Travis Williams performing CrossFit ring dips, looking ripped and fit

Travis Williams

CrossFit Athlete

Travis Williams went from being overweight and unhappy with his life to becoming a 3-time CrossFit Games Athlete. All of this happened in a time span of only two years.

Growing up as a baseball player, Travis received a serious injury to his knee during a car accident in 2009. This put him in a negative headspace, leading to his departure from baseball.

During his recovery from the injury, Travis gained about 70 lbs of excess weight. Realizing he’d gone too far, Travis decided to take control of his life through CrossFit – a decision he’s never looked back from.

This is his story:


Travis Williams lifting heavy barbell during a CrossFit contest

“Praying to the snatch gods not always the best choice. Sometimes you just gotta work hard and make your own luck.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Travis Williams
205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg)5'9" (175cm)AmericanCrossFit Athlete
Weight205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg)
Height5'9" (175cm)
ProfessionCrossFit Athlete


Travis Williams climbing a rope during CrossFit training


Personal Records

  • Back Squat – 475 lbs
  • Clean and Jerk – 365 lbs
  • Snatch – 290 lbs
  • Deadlift – 565 lbs
  • Max Pull-ups – 50
  • Fight Gone Bad – 486
  • Helen – 7:41
  • Run 5k – 20:55

CrossFit Events

2018 Men 47th 3rd South Central 3rd Texas 29th United States
2017 Men 35th 2nd South Central 2nd Texas 20th United States
2016 Individual Men 15th 1st South Central 1st Texas 10th United States
2015 Individual Men 38th 2nd South Central 2nd Texas 27th United States
2014 Men 243rd 17th South Central
2013 Individual Men 495th 36th South Central
2012 Individual Men 10733rd 785th South Central
2016 2nd Individual Men South Regional
2015 2nd Men South Regional
2014 23rd Individual Men Central
2013 11th Team South Central Team CrossFit Kemah
2016 19th Individual Men
2015 32nd Individual Men
Team Series
2016 3rd FitAID Misfits Alexis Johnson, Jordan Cook, Kari Pearce
2015 6th Progenex Misfits Alexis Johnson, Kari Pearce, Jordan Cook
2014 14th Team MisFit Katherine Dubs, Alexis Johnson, Jordan Cook
Lift Off
2016 9th 72nd (285 lb) 40th (367 lb) 2nd (414 reps)
2015 9th 69th (283 lb) 41st (365 lb) 13th (435 reps)


Travis Williams participating in a CrossFit contest


Coping With an Injury

Travis Williams was a skilled baseball player in his youth. He played the sport throughout primary and high school, displaying great skills and passion for physical activity. However, a knee injury which he received during a car accident in 2009 steered Travis’ life away from sports.

After his car accident, Travis found out he had fractured his kneecap. Although doctors told him that he’d eventually recover and be able to play again, Travis was so discouraged from the injury that he decided to stop playing baseball completely.

“I played baseball until my senior year in high school. In October 2009, I was in a car accident and fractured my knee cap. I probably could have bounced back and played that season but I decided I wanted to play Yugioh instead.”


Travis Williams competing during a CrossFit event, looking fit and lean

Weight Gain and CrossFit

During his recovery, Travis gained a lot of excess weight. By September 2011, he gained 70 pounds of body fat.

However, Travis didn’t realize this until he went to the doctor’s scale for a check-up. This was his wake-up call.

From this moment on, Travis decided to take control of his life once again. His sister, who did CrossFit, was able to lose over 30 lbs of excess weight in only three months.

Impressed by what he saw, Travis became involved in CrossFit just like his sister.


Travis Williams carrying heavy weights during a CrossFit competition


Throughout the months, Travis’ knowledge and experience in CrossFit grew exponentially. As someone with a background in sports, it didn’t take him long to learn everything he needed to know about getting back in shape. After seven months, Travis lost all of his excess weight.

“Starting the day I set foot in the gym, I lost about 10 lbs a month for 7 months, until I was down to 200 lbs.”

A New Path in CrossFit

Remembering his good old days in baseball, Travis became inspired to return to his competitive lifestyle. But instead of playing baseball again, Travis became a competitive CrossFit Athlete.

As he said; “I enjoyed competing a lot, so I always wanted to be as good as I could possibly be. Seeing regionals made me want to qualify and when Jordan Cook qualified for the 2014 games, I knew that it was possible for me to qualify in 2015.”

The only thing that stood in Travis’ way of qualifying for the 2015 CrossFit Games was his diet. In order to achieve his goal, he had to introduce new foods, and remove some unhealthy ones from his meal plan.

Ultimately, Travis was successful in his aims. He sculpted a strong and muscular physique, achieving success as a CrossFit competitor in the process.


Travis Williams performing the Snatch in the gym

Travis Williams Today

Over the years, Travis has only kept on growing – both in size and his reputation in CrossFit. He’s now a three-time CrossFit Games competitor and a social media influence with a growing fan-base.

With his awesome transformation story and a physique to match it, Travis has become an inspiration for people every day.


Travis Williams standing in the nature with trees and dumbbells on the grass, his back looking muscular and lean


As a CrossFit athlete, Travis trains extremely hard and intense. He has two training sessions per day, each consisting of specific exercises that work on his strength, size, and mobility.

Among these exercises are compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and Clean and Jerk. Travis boasts impressive personal records in some of these lifts. His deadlift record, for example, stands at 565 lbs.

In addition to heavy compound exercises, Travis also does a lot of mobility and isolation exercises. Which work on his fast-twitch muscle fibers.


Travis Williams doing a handstand during a CrossFit competition, looking strong and lean


Travis usually wakes up at around 7:00 AM. He’ll have his breakfast and coffee as the first thing in the morning. His typical breakfast is bacon and eggs with fruit on the side. At around 9:30 AM, Travis heads out to the gym for his first workout of the day.

After he’s done with training, Travis goes home for lunch. He’ll usually have meat, potatoes, and vegetables. After his second training session, Travis will have dinner which looks the same as his lunch.

In terms of his favorite ‘cheat meal’, Travis says it’s any kind of dessert.”

“Nutrition for me is usually really simple. In the morning, I eat eggs and bacon and fruit. Lunch is meat and veggies and potatoes or rice and dinner are the same as lunch.”


Travis Williams carrying heavy weights in a CrossFit contest

Idols and Influences

One of Travis’ early influences in CrossFit was his sister, who lost 30 lbs of body fat through weightlifting.

Motivated by her sister’s progress, Travis took on the CrossFit lifestyle himself and hasn’t looked back since.


Travis Williams doing an overhead press during a CrossFit competition

What we can learn from Travis Williams

The biggest takeaway from Travis Williams’ story is that no matter what happens in your life, don’t ever give up. Travis faced numerous setbacks on his road to success, mainly his injury and excess weight gain. But he didn’t give up on his goals.

Travis took control of his situation through CrossFit – transforming his physique through heavy weightlifting and a healthy diet. He’s shown us that with the right attitude, no obstacle can prevent you from reaching your own greatness, whatever it may be.

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