Avital Cohen posing on a balcony in her bikini during a vacation, looking fit and curvy

Avital Cohen

Fitness Model, Social Media Celebrity

Avital Cohen is a fitness model and social media star hailing from Israel. She’s become one of the fastest growing female fitness stars on the internet, thanks to her awesome workout pictures and videos.

Before reaching fame, Avital was someone who enjoyed leading an active and healthy lifestyle. When she turned 18, Avital took the opportunity to enroll in the Israeli Army where she served in the air force.

After her service was over, Avital decided to return to her ‘roots’ – focusing on physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. This time, however, she shared her journey with the online world, posting pictures and videos of her lifestyle.

This was a decision Avital has never looked back from. Throughout the years, she’s grown into a social media icon and fitness celebrity with fans from all around the globe.


Avital Cohen taking a selfie of her toned and lean physique in a gym

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Avital Cohen
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
26September 3, 1995IsraeliFitness Model, Social Media Celebrity
Date of BirthSeptember 3, 1995
ProfessionFitness Model, Social Media Celebrity


Avital Cohen standing on a balcony overlooking a tropical sea, looking fit and lean


Avital Cohen doing smith machine squats in her blue leggings looking curvy and fit


  • Fitness Model
  • Social Media Celebrity


Avital Cohen kneeling by a pool looking fit and lean


Avital Cohen taking a selfie of her amazing glutes in silver yoga pants


To stay in shape, Avital trains up to six times per week in the gym. Her favorite exercises are cardio and weight training, both of which have their unique role in Avital’s fitness goals.

Specifically, cardio helps Avital to stay lean and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Weight training, on the other hand, sculpts and shapes her muscles.


Avital Cohen posing for a photo crouched down


Avital Cohen lying by a pool smiling for a photo


Avital’s diet is made up of complex carbs, fats, and lean proteins. She tries to keep her diet clean and healthy year-around, with a few exceptions every now and then.

She’s an advocate of a healthy and balanced lifestyle – encouraging her fans to find a diet that is healthy, and easy to maintain long-term.


Avital Cohen standing barefoot on the grass wearing a bikini


Avital Cohen posing and showing off her curvy physique for a photo


Avital Cohen sitting on the edge of the pool looking lean and fit

What we can learn from Avital Cohen

If there’s something to learn from Avital, it’s that you should always go after your passions in life. Following her service in the Israeli Army, Avital decided to take her passion for the fitness lifestyle to the next level – posting pictures and videos of her physique and training.

What we can learn from Avital Cohen, is that you should never give up on your goals, no matter how daunting or insurmountable they might seem in the beginning. A journey towards greatness starts with a single step – just like we’ve seen with Avital Cohen.

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