Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva

Bikini Competitor

Bakhar Nabieva (AKA) “Miss Iron Bum” was born in Baku – Azerbaijan, and now lives in western Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. She’s famous for her awesome physique and incredible legs which took years of dedication, hard work, and dieting to create.

Her transformation from a skinny girl at school. Who suffered from bullying, has gone on to become an inspiration for thousands of people everywhere.

With an already strong fan base online, she continues and to grow her followers into the thousands.“Miss Iron Bum” and her recognition for weight training shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Bakhar Nabieva is a weightlifting powerhouse of strength and aesthetics.

This is her story:



“I started going to the gym, and I did not know what to do, did not count the reps and sets, doing squats every day, had no idea how to build an exercise routine correctly.”

Athletic Statistics

Full Name: Bakhar Nabieva
WeightHeightYear of BirthNationality
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'2" (157.5cm)1994Azerbaijani
Bikini Competitor2010
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'2" (157.5cm)
Year of Birth1994
ProfessionBikini Competitor




Bakhar Nabieva



“I was a very skinny child, had thin legs, and all my classmates made fun of me. So I decided to change the situation, I was tired of people looking at me.”


Building Bakhar’s Legs

Bakhar started training after she experienced a lot of unwanted attention from her classmates, they would pick on her saying that she had skinny legs. This is when Bakhar joined a gym and without any training knowledge or previous experience, she hit the weights hard.

In the beginning, Bakhar didn’t count sets or reps, she only did what felt natural and worked on the areas she wanted to grow, she had no real idea how to create an exercise routine.

Bakhar started to read bodybuilding magazines and begun to learn how to work her muscles correctly. And then, one day, she woke up she saw her developed muscles. This was the turning point for Bakhar.


Bakhar Nabieva

A younger Bakhar.

Bikini Competitor

Bakhar Nabieva has no future plans to compete professionally, although, she has competed in bikini fitness categories. She feels in order to compete, the diets are too strict with little energy foods such as carbohydrates, and the training is intense in carb depleted states. For Bakhar, this is not her idea of fun.

“Currently I have no interest in competing, I have been competing in the category bikini fitness, but really have no interest. You have to be a very restricted diet, no carbohydrates, the training does not yield when you have no energy. I do not want to expose myself to such torture, perhaps in the future.”


Bakhar Nabieva

“I woke up and looked in the mirror and I saw some muscles, once I saw the result of developing muscles nothing could stop me.”


Bakhar’s training is tough but quite simple, she focuses on the muscle groups she likes the most (her hamstrings, glutes, and quads). The main exercises she will use are squats, leg press, and leg extension. With a lot of isolation for the hamstrings, which has given her the legs she’s always desired.

“I work with weights using 6-10 and 15 repetitions maximum. I love to train legs, of course!! The exercises that I like the most are squats, leg press, leg extension and lats.”




Bakhar Nabieva

“I really do not like dieting! I like virtually everything else.”


Not a huge fan of dieting, Bakhar’s diet is varied, she likes to eat meat, eggs, and cakes. She will use this food to fuel her workouts effectively.

Eating around the workouts with higher calories, helps her to prevent her from any unwanted fat storage. This ways she makes sure she has a strong workout with great results.


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Bakhar Nabieva

“I am inspired by Brazilian athletes, the number one for me is the Gracyanne Barbosa.”

Idols and Influences

Bakhar loves to work her legs – her thick quads and glutes are her favorite features. She says that her main influences are the Brazilian models who also have the thicker look.

People such as Gracyanne Barbosa are among her idols.


Bakhar Nabieva

“Just stay mentally strong, no matter what you are subject to, get bigger or thin, there will always be someone who will try to put you down. And remember to be happy!!”

What we can learn from Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva has shown incredible dedication and thirst to achieve her goals. With constant bullying about her ‘skinny legs,’ she proved to everyone she could change her body and live the way she wanted.

She shows us that no matter what our situation is, with enough drive, determination, and knowledge of training, you too can transform your body into a physique of greatness.

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Bakhar is amazing! She should be more popular. I really want legs like hers, and to drop some weight at the same time. She really inspires me to train. Thank you Bakhar!

Dude, steroids bro. Anavar and Winstrol will achieve that look. There’s a photo when she is not on the juice.
If she competes she will risk getting caught from being tested. Time will catch up to her Steroid use.

Idiots who know nothing about the process make dumbass comments. You still have to do the work! Nabieva is incredibly alluring in many aspects of her being not just physically.

Plain and simple she has done a great job in the gym and dieting. When you’re in the gym everyday you know somewhere right now someone is working harder than you…well there she is, that person that’s working harder and it shows. Awesome inspiration, I’m going to train legs harder!

Extremely inspiring story of building yourself after being bullied in your childhood .Shows your internal strength as well despite your external strength.God bless you with happiness and success always .I add myself to your fan and admirers list .

Like she said, their always some 1 not Happy about something that u r doing or they think that u r juicing. 2 me when u look that good u know u r doing everything right. Hard wk is not easy, but so many people can tolerate pain 2 transform their body. Its gets 2 a point that u just go 2 the gym, n actually kill it in the gym not sitting n texting instead of being focusing on what muscles 2 hit 2 look as good as she does. Inspiration n I can c why. She Brilliant, Absolutely Awesome, Strong, Beautiful n people who Adorable n Admire her Determination. Never look back ur hard work is noted.

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