Filippa Fransson posing for the photo in her red swimming suit looking curvy and fit

Filippa Fransson

Fitness Influence

Filippa Fransson is not only a rising online influencer, she’s also known for her awesome body which she crafted through weightlifting.

Originally from Sweden, Filippa’s aesthetics match her dedication in the gym as she continues to inspire others with her online pictures.

Her growing fan base supports her every step of the way on her journey. It’s clear Filippa is a fitness icon on the rise who continues to set high standards both for herself, and those who are inspired by her example.

Filippa Fransson coming out of a pool looking lean and toned

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Filippa Fransson
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
23September 9, 1998SwedishFitness Influence
Date of BirthSeptember 9, 1998
ProfessionFitness Influence

Filippa Fransson taking a selfie of her curvy legs and toned abdomen


As a fitness model and online personality, Filippa has social media profiles which boast thousands of followers. She continues to ride the crest of a wave of popularity, both in her home country (Sweden) and other parts of the world.

Filippa Fransson posing in a red swimsuit showing off her curvy glutes

Filippa Fransson standing by a window, taking a picture of her toned body


Although Filippa likes doing cardio, her figure was crafted in the gym, doing strength workouts with heavy weights.

In order to make her muscles toned, Filippa constantly keeps them surprised with new workouts; sometimes doing low reps, sometimes high-rep exercises. Other times, Filippa might change her workout routine completely, doing whatever comes to her mind at that moment.

However, if there’s one rule in training she sticks to, it’s keeping the intensity up. One of the ways she achieves this is by having short rest between sets. This way, she keeps her heart racing, and her muscles ‘burning’. With this, she achieves a double-effect of burning fat and shaping her muscles at the same time.

Filippa Fransson photographing herself in the gym near the dumbbell rack


In terms of nutrition, Filippa eats clean most of the time. However, she’ll give herself one day off to eat anything she wants. As she isn’t a huge fan of sugars, she often prefers pizzas, burgers, or french fries.

Some of the foods she eats on the regular basis might include;

  • Ground Beef
  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Vegetables
  • Berries
  • Yams
  • Rice
  • Avocados
  • Whole-Grain Toast

As for supplements, Filippa avoids them unless she can’t meet her protein intake from the food alone, in which case she’ll opt for a whey protein. An alternative to whey protein might be a vegan source of protein, such as a pea powder.

Filippa Fransson posing on her toes in a professional fitness modeling photo shoot

Filippa Fransson taking a selfie of her curvy glutes in an elegant red dress

What we can learn from Filippa Fransson

With years of hard work in the gym, Filippa Fransson has honed her training and nutrition to perfection. Not only that, but her physique sets the benchmark for women around the world who’re looking to get fit, healthy, and lean just like Filippa.

If there’s something to learn from her, it’s that discipline and consistency are more important than motivation. While having that initial ‘spark’ might get you going, it’s what you do on the days when you don’t feel motivated, that brings truly worthwhile results.

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