Jazmin Gillespie flexing her strong arms for the photo

Jazmin Gillespie

Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer

Jazmin Gillespie is a Vancouver-based figure competitor and personal trainer. She’s inspired countless fans with her amazing figure, taking them on her journey with her online posts.

With a 3rd-degree black belt in karate, Jazmin boasts a physique that not only looks good but is also functional and athletic.

She keeps inspiring others through her example – displaying a tremendous work ethic and drive to make it to the top.

Jazmin Gillespie posing on the figure stage looking phenomenal

“Believe in yourself. You are braver then you think, more talented then you know, and capable of more then you can imagine.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jazmin Gillespie
CanadianFigure Competitor, Personal Trainer2010
ProfessionFigure Competitor, Personal Trainer

Jazmin Gillespie standing in front of a barbell loaded with weights looking strong and ripped

Jazmin Gillespie training her lats on a machine

“The steps you take today determine where you are tomorrow.”


  • Certified Training Coach
  • International Figure Competitor
  • 3rd-degree black belt in Martial Arts

Jazmin Gillespie doing the battle ropes exercise

Jazmin Gillespie training on a boxing bac

“Stop thinking about what anyone thinks but yourself. I promise life gets a lot easier.”


Jazmin trains 5-7 days per week to stay in optimal condition. Due to her busy schedule of a figure competitor and personal trainer, she tries to keep her workouts short and intense. Her typical training session lasts between 45-90 minutes.

Jazmin enjoys training multiple muscle groups per workout, with the exception of her legs. They are the largest muscle group and require dedicating an entire workout to stay in peak condition.

Jazmin Gillespie standing in a gym showing off her ripped figure

Jazmin Gillespie's transformation before-after


Fitness competitors like Jazmin pay special attention to their diet. Well-balanced, wholesome meals eaten 4-6 times per day are the staple of her regimen.

She prioritizes foods which have high amounts of protein and healthy fats. As for carbs, she only consumes them when her muscles are depleted of glycogen. This is usually in the morning and after her workouts.

Jazmin will take a day off from dieting every now and again. In such scenarios, she eats whatever she feels like having, in order to replenish any nutrients lost through her demanding training sessions.

Jazmin Gillespie standing in front of a mirror in a gym, looking strong and fit

Jazmin Gillespie posing in a gym looking ripped and aesthetic

Jazmin Gillespie doing a back double biceps pose looking curvy and strong

What we can learn from Jazmin Gillespie

In terms of training, Jazmin Gillespie has shown us that a program with heavy weights and lots of volume usually brings forth the biggest results.

Coupled with a nutrient-dense diet and lots of sleep, it can really take your physique to another level.

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