Bruna Rangel Lima

Fitness Model, Photo Blogger

Bruna Rangel Lima is a fitness sensation and photo blogger from Brazil. While she leads a glamorous lifestyle of a model today, Bruna never planned on becoming one.

Training with weights was initially just a hobby for Bruna. However, after she started working at a juice bar in her local gym, Bruna began to receive comments for her fantastic physique. People started telling her that she should become a model.

Bruna ultimately listened to this advice and took her chances in the modeling world. She hasn’t looked back once.

Bruna Rangel Lima lying outdoors near the sea, looking fit and lean in her revealing bikini

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Bruna Rangel Lima
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'5" (165cm)25March 2, 1996
BrazilianFitness Model, Photo Bloggerxoobruna
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1996
ProfessionFitness Model, Photo Blogger

Bruna Rangel Lima posing on the beach looking curvy and fit

Bruna Rangel Lima posing in a fitness modeling photo shoot, looking lean and healthy


  • Fitness Model
  • Photo Blogger

Bruna Rangel Lima taking a selfie of her fit and toned figure in the gym

Bruna Rangel Lima posing in a modeling photo shoot


Glute Training

Bruna Lima trains every muscle group equally, but one stands out above the rest – her lower body.

Bruna’s awesome glutes are the result of years of hard work in the gym. This includes cardio, weightlifting, stretching, and countless other training drills.

The key to achieving her awesome glutes lies in consistency. Day after day, Bruna trained hard, achieving small daily improvements. It’s these small victories that gradually added up into the success she’s reached today – both in terms of her physique and career.

Bruna Rangel Lima taking a selfie of her curvy glutes in green leggings in the gym

Favorite Exercises

Bruna’s favorite glute exercises include;

  • Hip Thrusts
  • Glute Kickbacks
  • Smith Machine Squats
  • Hyperextensions
  • Hack Squats
  • Jump Squats
  • Lunges

Bruna Rangel Lima posing on the track field looking curvy and fit


Bruna eats 4-6 smaller meals per day, which works great for her metabolism.

If she was to eat only a few bigger meals, Bruna wouldn’t feel as energetic and her workouts would suffer, according to her.

In terms of macros, Bruna doesn’t restrict any food group; but rather, eats a balanced and varied diet. This includes healthy protein, slow carbs, and heart-healthy fats.

Bruna Rangel Lima posing in a fitness photo shoot

Bruna Rangel Lima showcasing her curvy glutes for the photo

“You can’t expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it!”

What we can learn from Bruna Rangel Lima

While Bruna always loved to stay fit, it wasn’t until other people told her that she should be a model, that Bruna took fitness more seriously.

Through her efforts in the gym, she’s not only sculpted a great physique but also a lifestyle of a model.

The moral of Bruna’s story is that fitness can serve you as a platform for achieving bigger and better things in all areas of life.

Who knows, you might even make a career out of your passion for training one day. One thing is certain – Bruna’s story has shown us that nothing is impossible.

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