Sam Watt

Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Powerlifter

Sam Watt is a powerlifter, bodybuilder, and an online fitness coach from Leeds, United Kingdom. He’s the 11th time UK powerlifting champion, 4-time Overall UK Bodybuilding Champion, and the WNBF Pro athlete.

Growing up, Sam was an exceptionally competitive child. He took part in activities such as weightlifting, rugby, cycling, athletics, and football. This early exposure to sports and fitness gave him a great understanding of how his body worked – a knowledge he decided to use to help others achieve their goals in the gym.

He’s since turned his passion for fitness into a full-time job. He now helps others around the UK to become stronger and healthier individuals, and regularly competes in bodybuilding shows.

In 2016, Sam won the UKDFBA Overall title. The victory saw him earn his long-awaited Pro Card.


“I can’t lie, when I compete, I don’t do it just to be my best. I also am desperate to win every show I compete in, although, I will be gracious if I don’t hit that top placing. Always reach for as high as possible.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Sam Watt
235 - 245lbs (106.6 - 111.1kg)6' (183cm)BritishPersonal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Powerlifter
Weight235 - 245lbs (106.6 - 111.1kg)
Height6' (183cm)
ProfessionPersonal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Powerlifter



“You can’t magically change your body structure but you can create new illusions.”



  • Level 2 Certified Gym Instructor (accredited by REPs)
  • Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer (accredited by REPs)


  • Eleven-time British Powerlifting Champion
  • 4-time UK Overall Bodybuilding Champion

Strength Records

  • Squat: 375kg
  • Bench Press: 227.5kg
  • Deadlift: 342.5kg



“Bodybuilders, in general, don’t post side shots unless it’s side triceps or biceps. I do like a good mandatory side shot though, as it can reveal a lot about the physique – symmetry, conditioning, stomach/waist size, glute development, overall side thicknesses, and muscularity.”


In the off-season, Sam doesn’t do much cardio. This, however, changes when he’s preparing for a competition. In those stages, he’ll do up to three 20-minute cardio sessions per week.




Sam’s off-season diet consists of 4,300 calories – 300 grams of protein, 430 grams of carbs, and 170 grams of fat. Thanks to this diet and his intense training, Sam says he was able to put around 5 kilograms of lean muscle in 7 months.

Four weeks before a competition, he’ll cut his calorie intake to 4000 calories. This may still seem a lot to some, but Sam’s tall frame, and big build, require a lot of quality nutrients to keep his muscle mass solid.

His macronutrient intake comes mostly from whole foods. However, he likes to supplement his balanced diet with a good whey protein or a protein blend powder.


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