Gina Savage standing in a black hoodie, showing her curvy glutes

Gina Savage

Social Media Personality, Fitness Model

Gina Savage, AKA, ginasavagex, is a fitness model and social media personality.  She’s risen to fame by posting pictures of her curvy and fit physique on social media.

In 2013, Gina posted her first picture on the web, and since then – she’s become an inspiration for everyone. Many of her followers look up to her, emulating her lifestyle so they can also sculpt a fit and toned physique.

Here are some of Gina’s best photos, her workout, and diet;


Gina Savage sitting on a bed and taking a selfie of her lean legs, abs, and arms

“I hear you talkin’ say it twice so I know you meant it.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Gina Savage
Social Media Personality, Fitness Model2010
ProfessionSocial Media Personality, Fitness Model


Gina Savage taking a picture in the mirror, showing her incredible glutes and legs


  • Social Media Influence
  • Fitness Model


Gina Savage taking a selfie of her flexed abs in the bathroom


Combining Multiple Aspects of Fitness

When it comes to building muscle and looking aesthetic, Gina believes weight training is the way to go. She says, doing hours of cardio alone won’t do much for her physique.

However, by combining both cardio, and weight training, Gina is able to achieve the best results in the gym.

Gina Savage’s Week of Training

Gina usually trains in the gym five times per week, taking Saturdays and Sundays off.

Here’s how her week of training looks like;

  • Monday – Shoulders, Traps
  • Tuesday – Legs
  • Wednesday – Chest
  • Thursday – Back
  • Friday – Legs, Abs
  • Saturday – Full Recovery
  • Sunday – Full Recovery


Side shot of Gina Savage in jean shorts, looking healthy and fit


Gina doesn’t like to make her diet too complicated. She sticks to the basics, eating nutritious and healthy foods most of the time.

Occasionally, Gina will opt for something less healthy, such as pizza or a cake, to satisfy her cravings.

Supplements Gina Savage Takes

Although Gina prefers to get all of her essential micronutrients from whole food, she still takes certain supplements to aid her diet.

They are;

  • Protein Isolate
  • Pre-Workout
  • BCAAs


Gina Savage taking a selfie of her awesome glutes and legs in the bathroom

What we can learn from Gina Savage

Gina Savage is popular for her awesome physique, which she built through years of working out and dieting.

If you also want to build an admirable figure like Gina, then you should be able to live a lifestyle that is in align with your goal.

This includes having a healthy diet, regularly going to the gym, as well as getting plenty of rest. If you can keep all of these aspects in check, then it’s always possible to achieve your goals in fitness – just as Gina Savage did.

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How old are is Ginasavagex?

Hi Luna, we’re looking into it. If anyone knows, don’t be shy!

How old is shee?

Gina has a twin sister. Her sister, in 2017, posted a photo on her birthday with balloons that have the number “28”. So, Gina, MAYBE, is 30. I know that’s sounds crazy because she looks younger but idk.

Gina’s dating 25 year old british rapper,Scarlxrd.That’s how I found her,from him.

She so bad

where is she from

She is 26 per her Tumblr response to an “ask”

What’s her waist size? Hip size?

How much does she weigh ? Her height?

Yall all blind? Have u really searched for her on the internet? Workout alone wont give you that disproportionate body. She is fake with plastic surgery.


i thought the same but theres truly no evidence of surgery… demi rose has a physique similar to ginas, big tits small waist insanely huge ass. demi has never has surgery, i think maybe lips but that was about it. just because social media fucks w/ us doesn’t mean everyone is fake… angles play a huge part and so do genetics. its all abt hard work and diet too.

I just want to what her diet contains, because I’m trying to get my body to kinda look like hers…