Danielle Robertson posing in a yellow bikini looking fit and lean

Danielle Robertson

Fitness Instructor, Online Personality

Danielle Robertson is a fitness instructor and Criminology graduate from Queensland, Australia. As a teenager, Danielle was a national track & field athlete. She spent over 10 years competing in athletics, building a strong foundation for her fitness journey which she later embarked upon.

During her time as a track athlete, Danielle sculpted a strong and fit body. This inspired her to start training in the gym to improve her physique even further. Month after month, Danielle’s muscles started to look stronger, firmer, and leaner.

Realizing that fitness was her biggest passion, she started to share training, nutrition, and lifestyle advice on her internet profiles. In time, Danielle’s advice attracted individuals from different parts of the globe – allowing her to build a healthy career as a fitness instructor.

This is her story:

Danielle Robertson standing on the shore looking curvy and fit

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Danielle Robertson
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
27September 26, 1994AustralianFitness Instructor, Online Personality
Date of BirthSeptember 26, 1994
ProfessionFitness Instructor, Online Personality

Danielle Robertson posing in her red bikini looking fit


Certifications and Career Achievements

  • Bachelor of Justice (Criminology)
  • Personal Trainer
  • Brand Ambassador

Danielle Robertson posing on the beach looking fit and lean


Discovering Her Competitive Nature

Danielle Robertson’s passion for competitiveness was born after an unusual incident. During her primary school cross country carnival, Danielle’s best friend suggested to her to run a race together, “because it would be so much more fun.” 

What Danielle’s friend didn’t tell her, was that she would cheat by sprinting the last 50 meters of the race just so she could win. In Danielle’s own words;

“My best friend (at the time) suggested that we should run the race together because it would be “so much more fun”… until the last 50m when she decided to take off into a sprint, breaking all bonds of friendship (at an immature level) for the sake of winning.”

Having seen what her friend did, Danielle became extremely angry and frustrated. It was in this moment of disbelief, when Danielle realized she would never settle for being the second best again.

Danielle Robertson standing in the kitchen her glutes looking curvy and toned

A Track and Field Athlete

After developing her competitive ‘thirst,’ Danielle set out on becoming a track and field athlete. It wasn’t long before she excelled in the sport – becoming one of the best youth track athletes in her area.

For over a decade, Danielle kept a strong passion for athletics and sports. Throughout this period, she also trained hard in the gym to maintain a strong, fit, and fast body.

Little by little, Danielle’s passion for fitness and weight training grew stronger. Eventually, she became interested in pursuing fitness full-time by becoming a personal trainer.

A New Career in Fitness

Danielle’s road to achieving her fitness goals was all but easy. During this period, she was studying to become a criminology major.

This took a lot of free time away from Danielle, but she still made sure to train hard in the gym, to build a strong and fit physique.

She also worked on getting her personal trainer certification, and eventually, she was able to achieve it.

Danielle Robertson's two-year transformation in fitness

Danielle Robertson’s 2-year body transformation.

Influencing Others

Danielle’s love for fitness has eventually led her to create her social media accounts, where she shared health, fitness, and lifestyle-related content.

With her awesome pictures and videos, Danielle quickly attracted numerous followers to her pages. This number kept on growing, as she slowly made her way to the top of the fitness scene in Australia.

Danielle Robertson posing for a photo in sportswear


There are videos online showcasing Danielle’s workouts and exercises. She utilizes a lot of multi-joint movements, which work on multiple muscle groups at once.

Danielle also does isolation exercises, which typically serve her as ‘finishers’ at the end of her workouts.

Danielle Robertson posing for a photo in a black bikini looking fit and ripped


Danielle’s diet is healthy, clean, and nutritious. She eats a lot of raw foods which are rich in digestive enzymes.

These help her with her gut health, along with providing her with the necessary nutrients to stay lean and build muscle.

In terms of supplementation, Danielle prefers meeting her nutrient requirements through solid food alone. However, she’ll opt for a protein powder every now and again to help meet her daily protein goal.

Danielle Robertson posing on a beach looking lean and toned

Idols and Influences

One of the people who influenced Danielle was her friend from primary school, who cheated during a race. Initially, Danielle felt betrayed and frustrated by her friend’s actions.

However, this event also ‘ignited’ a competitive spark in Danielle, which helped her to become a successful track & field athlete.

Danielle Robertson standing by a squat rack wearing pink leggings

What we can learn from Danielle Robertson

Danielle Robertson has shown us that growth often occurs from facing challenges and difficulties in life. When her friend cheated during a race, Danielle felt terrible.

But instead of giving up, Danielle used this incident as a fuel to become one of the best track athletes in her school.

If anything, Danielle has taught us that adversities in your life are, in fact, opportunities for growth.

Next time you face a challenging situation, remember Danielle’s story, and how she used her friend’s ‘betrayal’ to become a better version of herself.

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How else can I say Danielle. You are indeed an embodiment of beauty personified. I personally would like us to establish contact. I whole heartedly like you….

Hi Danielle I’m 58yrs old and been trying to build my butt and skinny legs for years but no result.
Can you please help

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