Amanda Fransson posing on the beach showing off her curvy and fit body

Amanda Fransson

Fitness Model

Half-Swedish, half-Indian Amanda Fransson has become famed for her toned glutes. She trains her lower body every week, as she says; “I never skip my heavy hip thrusts.”

Prior to her fitness journey though, Amanda didn’t look like today. In order to add more muscle tone, Amanda threw herself into the world of strength training. The first few months were the most difficult for Amanda, training with weights was new for her.

But, through practice, she soon learned the ropes and started to love her new lifestyle. The progress she saw in the mirror eventually led her to start a career as an online fitness influencer.

Amanda is proud of her achievements but always strives to do more. With this mindset, as well as her awesome figure, she sets an example for everyone striving to create their own fitness success story.

Amanda Fransson standing on the sand beach in her red bikini, looking lean

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Amanda Fransson
125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)5'6" (167.5cm)SwedishFitness Model
Weight125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
Height5'6" (167.5cm)
ProfessionFitness Model

Amanda Fransson taking a selfie of her curvy glutes in red sweatpants


  • Fitness Model
  • Online Personality

Amanda Fransson's leg and glute transformation, before-after

Amanda’s leg and glute transformation over the years.


Amanda usually works out 4-5 times per week. Her leg days last for 2 hours or longer, while other training sessions such as triceps and back, last 60-90 minutes.

“I work my lower body 2 times a week most of the time.”

Amanda’s favorite glute exercise is the hip thrust. She likes to change between free-weight hip thrusts and smith-machine ones, as each of these exercises targets her glutes differently.

Amanda Fransson taking a selfie in her red workout clothes, looking fit

Amanda Fransson sitting by the pool and showing off her awesome glutes


Amanda doesn’t shy away from caloric foods, because she burns it all off in the gym. In addition, her high-calorie meal plan provides her muscles with the nutrients needed for repair and growth.

A typical breakfast for Amanda consists of scrambled eggs, 300 g of sliced bacon, and a glass of milk.

One Cheat Day a Week

Amanda eats clean six days out of the week, taking one day for ‘cheat meals’. However, even on the cheat days, Amanda rarely eats any sugar. Instead, she prefers a pizza or a burger.

Amanda Fransson standing on the beach, showcasing her curvy glutes in a red bikini


Amanda drinks a muscle gainer shake in the morning. This re-fills her protein reserves and allows her muscles to stay toned. However, when she’s looking to get leaner, she’ll opt for a whey protein instead of a gainer, since it has fewer calories.

On her leg days, Amanda will take a pre-workout supplement. This helps her to push through her strenuous lower-body exercises. She also takes BCAAs during training to keep her body supplied with the essential amino acids.

Before she turns to bed, Amanda likes to take a scoop of casein powder. This is a slow-releasing form of protein, which keeps her muscles fueled throughout the night.

Amanda Fransson posing outdoors in her bikini, looking fit, tanned, and lean

Amanda Fransson posing with a surfboard by the sea, looking curvy and fit

What we can learn from Amanda Fransson

Amanda’s story of building her dream body over the years of training is an inspirational one to follow. Through her example, she showed the benefits of staying consistent with your workouts, day in and day out.

Ultimately, if we can learn anything from Amanda Fransson, it would be this; enjoying the process is just as important as getting the results. Whether that’s in fitness, or anything else.

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