Jaz Correll standing on the beach, smiling and showing her fit physique

Jaz Correll

Online Coach, Fitness Model

Jaz Correll is an Australian fitness model, online coach, and bikini competitor. She’s admired for her year-round lean looks, especially her abs, legs, and glutes.

However, while Jaz has an impressive physique now, she wasn’t always healthy and fit. During her adolescence years, she struggled with eating too few calories, and looking skinny.

It wasn’t until Jaz found herself a nutrition coach, when her body started to change. With the help of her coach, and her own determination and discipline in the gym, she transformed her physique from top to bottom.

Jaz has since become a well-known fitness persona with huge online presence, and this is her story:


Jaz Correll kneeling on the beach, looking fit and healthy

“Things happen for a reason so don’t get angry about it, or be a victim of your circumstance. If life throws something at you, learn from it, use it to your advantage and then move on.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jaz Correll
125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)AustralianOnline Coach, Fitness Model2010
Weight125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
ProfessionOnline Coach, Fitness Model


Jaz Correll walking on the beach with her back turned to the camera, her glutes and legs looking amazing


  • Fitness Model
  • Bikini Competitor
  • Online Personal Trainer


Side shot of Jaz Correll standing on the beach, looking fit and aesthetic

“If you ever ‘fall off track’ or find yourself overindulging, the best thing to do is go back to the plan as soon as possible. Don’t try to do damage control. No extra cardio, no under eating the next day. Just get back to your ‘normal.’ Going back into routine will help break the cycle of binging, and trying to do damage control for the next few days.”


Partying and Undereating

From Melbourne, Australia, Jaz Correll wasn’t particularly interested in fitness or sports growing up. She remembers herself as “the skinny girl” who was more interested in partying than working out and eating healthy.

This changed as Jaz came out of her adolescent years. She began following a strict vegan diet, eating only lean, low-calorie foods. She believed that this would keep her healthy and energetic.

While this approach was healthier than her old lifestyle of partying and drinking alcohol. Jaz eventually realized she did more harm than good to her body by eating so little. “Following a strictly vegan diet, I didn’t think it at the time but I was a massively under-eating!” Jaz said.

Fitness Experience

Things started to get better for Jaz once she entered the gym, and started to train with weights. She believed that by using weight training, she would speed up her metabolism, and as a result, be able to eat more foods.

This is exactly what happened – Jaz started consuming more calories, and her body slowly begun to change its shape in a positive way.

Jaz was so impressed by the changes she noticed, that she began fantasizing about competing in bikini fitness show. In Jaz’s own words; “I started going to the gym 6-7 days a week until I finally decided I wanted to compete.” 


Jaz Correll flexing her abs for the camera

Dealing with Nutrition

Unfortunately, nutrition was still a big problem for Jaz. She didn’t know much about macronutrient and calorie intake, and as a result, it came to a point where her progress completely stopped.

“Although I had become very lean, I was unable to put on any considerable amount of muscle.”

Jaz eventually realized she needed to hire a nutritionist who would help her solve her nutrition problem once and for all.

After searching for a qualified nutritionist for weeks, Jaz stumbled upon a nutrition expert and weight training coach named Mark. She told Mark about her goal to compete, and asked him for nutrition guidance.

Vegan Competitor

Mark went on to introduce Jaz to another trained called Reece Adams, who ended up being her personal trainer.

Being a vegan, it wasn’t easy for Jaz and her trainer to prepare for a competition. However, with enough time and effort, Jaz and her trainer came up with a diet plan which gave her awesome results.

“My coach Reece created a specific plan that catered to my annoying vegan needs which got me instant results.”

After just six weeks of preparations, Jaz stepped on stage at her debut show – the INBA Melbourne Classic. With her lean and fit physique, Jaz was able to earn a place in the Fitness Model division in the contest.


Jaz Correll's transformation from average looking to fit and healthy

Jaz Correll before, and after her body transformation.

Training and Dieting on her Own

With her debut show success behind her, Jaz continued training and planning her nutrition on her own.

She also decided to take a break from competing, and focus solely on her progress in the gym.

Rising Above

Over time, Jaz carved an impressive build, and started sharing pictures of it on her online profiles. She quickly gained admirers from different parts of Australia, and wider – thanks to the awesome pictures and videos she posted.

