Jasmine Chiquito lifting dumbbells and showcasting her awesome glutes and legs for the photo shoot

Jasmine Chiquito

Fitness Model, Online Fitness Coach

Jasmine Chiquito, also known for her nickname Jay Jay, is a fitness model and online training and dieting instructor. She’s helped a large number of people get in shape and stay healthy through her training and nutrition advice.

As for Jasmine’s own journey, she set out to improve her physique in March 2014. Around this time, she realized she wasn’t satisfied with her 115-lbs frame, so she began training with weights to add lean muscle.

Throughout the years, Jasmine manifested her goals into reality, and much more. She’s gone on to build a strong presence on social media, which she now uses to spread her training and dieting advice – helping her fans reach their potential in fitness.

This is her story:


Jasmine Chiquito stretching and smiling at the camera, wearing bright green leggings and sportsbra

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jasmine Chiquito
WeightAgeDate of BirthNationality
135 - 145lbs (61.2 - 65.8kg)29August 10, 1994American
Fitness Model, Online Fitness CoachJay Jay2010
Weight135 - 145lbs (61.2 - 65.8kg)
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1994
ProfessionFitness Model, Online Fitness Coach
AliasJay Jay


Jasmine Chiquito kneeling on the sand by the sea, enjoying the sun


  • Fitness Model
  • Online Training and Dieting Instructor
  • Entrepreneur (Clothing Line Business, Fitness business)


Jasmine Chiquito doing squats and smiling


Jasmine Chiquito’s Figure Transformation

From LA, California, Jasmine Chiquito has lifted weights since March 2014. Her reason to work out was simple; she wanted to improve her 115-lbs figure to add curves and look fit.

It didn’t take Jasmine long to notice the results she sought – only a few months of solid exercise and a healthy diet transformed her figure completely.

Within a year, she went from 115 lbs to 145lbs of lean muscle and curves. Talking about the transformational experience, Jasmine said; “I’m beyond elated!! I fell madly love with weightlifting, and even more in love with the transformation not only physical but mental.

The results are truly unbelievable. This is absolutely a lifetime commitment. Once trying a taste of this fitness world I couldn’t get enough. Working out is my life!”


Jasmine Chiquito on the shore, her glutes and legs looking curvy and fit

Career Growth

However, Jasmine didn’t stop at her own transformation. After she stormed the social media sites with her pictures and gained huge recognition, Jasmine went on to pay back to her followers – giving them training and nutrition advice to help them set off a transformation of their own.

In Jasmine’s own words; “I want to share this happiness with others and help them achieve whatever goals they have in mind. Just changing the world one fitness accomplishment at a time! I am here to support and celebrate my fellow fit friends!”

Jasmine Chiquito hasn’t stopped growing in influence and recognition ever since – she’s turned into an online celebrity with people from everywhere supporting her work.


Jasmine Chiquito posing for a photo in an exotic wear, looking fit


Isolation Exercises For Better Control

Jasmine uses a lot of isolation exercises in her workouts. This helps her target the specific muscle she wants to train, giving her complete control over her workouts.

However, if she’s short on time, or wants to hit multiple muscles at once. She’ll do a free-weight compound exercise. For example, if Jasmine wants to target her glutes and legs at once, she’ll do squats.


Jasmine Chiquito showing her awesome glutes for the camera


Jasmine Chiquito doing handstands outdoors


Jasmine maintains a fit and lean figure all year-round. She says, it takes just as much dedication in the kitchen as it does in the weight room to do this.

Some of her favorite muscle building, and fat burning foods include;

  • mango, kiwi, pears, and bananas for fruits
  • lean poultry, dairy, beans for protein
  • brown rice and sweet potatoes as carbohydrates
  • coconut oil and nuts for healthy fats

Each of these foods has their own role in Jasmine’s goals. For example, if Jasmine wants more energy for her workout, she’ll eat complex carbohydrates one to two hours before heading to the gym.

If she wants to build more muscle, then, she’ll up her protein intake; increasing the consumption of meats, dairy, beans, and other high-protein foods.


Jasmine Chiquito doing cable glute kickbacks in the gym, her legs oiled up for a photo shoot, looking curvy and fit


Jasmine Chiquito posing for a photoshoot in her blue leggings, showcasting her curvy glutes

What we can learn from Jasmine Chiquito

Jasmine Chiquito began working out with weights in 2014. In just a few years, she managed to grow both physically, and mentally. She now uses her training and dieting knowledge to help others achieve just what she did in fitness.

If we could learn only one lesson from Jasmine Chiquito, it would be this; don’t be afraid to go after your wildest dreams. You’ll never know it’s possible, until you try it.

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Just such a gorgeous lady! So very very very very wonderful! The best! She makes my day just by seeing her!

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