Alexia Clark

Model, Fitness Icon, Social Media Star

Alexia Clark is a fitness icon, model, and social media star from Arizona, USA. She has an impressive portfolio, modelling for a number of products – ranging from Instant Knockout (a fat burner), to sports clothes.

She’s become one of the leading female figures in the industry after becoming the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Workouts’ on Instagram; through social media, she constantly engages with followers around the world to spread her love for fitness.

This is her story:


“You were born with the ability to change someones life, don’t waste it.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Alexia Clark
Under 115lbs (52.2kg)5'6" (167.5cm)32"33"
WaistAgeDate of Birth
23"33May 22, 1990
AmericanModel, Fitness Icon, Social Media Star2010
WeightUnder 115lbs (52.2kg)
Height5'6" (167.5cm)
Date of BirthMay 22, 1990
ProfessionModel, Fitness Icon, Social Media Star


 “The most important thing is finding why you want to make the change to have a fitness mindset.”



  • Thunderbird Academy – High School Diploma
  • Arizona State University – BS, Communications
  • Health and Fitness Lifestyle Coach qualification
  • Neurological Health and Fitness qualification


  • Men’s Health Magazine
  • Good Morning America


“I’ve always loved exercising and playing sports. When I graduated from Arizona State University I was in marketing but wasn’t loving it.”


Early Years

Born and raised in Arizona, USA, Alexia has always enjoyed exercising and playing sports since she was a child. However, she hadn’t considered a career in fitness in her youth.

She enrolled in Arizona State University to study marketing, but she didn’t enjoy her degree – finding herself more interested in working out in the gym.

It was at this point, when Alexia realized that she should pursue a career in the fitness industry.


Fitness Modelling

Alexia’s participation in sports and training in the gym had resulted in her sculpting an aesthetic physique. Her friends realized that she had the potential to succeed as a model – Alexia saw her opportunity to enter the fitness industry, and took it.

After graduating from high school, she began auditioning for numerous commercials and fitness modelling shoots. It wasn’t long until she featured in marketing campaigns for big companies, gaining exposure in the industry.

In 2011, she left her day-job as a project manager at a digital marketing company – setting her focus on making a living as a fitness model.


Social Media Star

In 2013, the fitness model began posting pictures and videos of her lifestyle and training on Instagram. She developed into a well-known figure in the industry, after featuring in reputable magazines – gaining masses of followers online.

By 2016, Alexia had become an online sensation, and had inspired fans around the world to lead a healthy lifestyle.


“My workouts are always different! I mix HIIT with traditional lifting with crossfit and make my own little Alexia workout. I use a lot of full body movements and I don’t try to lift as heavy as I can. Form is so important to me!”


Overview of Alexia’s Training

Alexia aims to fit 7 workouts per week into her busy schedule as a fitness model. She enjoys mixing HIIT with traditional CrossFit, creating her own style of workouts.

“Do I workout every day? Yes, I do. I workout once a day 7 days a week. I have days where I push myself and train hard and I have days I take it easy, do something fun and just get movement in. “

But she doesn’t lift as heavy as she can – instead, focusing on full range of body movements and form.


Alexia Clark looking at herself in the mirror next to weights looking fit and lean


Fat-Burning Circuit Workout

Here’s Alexia’s full-body workout for burning fat;

  • Circuit 1 (3 rounds)
    • Push-ups, 10 reps
    • Jump Overs, 10 reps
    • Bent-Over Rows, 10 reps
    • Overhead Press, 10 reps
    • Back Squat, 10 reps
  • Circuit 2 (3 rounds)
    • Ball Toss
    • Dips
    • Kettlebell swing into the press
    • Alternative Step-ups
    • Plank Press
  • Circuit 3 (3 rounds)
    • Max Pull-ups
    • Trx Rows, 15 reps
    • Battle Ropes, 40 reps
    • Sit-ups, 15 reps
    • Wall Walks (3)
  • Circuit 4 (3 rounds)
    • Close-grip Pulldown
    • Single-Arm Lat Pull
    • Oblique Crunch
    • Cable Reverse Grip Row
    • Rear Delt Flys

Between each round, Alexia will take 45-60 seconds of rest. She’ll also make sure to keep hydrated, drinking a lot of water between each circuit.


Alexia Clark doing single-leg squats outdoors looking lean and healthy


Mixing Things Up

Alexia Clark never has the same workout twice. She constantly changes her training by incorporating different exercises, training styles, and other methods to achieve constant progress in the gym.

