Jacqueline Petzak posing with her curvy and toned legs and glutes

Jacqueline Petzak

Fitness Model, Internet Star

Jacqueline Petzak, aka Miss Petzak, is a well-known fitness and social media personality from Las Vegas, USA. She’s become popular for her curvy body, which now inspires women around the world to lift hard and eat clean.

Needless to say, Jacqueline’s outstanding figure is a result of years of hard work. During high school, Jacqueline was an enthusiastic track athlete. Her sporty nature eventually led her to discover fitness – and she hasn’t looked back ever since.

Jacqueline Petzak is a now a sponsored athlete, internet star, and inspiration for generations of fitness enthusiasts. Here are Jacqueline’s best photos, along with her training and dieting routines;

Jacqueline Petzak posing in a fashion modeling photo shoot looking attractive and fit

“I actually ran track in high school, and after that, I really got into fitness.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jacqueline Petzak
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
38June 28, 1985AmericanFitness Model, Internet Star
Miss Petzak2010
Date of BirthJune 28, 1985
ProfessionFitness Model, Internet Star
AliasMiss Petzak

Jacqueline Petzak posing in a fancy white dress looking busty, curvy, and fit


  • Fitness Model
  • Internet Star

Jacqueline Petzak displaying her curvy glutes whilst leaning against a wall

Jacqueline Petzak posing by the pool in her green swimming suit and black sunglasses, looking fit and curvy


Busting The ‘Myth’ Of Girls Who Lift Heavy

Jacqueline trains three time per week in the gym. As a fan of heavy weights, her workouts usually begin with basic compound lifts. Such as squats, deadlifts, and shoulder press.

With her example, Jacqueline wants to show other women how lifting heavy won’t make them ‘bulky,’ but instead, it will give them an attractive and aesthetic figure.

Jacqueline recommends training for 6-10 reps per set. She likes to keep her rest between sets short, no more than 45 seconds.

Jacqueline Petzak taking a selfie in a fitness & yoga room

Losing Fat Fast With Cardio

In terms of cardio, Jacqueline recommends doing quick and short sessions such as HIIT. With these types of cardio, she’s able to burn fat the quickest. An example of HIIT would be sprints.

If she wants to lose any excess fat as quickly as possible, Jacqueline will increase her cardio frequency to have 3 sessions per week.

In addition to High-Intensity-Interval Training, she’ll also do slow-paced cardio. This could be a long walk or light jog.

By combining these two types of cardio, she gets the best of both worlds – achieving fat loss in the quickest, and most efficient way.

Jacqueline Petzak posing off in a bikini photo shoot


Staying Lean, the Jacqueline Petzak Way

In terms of nutrition, a balanced ratio of complex carbs, proteins, and fats is how Jacqueline maintains her awesome figure.

She always listens to her body. If she feels like having a dessert, she’ll have it. Needless to say, Jacqueline will still pay attention to her portion size – making sure not to overdo it with calories.

With such a balanced approach, it’s easy to see how Jacqueline is able to maintain her fitness regimen year after year.

Jacqueline Petzak taking a fitness selfie of her curvy glutes in grey leggings

Idols and Influences

Jacqueline’s Motivations

Jacqueline Petzak says she’s a self-driven person. Setting new goals and reaching them is what makes her get up in the morning.

She’s also motivated and inspired by her fans, who continually support her on social media. This is why she often likes to pay it back – giving her fans workout and dieting tips through her posts.

Jacqueline Petzak showcasing her curvy body in a photo shoot

What we can learn from Jacqueline Petzak

If there’s something to learn from Jacqueline, it’s to do things at your own pace. If someone else has built an awesome physique in 6 months, that doesn’t mean you need to do the same.

Instead, set your own goals that are realistic to your situation and abilities. This will allow you to not only overcome plateaus more easily, but it will also make your fitness journey that much more enjoyable.

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You are a very sexy and beautiful young lady, please continue to do what you do u are a big inspiration for a lot of people. And if you are ever in Chicago I would luv 2 meet you. And stay positive and never stop being the beautiful woman you are ?❤

You are a very sexy and beautiful young lady, continue to do what you do because you have a very nice routine with your cardio and weight training. And I would luv to have someone like you 2 workout with, don’t ever change who you are. Stay beautiful, sexy smart and gorgeous ?❤

Jacqueline you are a very sexy and beautiful young lady who looks like she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to, I would luv to find someone like you to work out with. Your routine seems to be a great way to get really fit, if your ever in Chicago I would luv to meet you. Stay gorgeous and continue with everything you’re doing ?❤

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