Jade Grobler

Fitness and Bikini Model

Jade Grobler is a fitness and bikini model who was born in South Africa, but now resides in Australia. She boasts a curvy and toned physique, which has earned her the following of numerous fans on the internet.

Jade is particularly popular on social media, where she posts pictures of her lifestyle. She’s been a fitness icon on the rise ever since she opened her online profiles in 2014.

With a strong passion for health and exercise, and an awesome physique, Jade looks to become one of the top fitness influencers in the Land Down Under.


“Listen to your own thoughts and entertain your own dreams.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jade Grobler
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
23December 18, 1997Australian, South AfricanFitness and Bikini Model
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1997
NationalityAustralian, South African
ProfessionFitness and Bikini Model



  • Fitness and Bikini Model
  • Social Media Influencer




Jade’s Training Style

Jade’s ideal workout will last between one-two hours. However, since she has a busy schedule, some days she might only squeeze in 45 minutes.

On her rest days, Jade takes a break from all physical activity. She makes sure to give her body enough rest so she can be ready to train hard when the next workout comes.

While weightlifting is Jade’s favorite way of exercising, she also recognizes the importance of cardio to stay healthy and lean. Typically, she’ll do cardio two to three times per week, for up to one hour per session.


Switching Things Up

Jade likes to change her workouts from time to time. This not only keeps her training interesting, it also prevents her muscles from adapting to the routine.

For example, Jade has periods where she doesn’t train her abs at all. On the same token, there are times where she’ll train them hard, usually in conjunction with a ‘bulking’ diet, to bring them out and make them look toned.




With a strong passion for fitness lifestyle, eating healthily doesn’t come hard to Jade. She enjoys consuming foods that make her body lean and strong.

Some of the dishes Jade eats include;

  • Brown rice with lean meat and spinach
  • Berries and other low-glycemic fruits
  • Salmon, Codfish, and tuna
  • Egg whites



What we can learn from Jade Grobler

Jade has shown us that everyone should follow their passions in life. Jade’s passion is fitness, health, and inspiring others through her example.

She combined these passions to become an online fitness influencer and bikini model with a rising career in the industry.

If you have a dream, go after it and don’t hold back. Remember that every journey towards success begins with a single step, just as we’ve seen with Jade Grobler.

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