Ever since then, Jaz has built up a status of a fitness model and social media icon; having a successful career, and bright future in front of her.


Jaz Correll standing on the shore, looking awesome


Strength Workouts

Jaz trains with weights six times per week. She changes her routine often, so there is no set workout plan for her.

However, there are some general principles which Jaz follows, in order to achieve optimal muscle hypertrophy.

These rules include lifting with strict form, doing a lot of different exercises, and changing the way she does them every few weeks.

Staying Lean With Cardio

To stay lean for longer periods of time, Jaz likes to add 15-30 minutes of cardio every time she finishes a workout. This helps her burn extra calories, and also, keeps her stamina high.

Sometimes, Jaz will use cardio as a warm-up before her weight training workout. However, this usually only happens when she trains legs.


Jaz Correll preparing to do an exercise with dumbbells in the gym

Back Workout

Here’s one of many variations of Jaz’s back workout;

  • Lat Pull-Downs warm-up of 2 light-weight sets
  • Pull-Ups, 3 sets of 8-10 reps
  • Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows, 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • T-Bar Rows, 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Smith Machine Shrugs, 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Cable Face Pulls, 3 sets of 10-12 reps

If Jaz has enough energy left by the end of the workout, she’ll also do a couple of sets of deadlifts to strengthen her lower back. If not, she’ll do it on a separate day of the week, usually with abs.


Jaz Correll standing in the gym an smiling at the camera, looking fit and ripped

 “If you are wanting to fast track things or you have a particular goal (e.g. Comp or photo shoot) then I recommend getting a coach or calculating your macros and then filling these macros up with functional real food.”


Change of Approach

Jaz’s nutrition now is much different than it used to be. Before, she ate very low calorie, plant-based diet. As a result, she was underweight.

Nowadays, Jaz still eats a lot of healthy, plant foods, but she also makes sure to get enough calories and protein in to her diet.

Some of her favorite nutrient-packed foods include hemp seeds, quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, avocado, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and spinach.

Supplementation of Jaz Correll

Jaz isn’t a huge fan of supplements. She only uses a basic plant-based protein powder as a means of reaching her protein goal for the day.


Jaz Correll doing hanging leg raises, looking fit and lean

Tracking Progress

Although Jaz doesn’t like tracking macros and calories all the time. She will do so if she’s preparing for a photo shoot, or a contest.

This helps Jaz determine how far away she is from her ideal physique, and also, helps her determine how much foods she’ll need to eat.

In addition, Jaz might also sometimes use a scale and a mirror to make sure she’s making consistent progress with her diet.


Jaz Correll standing on the shore of the beach, showing her glutes and legs to the camera

Idols and Influences

One of Jaz’s influences in fitness is her coach Reese who guided her through dieting and preparations for her first show.

Jaz is happy and proud of her accomplishments both on, and off the stage, and thanks Reese for helping her reach her goals.


Jaz Correll standing in the pool and looking at the camera, showing her ripped abs

“If you are wanting to be a super healthy person, who looks and feels great all year and is able to preform well in the gym, then change your mindset around what food is.

Eating food purely based on whether it fits your macros is not necessarily healthy and I personally find it incredible uninspiring. I would much rather pick my foods based on their function and health benefits.”

What we can learn from Jaz Correll

What we can learn from Jaz Correll and her story is; Never be afraid of asking for help on your fitness journey.

Jaz didn’t know much about nutrition when she first started her transformation. And because of it, she decided to seek out a nutrition coach who would help her reach her fitness goals.

With the help of her coach, and her own dedication, Jaz successfully transformed her physique, and life.

If you’re unsure about certain things on your fitness journey, don’t be afraid to ask someone for advice. Perhaps they can steer you in the right direction, and help you reach your goals faster – just like Jaz Correll.

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Hi, maybe check your facts…Mark may have started her on her journey but he ran her into the ground! Nathan Madder, her business partner at MADStrength, PT and love of her life…was the one who helped her find her confidence, eat a balanced diet and create and maintain her figure. In October they will be married. I’m very proud of my beautiful daughter!

Ps please don’t post my comment, maybe just edit your profile to give Nathan the credit her deserves and plug their business MADStrength.
Thanks Kate (Jaz’s Mum)

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