In Alexia’s own words; “Every day presents new challenges, and no two days go exactly the same. The same should apply to your fitness regimen, to keep it mindful.” – Alexia Clark

However, Alexia says that these changes don’t always have to be huge. Sometimes, it’s simply changing her rep range that will make a difference in Alexia’s overall progress.


Alexia Clark posing in a bikini with her dog looking lean and fit


Training Advice from Alexia Clark

Here are top 5 training tips from ‘Queen of Workouts’:

  1. Prepare mentally before a workout – Alexia always tries to keep a strong and positive mindset when going into a workout. In her words, “It’s more about the mindset and positive thinking for me. I believe when the mental focus is present in a workout, the overall results are better.” 
  2. Keep your workouts fresh – Changing her routine doesn’t just improve Alexia’s results, it also makes her workouts more interesting. This, in turn, helps her stay motivated on her fitness journey.
  3. Have a backup plan – If she doesn’t have an access to a gym, Alexia will find a way to train without weights. For example, there are occasions where she’ll train with nothing but resistance bands.“I always have resistance bands with me! I love using them for training.” 
  4. Have a training partner every now and then – Alexia believes that training with her friends and family helps create a healthy environment where everyone motivates each other to push further on their fitness journey.
  5. You don’t have to be prefect, just consistent – Alexia says, it’s not about staying 100 percent motivated all the time. Instead, it’s about showing up in the gym regardless of how she feels – training on both ‘good days’, and ‘bad days’.


” I never feel like I NEED to have a cheat meal. If I want something I eat it. It’s about moderation. But, I do have a weakness for french fries”


Balance is Key

Alexia knows the importance of nutrition, and tries to keep her diet clean all-year-round. However, she encourages people to find healthy foods that they like, without restricting themselves to certain foods.

“Being happy is also SO IMPORTANT! Diets never work long term but what works is eating the right things for your body without feeling like you are restricted – so I guess I don’t really have cheat meals.”

Foods Alexia Clark Eats

Alexia’s diet is based on foods that are rich in protein and fiber. These include chicken breasts, egg whites, fish, feta cheese, and dark green vegetables.

She also makes sure to consume a small amount of heart-healthy fats in the form of avocados, whole eggs, and nuts, as these foods help support Alexia’s overall health.

Here are some of Alexia’s go-to meals;

  • Roasted red pepper stuffed with chicken
  • Greek salad with feta cheese
  • Egg white omelet


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Alexia Clark posing in front of the camera showing off her lean abs


Daily Meal Plan

Alexia’s daily meal plan for fat loss would look something like this;


  • 1 squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water
  • Egg whites with oatmeal


  • Fruits


  • Vegetable soup, egg sandwich, brown rice, and fish

Evening Snack 

  • Fruit juice and vegetable salad


  • Greek Salad with Feta Cheese and soup


Alexia Clark posing in a fitness modeling photo shoot looking fit and lean

Alexia Clark in a professional photo shoot.

Supplements Stack:

  • Fat Burner (Instant Knockout)
  • BCAAs
  • L-Glutamine


Idols and Influences

Alexia names her family and friends as her main influences – they encouraged her to succeed as a fitness model, by pushing her to audition for numerous photo shoots.



What we can learn from Alexia Clark

If we can learn anything from Alexia Clark, it’s to always follow your passion in life. She didn’t enjoy studying marketing at college, and worked hard to find a way into the fitness industry – becoming a well-known fitness model and icon.

If you’re unhappy with your situation, then you should take action to improve yourself.

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Ms. Clark,
You are keeping it with a natural tone and not working your muscles overtime. You are keeping it truly feminine and well defined. It means a lot to share your story.
Hoping that it motivate other. Form is ALL important.

I’m a former natural body builder. I am now 65 years young and still lifting weights. I love the gym and spend 2-3 hours in the gym 5 days a week. I recently discovered Alexia on Pinterest. She is such an inspiration. I’ve incorporated her multi-muscle workouts into my ever changing workouts. I’ve been asked by personal trainers where I get those moves from. They’re watching. Thank you Alexia for showing me some awesome moves. I like to lift heavy but will now incorporate a light day into my program. Keep those videos coming??

I’m a former natural body builder. I am now 65 years young and still lifting weights. I love the gym and spend 2-3 hours in the gym 5 days a week. I recently discovered Alexia on Pinterest. She is such an inspiration. I’ve incorporated her multi-muscle workouts into my ever changing workouts. I’ve been asked by personal trainers where I get those moves from. They’re watching. Thank you Alexia for showing me some awesome moves. I like to lift heavy but will now incorporate a light day into my program. Keep those videos coming??

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