthDecember 11, 1995
ProfessionFitness Vlogger, Digital Influencer

Jazmin Gonzalez posing in fitness clothing


  • Fitness Influencer
  • Online Brand Ambassador

Jazmin Gonzalez before and after fitness transformation



Jazmin enjoys staying active every day, most often by training in the gym. Her favorite exercises include squats and deadlifts, which work on and sculpt her amazing physique. Aside from her curvy legs and glutes, Jazmin boasts lean abs that everyone admires. It’s clear that besides her clean diet, she’s worked hard in the gym to achieve her awesome midsection.


In addition to working out with weights, Jazmin also enjoys doing cardio. Any type of cardio will do for her, however, her favorite is the one that is done outdoors. She enjoys hiking up the hills, swimming, or playing her favorite sports. This makes her time fly by and makes it easy to stay consistent with her cardio.

Jazmin Gonzalez taking a selfie in the cardio room


As for Jazmin’s diet, it consists of:

  • Healthy fats
  • Lean proteins
  • Complex carbs

This is how many fitness athletes eat, and for good reason. Getting these three macronutrients helps Jazmin maintain lean physique and optimal energy levels.

In terms of specific foods, she eats a lot of greens and organic animal products. These include avocados, eggs, lean meat, and seasonal fruits & veggies.

Jazmin Gonzalez awesome body transformation, before-after

What we can learn from Jazmin Gonzalez

As a fitness influencer, Jazmin Gonzalez uses her presence to share everything she knows about training, nutrition, and lifestyle. Her fans appreciate her hard work and dedication, and she pays it back by helping them achieve their fitness goals. With the same passion for training and eating healthily, you too can build your own awesome body – just like Jazmin.

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Please tell me when the just huge butt phase will end. I don’t see this as physique to only focus on one area constantly to appease the flavor of the month physical trend.

love this girl

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