Andrea Thomas posing in a red bikini on the beach

Andrea Thomas

Training Coach, Fitness Influencer

Andrea Thomas is a fitness expert and training coach based in the USA. Pictures of Andrea’s fit lifestyle have attracted a large online following and gave her the opportunity to start a dream career in fitness. However, Andrea’s success didn’t come easy to her.

When she first discovered fitness, Andrea didn’t know a lot about training and nutrition. She had to constantly learn and experiment with new exercises and diet plans to find what worked for her. Through years of trial and error, she sculpted her dream body and now helps others on their own journey towards a healthier and fitter body.

Here’s more of Andrea:

Andrea Thomas posing on a tennis court

“It’s important to be humble and remember that we’re all just the same, despite our labels and differences in how we appear and live our lives. We enter & leave the same.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Andrea Thomas
AmericanTraining Coach, Fitness Influencerdreathomas2010
ProfessionTraining Coach, Fitness Influencer

Andrea Thomas sitting on a rooftop in an orange bikini, looking fit and lean

“Knowing your worth means identifying who deserves your presence. When people don’t give you a good enough reason to stay, they might be giving you a great reason to leave.”


  • Fitness Influencer
  • Training Coach
  • Motivational Figure

Andrea Thomas displaying her glutes in a bikini

Andrea Thomas showing off her curvy and lean figure for the photo


Glute and Quad Training

Andrea has an all-around fit and lean physique – but she’s best known for her curvy legs and glutes. Here are the 6 top exercises she does for her lower body:

  1. Single Leg Lunges (alternating each leg) – “Work the weight up & focus on driving through your back heels on each leg,” says Andrea.
  2. Front hack squats – In this exercise, Andrea focuses on keeping her knees pointed outward while pushing through her heels.
  3. Reverse hack squats – Andrea likes having a deep range of motion in this exercise to maximally engage her glutes.
  4. Reverse hip adductions – Keeping her back straight through the whole movement, Andrea prioritizes the mind-muscle connection in this exercise.
  5. Single leg presses – When doing single leg press, Andrea goes slow and tries to achieve the ‘burn’ by doing high reps.
  6. Machine kickbacks – With machine glute kickbacks, Andrea uses the back of her heels to push the weight up. This puts more pressure on her glutes.

Andrea Thomas before and after fitness photo

“Get back on track the next day, and use that extra food as a motivation to work a little hard! I’ll typically do a leg or HIIT workout! Don’t beat yourself up for being human. We’re not perfect, but we can sure get back on track if we put ourselves to it.”


Andrea focuses on eating high-quality foods that give her body the essential nutrients for muscle growth and optimal hormone levels. However, she also knows that balance is key. As a result, she rewards herself with something she enjoys every now and then.

Andrea Thomas standing on sand on the beach looking fit and curvy

Andrea Thomas posing on the beach looking fit and lean

“The most inspiring piece of advice I’ve gotten is simply to persevere. My mom taught me to always keep going no matter what from an early age. When it feels too difficult to push forward, I always remind myself, This too shall pass, and then I redouble my efforts.”

What we can learn from Andrea Thomas

One lesson we can take from Andrea’s story is to help others when you can. Andrea decided to share her knowledge of training and nutrition with others online – helping them sculpt a fitter body. Who knows, perhaps one day you too could inspire someone else to start their fitness journey; just like Andrea.

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Calm and peaceful body. Really motivated.. Keep it up..

You have a beautiful face 🙂

You are a Non-stop ✌ Keep going…Just a small wishes on the way!

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