Nam Eun Cho spreading his lats in the gym, looking fit and big

Nam Eun Cho

Professional Bodybuilder

Nam Eun Cho is a Korean bodybuilder who competes in the Open Bodybuilding division. He’s dubbed by many as “The Korean Tank”, and “The Korean Tom Platz”, thanks to his massive and aesthetic quadriceps.

Nam dominates the bodybuilding stages across Korea and beyond; taking part in international professional contests like Toronto Pro, New York Pro, and IFBB Vancouver Pro every year.

There are no signs of Nam Eun Cho slowing down anytime soon – with his accomplishments, he looks set to become the next big name in the Open Bodybuilding category.

Below are some of Nam’s best pictures, his statistics, training style, and diet.


Nam Eun Cho in a most muscular pose with his abs flexed, looking massive and ripped

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Nam Eun Cho
KoreanProfessional BodybuilderThe Korean Tank, The Korean Tom Platz2010
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
AliasThe Korean Tank, The Korean Tom Platz


Nam Eun Cho posing on the bodybuilding stage, his back and legs looking massive


Professional Bodybuilding Contests


  • Toronto Pro, Bodybuilding : IFBB 212, 2nd
  • New York Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro 212, 13th


  • Vancouver Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilding, 2nd


Nam Eun Cho preparing to do a pose on the stage, looking big and stage-ready


Nam Eun Cho doing a front double biceps pose on the bodybuilding stage, looking muscular and ripped


Warming Up

As a fan of heavy compound lifts, Nam makes sure to thoroughly warm up his muscles before putting them under heavy pressure.

By doing this, Nam not only decreases chances of causing an injury to his muscles later on, but he also increases his strength by getting more blood and oxygen into his muscles.


Nam Eun Cho looking at himself in the gym mirror, leaning against the dumbbell rack, looking massive and aesthetic

Nam Eun Cho’s Shoulder Workout

  • Rotator Cuff Warm-ups – Here, Nam does few different exercises, one of his favorites being external and internal shoulder rotation with a band, or light-weight dumbbells. He also might add in a couple of sets of front and side dumbbell raises, just to be sure his shoulders are ready for heavy weights.
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises – This exercise is the staple of Nam’s shoulder workout. Here, he makes sure to exhaust the muscle by doing many sets; starting out light, then pyramiding it up to a weight he can barely lift for around 6 reps.
  • Seated Smith Machine Shoulder Press – In this one, Nam isolates his shoulders without involving any stabilizer muscles. This helps him maximally focus on his middle deltoids, making them ‘burn’ by the time he’s done with the exercise.
  • Rear Delt Raises – As with all previous exercises, Nam does many sets here; focusing on squeezing the muscle at the top, and moving the weight slowly on the way down.

After he finishes with these exercises, Nam might do one more exercise – either dumbbell front raises, or reverse peck deck machine flys for rear delts.


Nam Eun Cho taking a shirtless selfie in the gym, looking awesome


Nam’s dieting philosophy is fairly straightforward – as a professional bodybuilder, he sticks to foods that give results. Such as chicken, brown rice, vegetables, and healthy fats.

As for cheat meals, Nam only consumes them during the off-season. However, even then, he’ll watch out not to overdo it with processed and sugary foods.


Same as with his diet, Nam sticks to the basics here; using whey protein as a means to help hit his daily protein goal, as well as BCAAs, creatine, and glutamine to help his muscles repair from his demanding workouts.


Nam Eun Cho in a side triceps pose on a bodybuilding stage, looking big and ripped


Nam Eun Cho in a most muscular pose on the stage, looking big and proportional

What we can learn from Nam Eun Cho

Nam Eun Cho has often been referred to as “The Korean Tom Platz,” or “The Korean Tank,” because of his astonishing looks.

However, earning such nicknames hasn’t been easy for Nam. He worked hard for years on his training and diet before he started gaining this kind of recognition.

What we can learn from Nam and his story is – success doesn’t come overnight. However, those who are willing to put in the work, and stay consistent – will eventually reach the same heights as Nam Eun Cho. And with enough dedication and consistency – that can be you, too.

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